Monday, November 30, 2009

Thin Addictives

(Wow this post had been stocked up for a looong time...)
OMG! This is one of my new favorites! I didn't know it's made in Canada (Quebec) either. Feels like those really dried thin toasted pieces of bread that come with your soup, but 10 thousand times better! This one has almond and dried cranberry mixed in. (There should be other flavours although I haven't come across them yet.) Texture is slightly on the hard side, but well within tolerance. The flavour is perfect. They've got the sweetness just right. Zero trans fat too. Seems really healthy. Not exactly cheap, though. But I'll buy some more if I get a chance to shop at Costco. They are the perfect snack to keep in the glove box.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Thanks Steven for cooking. Sorry about the fish! But the ratatouille was good.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Wish their portions are smaller and cut the price.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Shopping crowd

I thought Friday the 13th is called black Friday. Why is today a black Friday in the States? Anyway, the streets are full of Christmas shoppers.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


As usual, I stretched before getting out of bed, but today I pulled something in my left shoulder. Really hurts. Can't turn my head to the left or down... (T_T)

No, I didn't go to the chiropractor. This photo was taken on the 23rd. It's only been 3 days. Too soon to go back.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Dad's urology appointment today. It took a total of 1.5 hour, but the actual time the doctor spent with us was probably less than 10 minutes. He was running between multiple patients.

Waited at the front desk until dad's name was called.

Got into a room, waited some more.

Doctor came, wanted to look at dad. Told him to undress, left the room.

Got dad ready. Kept waiting.

Doctor came, looked at dad quickly, told him to get dressed, left.

Got dad dressed. More waiting.

Doctor came back, prescript some tests. Let us ask questions. I only managed to ask 1 question about the stinking pee. At least got an answer. Didn't get to ask about peeing aid or devices. The doctor then lead us to the booking desk. More waiting. (Why couldn't he prescribe the tests while dad got dress? That would have saved a lot of time!!! Is he ganged up with the parking company or what????)

After more waiting, we booked the tests and were finally done. Sigh... too much waiting!

OK, the answer to dad's foul smelling pee problem. The smell could be from infection, but since dad is not emptying his bladder properly, stale pee smells foul by default. I'm glad that this seems to be a fixable problem. Blood and urine test can be done at any lab (probably just to check for infection). Ultrasound is early January back at VGH. Kidney function and scope test will have to be done at UBC. Date unknown yet.

The nurse working at the booking desk serves multiple doctors simultaneously. She said she doesn't even have time to go to washroom. Poor lady.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Niece Pinky

Brother's gang came for dinner as usual, and seems like eating out is becoming a usual too.

While niece N likes to play with the Pinky, niece G is getting good at drawing Pinky pictures. Well, she's good at drawing in general. This girl's got talent!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Milka Fun Snowboard

Waldbeere & Joghurt. I guess "berry and yogurt"? Oh yes it smells exactly like that. Both of them are sour. Tastes... yikes! The filling is a layer of jam! (Sorry, somehow I fail to visualize the texture from the picture until I actually eat it.) It's white chocolate, but not too bad. (I don't like white chocolate because they taste noting but sugar.) Looks like the berry jam helps a lot. It's even delicious! Or... maybe I'm just hungry. The flavour is too concentrated, though. A gift from Andrew's trip. Thanks!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


L's son baby Q's 1-month old party.

Weather ache. Can't turn my head to the left or lift my left arm. (T_T) Chiropractor tomorrow, luckily.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Milka Alpine Sunrise

Limited edition, Chocolate & Strawberry. Thanks Andrew! As the name says, there are bits of strawberry candy in the chocolate. However, I couldn't pin point what the smell was when I first opened the wrapper. It was fruity alright. Then it's got the right degree of tartness, which is again, dangerous! The strawberry candy is slightly crunchy but not sandy. The structure is as depicted on the packaging, like a sandwich. Is there strawberry mixed into the filling, which is darker? Maybe, but can't tell for sure.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Blood pressure

Taken at the Shopper's Drug Mart inside VGH. Lower than the "optimum". There's no "low" standard to compare to, but I know this is too low.


Have been trying to sleep an hour early everyday since the beginning of the week, but it didn't work. Getting up at 5:30 gave me less than 3-hour sleep.

We were told to go to Day Bed at admission. Got there before they open at 7. Turn out it was wrong. A nurse came looking for dad after we waited there for a while. (No need to hand the document to the desk either. Otherwise they could have discovered the mistake.) We should have gone to the CT department instead. Sigh... Probably because of this, dad was sent to the end of the line. We had to wait till 9:30 before he was wheeled in.

When the nurse at the doctor's office inform us of today's appointment, she said it's a scan. But it actually was the procedure to seal off the smallest aneurysm! O... K... this threw off the parking time. $5 per hour but we'd be paying the $16 max. Procedure itself should be 2 to 3 hours, bed rest 4 to 6 hours afterward. There goes a whole day.

Mom and I had an early lunch before 11. Take-out sandwich at the coffee shop in front of the lecture hall. Dosed off a little when waiting in the hallway. Some nurse told us to come back and check after 1.5 hours. Others, 2 hours, 3 hours. Of course mom wouldn't be happy if we weren't there at 1.5 hour. Correct answer: 3 hours. After another half-hour or 45 minutes, dad was sent to Day Care on the 14th floor. More naps for me. Brought a book along, but too sleepy to read. Around 3, dad was allowed to start eating again. They gave him juice and sandwich. The poor man hasn't eaten since last night's dinner.

Dad's discharge time was set at 5. But Day Care closes before that. Oxygen, iv, catheter were removed before we were sent down to Day Bed at 3:30. 2nd mistake of the day. The Day Care nurse told dad to get dressed, but the Day Bed nurses still need to check his incision.

4:45, they got dad to try walking. He needed to go pee anyway since the catheter was removed. He couldn't walk well, so, more rest. We were in no rush since it's better to be safe than sorry. The care at a hospital is always better than at home.

Maybe it's the 3rd mistake of the day. The nurse changed dad's band-aid, and it bled a little. The incision is only a cm, but this is a cut into an artery. Not to be taken lightly. She pressed on for a few minutes. Things seemed fine so the discharge was not affected.

Although dad was still wobbly, the nurse decided he was well enough to leave. But not before lecturing him (and us) how he should press above the incision when coughing, sneezing, laughing, getting in or out of bed, getting up or sitting down, and sitting on the porcelain thrown. If it bleeds, press hard for 15 minutes. Call 911 if that doesn't work. There were rental wheelchairs at the entrance, operated just like supermarket carts. (Interesting.) By the time we got home, it was about 7.

Aunt Y was alone at home all day. Somehow aunt L called, found out dad's procedure from her, and called brother. He brought over some pasta so that mom didn't have to cook. (Much appreciated.) Me? Passed out in front of the computer. (Sigh...) Brother even came after his church gathering to see if dad needs help getting in or out of bed during the night. However, dad's way tougher than anyone expect. He doesn't need help at all. Good for him. If only his brain is half this tough.

Mom's thought for the day: it was nice not having to clean up after dad's peeing problem for a day. On the other hand, dad has not been following the "pressing above incision" order. He kept saying he's fine. Sigh...

Thursday, November 19, 2009


(Picture is unrelated to subject.)
Turns out tomorrow morning's appointment is 6:45 instead of 6:15. What mom told me was the time to leave the house. Can I trust her to relay messages anymore? Anyway, this gives me half-an-hour more sleep. And dad doesn't need to drink water ahead either.

Table setting

It's just before 4:30 AM. Dad got up to go to washroom, then went to set the table for lunch / dinner. Sigh... speechless... (T_T)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Somehow something in last night's dinner made dad's pee stink like hell. It's like 10 time worse than the worst public washroom. Of course, he wet himself twice during the night, despite going to washroom every hour or two as usual. At least he still knows he should change. However, he used up all his underwear and took one from the laundry basket, which hasn't been washed since he last wet it. He wore it like nothing has happened, saying it's OK since it's dry. Sigh... speechless.... (T_T) (T_T) (T_T) (T_T)

Yeah, he stinks. You can smell it 3 feet away. Brother's mother-in-law told us from experience that, you can always tell if a man is a widower. He stinks. But dad is not a widower! Yet he stinks!!!! And he skips shower if mom doesn't help him.

Why do old men have such poor hygiene? I can't stand it... (T_T) (T_T) (T_T) (T_T) And their wives are stuck with taking care of them! Lame! Extremely lame!!! Mom has been super frustrated lately. Normally she hardly gets mad, but now... she gets mad multiple times every day. Dad keeps repeating the things he's told not to. It's pretty much useless to tell him anything.

Not only does dad stinks himself, he drips pee around. Especially in the washroom. Aiming is nonexistent. His pee always end up outside the toilet. Anyone uses the washroom afterward will spread it around the house. As a result, the house stinks. (T_T) (T_T) (T_T) (T_T) Dad also has a weird habit of skinning one square of toilet paper and using only half, putting the other half folded up and neatly in a roll in the cabinet. Sometimes he puts used one in there too. (T_T) (T_T) (T_T) (T_T) On the other hand, he uses large amount of toilet to wipe the toilet. So he knows he spills. But not wiping the area he spilled on! He alone consumes almost a whole roll of toilet paper daily. Sigh... (T_T) (T_T) (T_T) (T_T)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Beef stew

Brother's teaching schedule changed so he and his gang comes over for dinner on Tuesdays instead of Wednesdays. As usual, mom chose to eat out. First time trying this restaurant, and a Russian style (tomato base) beef stew. It was really good.

Monday, November 16, 2009


The phone call came. Dad's first aneurysm surgery is... this Friday.... 6:15 AM!!!!!! Aaaaaargh!!!! This mean I'll have to get up at 4:45. (T_T) It might just be easier not to sleep. But the procedure requires dad to start drinking water 2 hours ahead. Which means he will have to get up at 4:15. Well, he gets up every hour or two to go to washroom anyway. Not a problem for him. Mom is the one who suffers the most since her bed is on the other side of the washroom where the toilet is. Every time someone flushes, she wakes up.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Netlink opening

More people then I thought. Huge line up. Not that I need anything from that place, but since this city is on the boring side, everyone (including myself) get noisy over small things like this.

Some people said the line up was created artificially. (Non customers were there to make the event look bigger event then it actually was.) Hmm... Forums said the event was badly organized.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Milka Alpine Freshness

"Yoghurt Cream & Lime". Smells heavenly like lime. Yes, European chocolate tastes way better than what we have here. (Brought back by Andrew. Thanks!) Then came the tartness which is as fresh as the name says. The next moment, you'll go what the heck?! They put those popping candies in the chocolate!!!! Aaargh! They're popping and sizzling in my mouth! W... wait, it's... actually... quite nice!!! Wow! I've never experienced anything like this. This combination works! And it get very additive. In fact, this rates as one of my most additive candies here. (Oh, and they did put the "with popping candies" on the wrapper. I overlooked.)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Black Friday

(Picture is unrelated to subject.)
Chiropractor day. Nothing bad happened. Thank God.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sink fixed

(Picture is unrelated to subject.)
The right kitchen sink was fixed. Turns out only the strainer needs to be replaced. The pipes are fine. Good...
Still cost $65...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pocky Day

Nov 11... "1111" is Pocky Day in Japan. Well, at least that's what Glico set it as.

Wanted to post a Pocky review for the occasion, but then the title wouldn't be "Pocky Day" anymore. So I'll save the review for later.

The vampire showed up 4 days early. Sigh... (T_T)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Up means down

What was Pixar thinking?

Great. Now S is gonna think I'm "dramatic". @#$%&*... The number one thing I hate is crying. That's why I hate Pixar. I hate them because their stuff is too perfect. They're flawlessly calculated to squeeze tears out of you. Then leave you this sticky, slimy, unrefreshed aftertaste.

Is it because I live with sick parents, or Up forces me to look at how I'm wasting my life. Oops, correction. "Time" instead of "life" for I don't think I have much life.

Monday, November 09, 2009


Naaaah... it was wax from a scented candle. Apple cinnamon. Evil red.

Got it on the carpet, on the floor, on the wall, and on my hair. Which in turn got onto the pillow and bed sheets. Stupid stupid stupid me... (T_T)

Brother caught the cold / flu, and gave it to my younger niece. They won't be coming over for dinner this week.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Supreme Citron Et Poivre

Lemon and pepper dark chocolate from Switzerland. Thanks Andrew! "When it comes from someone who lives in Switzerland, it has to be good." Yes, this is amazing! The lemon is fragrant and refreshing while the pepper gives you the right amount of punch and leaves a nice warm feeling in your mouth. Not too strong, not too weak. It's almost perfect! I'd say the sweetness can be just a touch less, but this is already veeeery good.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Milka Vanille Pudding

"Milka Rodel Spab a la Vanille Pudding". Not sure if it's a limited edition because I can't read the writings. Hmm... vanilla pudding chocolate. At first, it was just sweet. It wasn't until when almost fully melted in your mouth that you taste a slight bitterness, which, I think is the burnt caramel syrup you put on the pudding. It matches well with chocolate. Quite yummy.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Hot dog?

Aberdeen's set up for a dog show. They covered up the music fountain with a stage...

What??? Hot dogs???

Your beloved pooch is "on the menu". Muwhahahaha!!!

I wonder what the dog owners think about this theme.
That hot dog mascot in the middle is so creepy! The whole setup looks like fragments taken from different sources. Total mismatch! What's with that ice-cream and fries? I'd expect a "dog" theme, not a "food" theme. Fail!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Migraine headache

OMG it's starting! The dancing light is spreading fast! My visual field is melting away as I type. (T_T) Gotta type fast or I won't make it. Is it from from today's weather ache, or inhaling a mixture of paint thinner?

I'm back.
The Tylenol Extra Strength worked. Only need to lie in bed for about 45 minutes. The headache was greatly reduced. Without it, I'd be out for at least 4 hours.

Paint thinner. Yes, I was touching up with spray paint. Then washed the brush with nail polish remover. Then touch up with acrylic craft paint. Then a layer of clear acrylic finish. I'd say the mixture of solvents must be the culprit. As I return to my room still half saturated with this film, the headache worsened a bit. Of course the windows were closed. Stupid me. Extremely stupid.


My back's been fine even after I washed my hair. But it suddenly changed when I went into the car. Feels like someone jabbed a pen between my rib cage and left shoulder blade. Cant' even think straight. The sun disappeared. Wind started to blow. Rain started to fall. No wonder.

Mom and dad got their optometrist appointments today. Without exemption, it will cost me $75. So I skip. Will be seeing an ophthalmologist in a month anyway. Still feels unreal. (T_T)

UFO spotted.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Hair lost gets worse. Don't want to admit it, but looks like I'm under stress...

Bald patches have appeared. (T_T) (T_T) (T_T)

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Chiropractor, aneurysm

Finally! Aaaaaah~ What a relieve. I really need it.

Not before dad's appointment, though. So it's official. He signed for surgery. Test result return not 2 but 3 aneurysms. Because of his age, the doctor recommends laparoscopic procedure. Which allows faster recovery and shorter hospital stay. However, this procedure cannot deal with the 3rd aneurysm. It has to be taken care of beforehand, on the scanner. The blood vessel to his right butt will be closed off. 1/3 of patients will have permanent pain afterward when walking. Painkiller can help. Well, we'll see. It's not like dad is walking much anyway.

Saw an unusual car on my way to Richmond. It's a Nissan. I've only see this model twice. Managed to snatch a shot at a red light.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Milka Alpine Mountain

(Thanks Andrew!) Limited edition Milk Cream & Blueberry with Crunchy Caramel. Smells like berry, kind of fruity. But I couldn't pinpoint whether it's blueberry or not. The real fruit isn't that strong after all. This tastes a bit too sweet and artificial. Despite a rather strong tartness, this chocolate is only slightly additive, not too much. The taste of crunchy caramel bits seem to be fighting with the blueberry. I think this is why they turn up the berry volume, and unfortunately, ended up with something too strong.

Sunday, November 01, 2009


Near Joyce station.

Something... looks... wrong...