Friday, April 30, 2010


(Picture was taken last September and is unrelated to subject.)
Wanted to do a few things, but failed to even leave the house.

The tech guy from yesterday forgot his clipboard on the downstairs TV and came back for it.

The TV was working fine until around 4. Aunt C phoned and told mom to watch the Shanghai Expo opening ceremony. Mom was having trouble. Of course, we didn't subscribe to that channel. She watched something else.

Then a little later, the screen froze. I turn both the TV and the box off and on again, but this time the screen went black. Some English channels still worked, though. Program guide also didn't respond at all. So I went online to troubleshoot. Did what the site said by unplugging the power on the box. After it reset itself, it asked for a password. Noooooo!!!!!

It was about 5:30. Just when I tried to phone up Telus, mom decided to phone brother to report dad's progress (or the lack there of) on the wooden fishes. Luckily it didn't take long. However, there was a 20 minute lineup for the Telus help line! I'm so glad they offer a "call back" system, so I didn't have to sit there and do nothing for 20 minutes.

The tech guy called, and we tried a few passwords. One worked, others didn't. (Weird.) Got the upstairs TV working. Somehow the password for the downstairs one took longer. With the downstairs phone not working well, I had to run up and down literally. Then it happened. When I was downstairs entering a new password, dad hung up the upstairs phone.


He has nothing to do, and goes around to "find things to do". Always manage to do the wrong things and screw us up. Like unplugging power outlets. Turning off the rice cooker when the rice is cooking. And now, hanging up my call.

I lost it. Yelled at him. As usual, he avoided eye contact, turn away, said nothing, and slowly walked away. I was really mad. Really really mad. But what can I do except yelling? He's not gonna get it. Although he finally said, I'll do nothing. But that was only to shut me up, and it was not what I want at all. I told him to ask before doing anything. He kept saying, I'll do nothing. No no no no no no he did not listen and he'll never get it. It's absolutely hopeless.

Luckily the last password I got worked. The downstairs TV was fixed. The ordeal took an hour. I certainly didn't want to go through the phone call lineup again. And the tech guy also didn't call back. It worked out OK at the end, but I feel very bad for not saying thanks for his help.


Dad worked on brother's sanding task for a bit. But he didn't sand onto the newspaper and got saw dust all over himself, the kitchen table, and floor. It's not like he didn't know he should lean forward so the saw dust fall onto the newspaper, he seemed to just get lazy and decided not to. Just like how he refuses to sit down to pee or use diapers, and ends up wetting himself and get pee onto the floor. It stinks. Who has to clean up? Not him. He devours everything, and not leave food for others. Why is he so inconsiderate? Lately he's developed a liking on taking off his clothes. Even right before the Handidart pickup, and ended up boarding the bus with bare chest showing. Can't expect any manner from him anymore. He's turning into an animal.

Why does god have to torture us like this?

Anyway, signing up on FB was a much bigger headache than I thought. Still haven't gotten everything to work. I'm still against FB. I know, I know. I'm paranoid. Nevertheless, finally got access to the class reunion info. Only to find out it's been postponed. Doesn't matter, though.

What have I done today? FB business, some mail including a Japanese one, cleaned up some stuff in my computer, fixed the TV, surfed a bit... and nothing else! Failed to go to North Van, or Burnaby, or check on A's place, or weight T's parcel!

Aaaaaaaaaaargh!!! (T_T)

I was dressed after lunch, ready to go out. As I undressed after the TV ordeal, the feeling of failure and hopelessness was unbearable. Also, my left shoulder's been inside-out today. Unusually bad. It has been a windy day. (T_T)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Telus upgrade

(Picture was taken on Apr 15, 2009 and is unrelated to subject.) The guy was 45 minutes early. It took about an hour instead of the original 3 that I was told. I'm not complaining. Worked on writing Japanese mail all day. Still haven't cleared up all the mail debt. Need to sign up on FB in order to RSVP to the class reunion this weekend. Yup, last minute. Sigh... To be honest, there's nothing I'm proud of enough that I want to share. I'm even embarrassed to see my old classmates. I'm trapped, stuck, stalled. But I also know these thoughts are wrong. I must force myself to attend.

Glued to toilet

Dad's been sitting on the toilet since slightly after 3AM. Now it's almost 5. He finally got up. (First of all, he doesn't close the door when going to washroom, even for number 2. Gross.) While he was sitting there, he took off all his clothes from waist up, roll up his pants, and pull threads out from his clothing (thus dissembling it). Although I haven't had the time for surveillance, I think he also tear off toilet paper piece by piece, fold them up, and put them in the Tupperware in front of him. There's a pile of toilet paper, some wrinkled, inside the cabinet above the toilet. I hate to think that they're used, but nothing else can explain why they're wrinkled. Neither mom nor myself have any energy to deal with that anymore. We just let him be. (And curse the world.)

He's been a level down today. Quite a lot crazier about food. And a lot less responsive when you tell him not to do certain thing, especially those he doesn't want to comply. As he screws up more and more, our nagging logically increase. Thus lead to dad ignoring us even more. Intelligible conversion? What's that?

He also screwed up the time-killer job my brother designed for him: sanding small wooden fishes. First thing dad did was to disassemble the sample brother made. Then instead of starting on a new fish, he sanded one of the example. Oh, and of course he didn't laid down any newspaper. So saw dust was all over the dinning table. Sigh...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Clean up

Tomorrow is the 3-hour Telus appointment. Chances are, I'll need them to access my computer to help with internet setup. I'd better clean up my room.

And, yup, a clean up is badly needed. There goes a day, but it's worth it.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lindt: Dark Peppermint

(From last December...)
Looks like a Christmas special but I could be wrong. It's not sweet at all. I was expecting more sugar. Doesn't mean that it's bad, though. The mint is refreshing. The chocolate is smooth. Unlike any 1-dollar-level chocolate bar, you can feel the high quality. However, I would still like it to be sweeter or else it leans towards... without a better word, waxy. Waxiness only applies to low quality chocolate. This... is different... but kind of on the same page... Sorry for my poor vocabulary.

Guinea pigs

It's the usual "eat out with brother's gang" day. They've got 2 young guinea pigs as pets (for my nieces). Both black and straight hair. Brother built a sizable acrylic house for them. Mom wanted to go home to watch TV. Didn't get to take pictures. Oh well, next time.

There was a house with croaked walls on our way to the restaurant. Weird.

Monday, April 26, 2010


It was OK for a while, but after lunch it started drizzling. Again, I couldn't get up early enough. Washed my hair, ate lunch, and was late for my chiropractor's appointment.

Stopped by DeSerres, again, to see if they have the gold ink yet. Nope. PriceSmart has none of the mushroom soup that's on sale. But I got my yogurt, even with a $1 off coupon on the package. Picked up 3 sets of danish for P and J's new job treat. Tried to get a bus pass for A at London Drugs, but there was a super annoying old guy at the customer service who wouldn't stop asking repetitive questions. Grrrr... Time's up, had to leave. The bus pass will have to wait. Checked mail, stored the yogurt at A's.

Took transit to North Van. Missed the Seabus and had to wait half an hour. (T_T) Got there a little bit late. Didn't expect to see S there. He popped in and left with his niece. Had my session with H and P. Hung out for a while. Missed the Seabus again and ended up catching the 10:30 one. Picked up my yogurt at A's. Filled up on gas before going home. And it was 11:45. Where did my time go???

Oh, got M's birthday present (?) in the mail today. (No, not that parcel in the picture. That's A's.) ROV lip gloss! Hahaha! Cooool!!! Can't believe they're using Rose of Versailles to sell cosmetics. I guess it was a big enough hit back then to be dug up today. (Well, it was really huge.)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kitkat: Ginger Ale

(From last November...)
With the previous two being so bad, I didn't think this one can be any good either. However, when you lower your expectation, you also lower you disappointment. This one is way more edible. Not exactly delicious, but interesting. It actually smells good. Like a cross between ginger ale and cream soda, you can almost feel the sizzling. Tasted slightly tart, but definitely a lot sweeter than the real pop. Not worth a second try, though.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mail debt

Need to pay off a bunch of e-mail debt. Didn't do anything else.

Photo was taken on April 21. Sakura are falling.

I've never had lens flare on a digital camera before, until now. Probably because I dropped it recently. Now that it's stuck in macro mode, it won't focus when I try to shoot scenery. The only way is to shoot with macro mode. Can't zoom, and not always in focus, nevertheless it gives me some kind of picture.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Housesitting (2)

Opened my eyes and it was about 10. Good. Didn't oversleep. But very tired. Didn't sleep well. Must be the mattress, plus all the floor sweeping and bathtub scrubbing last night. I was anticipating a more painful back and neck, but surprisingly bearable. (Doesn't mean painless, though.)

The parcel came... 11:30-ish? Forgot. Raided the fridge and pantry for leftover food for lunch. Since I no longer need to go to North Van, I started washing 2 loads of laundry. Did some ironing. Some internet. Before you know it, the day was over. Scary!

Went home for dinner when one of the students called. They were expecting me?!?! But didn't they get jobs already? Aaaaargh!!!! It was mis-communication. S told me the students got jobs, but actually they're still waiting for confirmation. Shouldn't have assumed. My own fault. Anyway, I'll be seeing them Monday instead.

My back and neck kicked in after shower. How can this be? Shower is supposed to help! (T_T) Or have I been in trip mode?

T's parcel came. She gave me a bunch of handy-down toys because she's moving. Oh my oh my... one man's junk is another man's treasure! And these are not junk! There are a few limited edition Pinkys which are almost impossible to get if you're outside Japan! Thanks T! (^_^) (The photo is not a handy-down. She got it for me during the last WF.)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Housesitting (1)

Went to bed late last night = got up late today. (T_T) Finally managed to write some Japanese mail, but far from finish. By the time I left the house, it was almost 5. S said he'd be around till 6. I barely caught him just after 6. (T_T) How did I screw up my time so badly? Too late for airbrush today. We had a chat instead. (......) P, J and 3 other students got a short term contract. I'm happy for them, but this also means they won't need me anymore.

Left around 8. It was still very bright. The day is getting quite a bit longer. (Yay~!) Was going to eat dinner at Wendy's, but got lost and ended up going to McDonald's on Kingsway.

Went to A's place to house-sit overnight. Swept the floor, scrub the bathtub. He said it hasn't been scrubbed for 3 years. Yup, it's brown. Gross. Last time I used it, I wished I didn't. It was slimy. My scrubbing couldn't get rid of all the grim. And, all these cleaning up is gonna cost me tomorrow. I know it. (T_T)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Yup, grossly overslept. Total 10 hours. (T_T)

I was walking in some residential area, people's back alley. Garages. Trees. Fences. Paved or unpaved sidewalks. Gravel. The area was kind of rundown. The day was nice. Soft sunlight. Warm and comfortable breeze. I was "walking to school". There was an abandoned building with some walls missing. The door I was supposed to have accessed "so often" was filled up with bricks. It was done within the last 24 hours. Some other girls were also trying to take the same path, and were also puzzled to see the door sealed. Someone showed us the side alley to go around this building.

Next part of the dream, I was in a classroom already, trying to figure out where to sit. When I finally got a seat in the right front section (about 2 rolls from the front and 2 rolls from the right), M showed up! He's the teacher, yikes!!!!!! Sure didn't expect to see you!

Our gaze met. He didn't seem to recognize me. And I didn't feel appropriate to say anything. The rest... evaporated before I could write it down.

Kitkat: Rich in Vegetable

(Actually from last November...)
My oh my! Another bad idea! Seems like this is from a veggie drink like V8, but honestly, there's nothing good about it. It smells like air freshener. Kind of fruity, but definitely doesn't feel like food. It appeals that "apple and carrot fragrances are use, contains 0.25% solid vegetable". "Fragrance" = not the real thing! And 0.25% is nothing! I ate it when I was hungry, yet this felt repulsive. Bad! Bad!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy B-day (2)

Happy B-day, A! Thanks for dinner! Thanks S for dessert!

Kerrisdale has fancy street sign. It's common to find the year marked on the sidewalk concrete when it was built. I didn't know some stop signs also have that.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy B-day

Brother's B-day. Instead of the usual Tuesday or Wednesday, we ate out today. And to an unusual place, Kamdo in Richmond. I haven't been there for... 10 years or so! They still have that set dinner with a glass of Champagne and their portion is still impossibly huge. However, more diluted than I remember. Especially the "Champagne". I was like cooler mixed with 7up and water. With so much food, I over ate. Afterward mom also bought some Chinese traditional style cakes as brother's b-day cake. (Their bakery doesn't have the usual "western style" cake.)

When it was my B-day last month, all I got was a lemon roll cake from aunt Y. No eating out. No fancy cake. Well, I'm not saying these Chinese style cake are better. I actually don't like them. But it's hard not to compare.

Mom came back from a long phone call in the kitchen, and complained that the halogen lamp in the living room had burnt out. It's strange because the bulb was replaced less than 3 months ago. It shouldn't burn out so soon. Even stranger, the other lamp, the TV and cable box all stopped working. Turns out dad had unplugged a bunch of outlets. Asked him why, he just ignore you. No answer, no reason, no explanations. Sigh... But the strangest thing was, dad has weak knees and doesn't like to bend down. How did he get to the power outlets????????? Don't tell me he pull the cables!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Seems like I remember my dreams when I fall asleep after the alarm rings.

I was driving in some residential area on a cloudy day. It could rain anytime. The geography was very hilly. Saw some duckings on the sidewalk. Stopped, got out of the car, and took some pictures of them. After I got back into my car, I saw the clouds on the right half of the sky were really low and started to have that "something big is coming" formation. There was a long and meandering funnel not unlike a tornado, extending from the left half of the sky, ending on a house almost in front of me, but on the back alley side, not the street side. I snapped more pictures. At the moment, that house flashed, exploded, and burst into fire. (But still in tack.) I scrambled to phone 911, but the line was already in progress. (Like listening into an existing conversation.) A Chinese man came out of the neighbouring house with phone in hand. He was already talking to a 911 operator.

There was a blank... Did the firetruck come? Probably, but I don't remember seeing it. Next thing I remember was walking along the street looking for my car, but couldn't find it. There were other cars damaged and tied onto trailers. I understood that in order for the firetruck to have space to park, the cars in front of the house were towed. Oh what should I do? I sobbed as I continued to walk up and down. An anime looking lady appeared and we chatted for a bit. I said, this is gonna cost me. She invited me into the explosion house. It was undamaged at all and looked nice. Inside I asked if I could use the washroom. BD was there... and she beat me to the washroom. Then I was shown to the toilet. It was in the middle of a... room but not bathroom, and not against the wall. The room wasn't small, and had book cases, and some kind of bed or sofa. Quite cluttered. (Could this be from the memory of using a commode in the ICU?) The toilet was covered with a blanket... or rather, the toilet cover and seat were made of blanket. I had to go, but the anime lady and BD wouldn't leave the room. I had no choice...

Afterward, I realized I could walk to the fire station to see if I could find my car. I started walking... Did I reach the fire station? Don't know. I think I woke up after that.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Wire and bead caps

Made some pendants in preparation for AE. Took a lot longer that I thought. The 28 gauge wire is too thin and breaks often. 26 should be better. But I'd be a devil if I don't use this spool that A made a special effort to buy me even at inflated price.

Finally! Caught dad wiping the bathroom sink, counter, and wall with one piece of crumbled up toilet paper! Don't know if that's a used piece of toilet paper with pee on it or not, but I suspect it is! My fear is half confirmed! Because every time I use the bathroom sink, the smell of urine rises up. It stinks and it's horrible! (T_T) (T_T) (T_T) (T_T)

Friday, April 16, 2010


Chiropractor day. Was going to N. Van afterward. An accident on Lion's Gate sent me to Second Narrow's. Made a stop at DeSerres on my way. As soon as I walked through the door, P called, saying he can't make it tonight. That actually worked out fine. I was free to spend more time in DeSrees. Found a bunch of clearance beads. Even stopped by the Dollar Giant at Kingsway and Knight. Hooray! Got the silver crimp beads I need!

Vampire showed up after I got home. Perfect timing. But nothing less severe. it's killing me. Barely managed to work on the mini envelopes. Nevertheless finished up all the cut ones.

Well, I'm glad the vampire is back to exact forecast. It's been early for up to 2 weeks for the last 6 - 8 months. Definitely related to stress and mental status.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kitkat: Plum Soda

(From last November...)
Wow, probably one of the weirdest Kitkat. Contains 0.7% Nankou plum (powdered) from Kisyuu. Actually I wasn't looking carefully and thought it's "melon", hahaha... Well they're kind of the same colour. The smell... preconception tricked me into feeling melon, but poorly done melon. Very artificial. Then I realized my mistake. However, it doesn't make a difference at all. It's still very artificial. There's a slight tartness between the wafer layer. I though it was the "soda" part, but now that I know it's "plum", it makes more sense. No, that didn't make it taste better. The chocolate even tasted waxy. This has gotta be one of the worst Kitkat.

Only when I'm done, that the question came to me. Do they have such thing as "plum soda" in Japan??? (Not that I know of.)


Poor A! His flight home got canceled thanks to volcano activities in Iceland! Hmm... original plan was to drive him to the airport today. Nevertheless the vampire didn't come today, so it doesn't matter, I guess. Hope the ashes clear up by next Wednesday.

There was some kind of health campaign at MT. The flat guy was kind of funny. The point is, drink more milk or your bones go weak.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

North Van

Complete miscalculation of time. Shouldn't have even attempted to go to N. Van. Got less than half an hour with 1.5 hour travel time. Plus late on returning the pass to A. Sigh... (T_T) Sorry...

Instead of brother's gang coming over for dinner, we went to his area. To that Shanghai restaurant again.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


6 minutes for 10 cents. 30 minutes for $1. "Convenience"?
No! It's a scam!! Grrrr...

Lamb Slovakia at Keri was excellent! I agree with S that it's the best I've had so far. Too bad that place is so out of the way.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Alarm went off at 10:30. Next time I opened my eyes, it was an hour later. Horrible! Took another 30 minutes of stretching before I could actually get out of bed. Might have let myself lie down for too long. My back was way too stiff. At least the knock came. Took a while, though. But I'd rather wait for it and get it out of the way even though it halts my plan of the day.

P called. My tax is done! Yikes! But I'm still missing a T4 from HK Bank! P said it wouldn't change my status anyway. So he'll be coming over tomorrow, and I'll need to pay him.

By the time I left the house, it was already 3. (T_T) Better late than never. With a bunch of 50% off Michael's coupons, of course I'd hit that place first. (And return later.) Got to the school just before 4:30. Only had an hour, but I got to spray primer! My very first time painting a model! However, it was tough. On paper, you can see better how even your spray is. I don't want to admit it, but looks like I haven't graduated from paper yet. (T_T)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

No repair

Second time eating at Copa Cafe. Good as last time! (But also as short staff as last time... OK, maybe slightly better because it was past peak hour.) Then Aberdeen. A got his hard drive. I couldn't get my camera repair because Broadway Camera doesn't do repairs. Instead, I got a referral to a repair-only place. However, diagnosis fee is $80. Repair extra, of course. I want to fix that camera because it was a gift and contains sentimental value. Not sure how long it takes for me to save up the $200 for it, but if a good camera shows up, I might get a new one instead. (T_T)

At the end of the day, we've watched 7 episodes of FMA counting last time. Thanks A!

That pair of black leather shoes from Bass gave me blisters... (T_T)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Kitkat: Kinako-ohagi

(From last November...)
Japanese style Kitkat. Kinako is soybean flour. Ohagi is a rice-base desert. I don't think I've ever had ohagi, but I've tried kinako from other treats. This Kitkat does smell like kinako (smells like rice). Althought it says kinako flavoring is used, real kinako is on the ingredient list. The taste is well matched with chocolate. The best part is, it's not too sweet. The ohagi-ness is achieved with sticky rice puff. This gives the wafer a more grainy texture than regular Kitkat. Even a little sandy. But I don't really mind. This combination works. It's doesn't say if it's a limited edition, but there's no way this is a regular.


Took A for shopping for his trip. Lots of candies and snacks from Costco. We started late (my fault) and were only able to go to Bosa Foods afterward. Nice (and expensive) market. Thanks for the FMA episodes.

Thought I totally missed the sakura, maybe not.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Late day

Started late, so it avalanche onto everything afterward. (T_T) Need size 3 silver crimp beads. DG doesn't have it. Arrived at the school around 4:15. Sc was gone. Tj needed to go home to feed the dog so I was there alone for a while. The practice didn't go well. The airbrush trigger was sticky. It got stuck in the shoot air position a lot. I'm too chicken to take the airbrush apart.

Cleaned up some purchase data recording and filing. And... how come it took so long? Is it not worthwhile to keep record? But I fear if I stopped, I might regret it later...


I was sitting in a dentist's chair, about to have open chest surgery. The last 2 rolls of my ribs were to be removed. (Huh???) The surgeon was DL!!! (Hey he was my physio therapist 10 years ago!) I could see my naked chest. He made fun of my right nipple. (T_T) I complain but he just kept on giggling. Then I saw him injecting something into my IV, and my eye lid dropped. However, I was still conscious and wonder when I'd fall asleep. At the same time I realized I haven't prayed yet. (Didn't even know why I had to have this surgery.) While I quickly did so, he started making more injections along my jaw line starting from in front of my right ear. I could feel my jaw dropped wide open. I thought, hey, why are you doing that? The forth poke or cut hurt. I jerked and he said oh sorry. Then he switched to the left side.

Part 2. I was in an... indoor mall? Market? Festival? I know! Convention hall! Full of vendor booths. Lots of people. Some of them sat along the wall like they've been lining up for something. They even brought mats to sit on. There was one spot with only luggage. A guy came, greeted the neighbor, took out from the luggage a white table cloth (?) with black printing, and sat down. It was his spot.

A cute little girl of about 5 years of age was walking among the booths. She stopped at one and presented a small plastic container like those in Chinese BBQ butchery for soy sauce. The vendor filled it with ketchup. She dipped something in it (not sure what it was) and starting eating.

Part 3. I was on a bed in an unfamiliar place. It had the feeling of furniture showroom. Can't remember what happened clearly, but I was looking intensely at the bed sheet. It was a muted light grayish blue background with white icon style buildings, depicting home, school, office, factory, police station, etc. A man came by. Didn't know who he was, but somehow I knew he was a relative. We talked about the printed buildings. All I can remember from the conversation was that I put lots of emphasis on the factory.

I was on another bed, this time the sheet was white, with enlarged photo-realistic cell phones. I tried to figure out where the tiling repeats, and look for the same cell phone. Found the one on the width side. When I was looking for the one on the length side, I woke up.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Canned soup & apple

Mom asked dad to bring a can of veggie soup from the cold room. He brought a can of salmon and a can of wrong soup. Mom asked him to try again, he brought a second can of salmon and another can of wrong soup.

Mom asked dad to take an orange and a pear from the fridge, he took two apples.

First, canned soup and salmon have totally different shape and size can. Second, the fruits all have different shapes and colour.

Does dad not remember what he was supposed to take, or can he not tell what's what?


... to go to North Van. There was some kind of construction on Marine Way and I wasted too much time stuck in traffic. Nevertheless, bought some more 25 cents beads and got to use the half price coupon.

Weaving continues. Only at the 10th one that I found out a better way to tie the ends. However, the example uses nylon ropes and need cinching as a last step. The crochet thread I'm using can't take that.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

More weaving

Chiropractor day, thank God! I've been irritable and rampaging all over the place. My back is so numb I can't feel any touch. (T_T)

Went to get black crochet thread and the clearance airbrush cleaner. Picked up more canned soup... only to find out it wasn't on sale. $0.48 is their regular price. Oh well! We did run out of cream of mushroom, though.

Takes me an hour to weave 10 cm. Too slow. These things will have to be at least $10 each. Will anyone still buy them??? (T_T)

Dad got caught while sitting on the toilet cutting up flyers that are used to soak up his spilled pee into toilet paper size with our haircut scissors. He said he didn't flush any down the toilet. Can we trust him? He did flush 4 pages of flyers before. Sigh... (T_T)

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Been making mini envelopes since last night. Screwed up 9. Got 94. The idea of cutting up the same paper for letter paper may not work... (T_T)

Monday, April 05, 2010


Tried to go to Michael's Burnaby, but made a wrong turn at Marine Dr. and ended up in nowhere land. Sigh... Not my day...... or was it? First, thanks A for the support and navigation. When we finally arrived, I found some beads that I've been eying at another branch on sale for 25 cents! It was $1.29 at that other branch! And not on sale at others. Of course I couldn't resist. Although all of them were the last one, and with some defects, I wouldn't complain.

Dad's "organizing" things again... Sigh...

Weird dream

I was playing some kind of Taiko Master game. Getting the hang of it after 2 songs. Choosing the third one from a printed catalog. There were all sorts of anime stuff from the 80's(?). Was aiming at Lum's Love Song for it's beat. Missed the click and ended up with Mezon Ikkoku's song. Which one? I forgot. I'm not even sure what it sounded like, but I just knew that it was from Mezon Ikkoku. Somehow I was in a class and Mi was there. This song caught his attention as he's a huge fan.

Not sure how or why, the result of some blood work came by phone. I was told that half of my body contains XY DNA instead of XX. It's a really special case and a social worker will come to see me for it. I went "???", but kind of intrigued. I kept trying to select Lum's Love Song without luck before she came. Then we tried to find a more private area to have our meeting, but there seemed to be none. The meeting room was filled with small groups sharing tables. We sat down at the corner of a table. She told me I had to switch to the boy's PE class from now on. (What?)

From our POV, I could see the back stage of a Chinese BBQ takeout window. Business was really good. A white couple was buying. We've got a BBQ duck delivered to our table. Someone... someone I know, possibly a family member, was there, praising the duck like it's the best in the world.

There were some more, but I failed to write it down before it dissipated. Oh well!

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Botticelli: Easter Bunny

Got a box of their chocolate for Totsu 2 Christmas ago, but this is actually the first time I tried their product. (At post-Easter sale, of course! Hehe!)

This solid milk chocolate tastes great! When they call themselves the art of chocolate, you don't expect anything less. If I have to whine, I'd say make this large bunny into smaller bite-size ones. It's tough to bite it whole. Handle it too much, like breaking it manually, will get chocolate all over your hands and desk.

Happy Easter!

Oops... I got the date wrong!

...... and the aftermath. 18 Pinkys were used to make these five. (17 are in the picture, but one was a loose head.)

Saturday, April 03, 2010


Brother and sis-in-law's turn to go cross-border shopping. They've ordered a baby stroller last time and went to pick it up today. It's pretty much half price comparing to local stores. My two nieces had to go to a classmate's birthday party from 3 to 7, so they were dropped off here in the morning. I'd take them to the party, and if the shopping team makes it back in time, I don't have to pick the girls up. And that was exactly what happened.

Went to Richmond for the time between drop-off and and the intended pickup. Michael's was quite busy. Aberdeen was very busy too thanks to Ester cerebration. Can't believe I forgot my camera at home! I was going to take it to the camera store for a repair quote. (T_T) Oh well. I haven't tried digging into the menu for a way to reset the system yet. It would be super stupid if that's all it needs.

Couldn't resist getting some more beads at a dollar store. (^_^;)

Friday, April 02, 2010

Wind storm

Wind storm. Fallen trees. Road closure. Power outage. Worst weather ache. Monster took over. (T_T)

Thanks A for the back rub. It helped a lot. Thanks for cooking too! Sorry I freaked out.

Forgot to take a Pinky picture of the olive oil chips...

Too late to take sakura Pinky pictures this year. First, no time. Second, the wind blown pretty much all of them away already. (T_T)

Thursday, April 01, 2010

April Fool's

(Photo was taken on March 27 and unrelated to subject.)
Luckily no practical joke for me. (^_^) But what's with the weather? Cloudy, rainy, and hail! Lightning and thunder! Then drizzled again. Of course my body's been totally out the window. Can't think straight. Can't count. Bought 2 extra buns for lunch and didn't even realize it. Only notice the total was more than usual (but not by how much) and asked if the price went up. That was embarrassing.

Sat on the couch while talking on the phone (land line). The couch smells like urine. (T_T) My room is pretty much the only place that's still relatively fine. But smell travels. (T_T)


My visa's due on the 3th!!!!! It's a long weekend! They got me again! (T_T) (T_T) (T_T) (T_T) Am I'm so bad at numbers... and time... and space... (T_T) (T_T) (T_T) (T_T)