Tuesday, August 31, 2010


(Picture was taken on the 29th and unrelated to subject.)
As if catching up for the lack of moisture for the whole month, it's been raining all day. The last day of August turns out to be the wettest. I guess that's fair, since we've been constantly having sunny days.

Mostly packaging the jewelry stuff today. Some cutting, and then some fabric wrapping vanity boxes near the end. Just discovered I've been undercharging my boss for the lunch buns. Oh well...

Monday, August 30, 2010


Chiropractor day. The weather is supposed to change. 24 hours later, it will turn into the wettest day in August. My body is feeling it. I feel like a deflated balloon.

Things went smoothly. I even went to Sears Metrotown to exchange that slightly defective sweater. Couldn't help stopping at the dollar store, and of course always find something to buy. This time was some plastic storage boxes. They looked great, but I only find out later that they actually suck! There are no lids for the screw-stack containers, and they don't even screw well!

The framing store outside Future Shop turn into a Halloween store. 2 full months ahead.

I slept in, so all these were told to me by mom. Dad had diarrhea this morning. He didn't even know it. He didn't even flush or use toilet paper. It stink like hell. He stink like hell. The cleanup was hell too... Sorry mom!!!! (T_T) (T_T) (T_T)


Haven't had one for a while...

I was with brother's gang in some kind of public clinic. Vaccines are given out as Neapolitan ice-cream cones. (Small, though.) There was an extra kid that they were babysitting (?). I was holding his / her ice-cream. Couldn't resist taking a bite. Before you know it, there was no much left. Sis-in-law was mad. I had to get a replacement.

Next segment, we went to cousin D's place to see how her cleanup's going. There was a big hole on the outside wall where an air-conditioner used to be. (In reality, there's none.)

Next... we were on a super dingy bus... about to stop at cousin D's. (Huh? Chronologically reversed?) Brother was not going to give me a ride home, so I tried to get out so I can take Skytrain. When the bus stopped, everything became surreal.There were 2 levels of "ground". But they're still the same "ground". We were on the upper deck. The lower deck unloaded first while the doors on the upper deck were locked. Then our doors opened. There were 3 sets of doors. Both the middle and tail sets have a 3-4 feet drop. Too chicken to jump, I went to the front exit where I could use the few steps.

Once exited, I somehow knew we need to cross the street and go to the hospital on the other side. Brother's gang chose to take the "ground route". (The strange 2-level ground was still happening.) There was a pedestrian over pass... like a bridge. I chose to take that one. There was a railing separating the walkway into 2/3 on the left and 1/3 on the right. A few people were there. At intervals, there were closed parkade-cashier-like "stations" with framed signs that I must remove. Otherwise it was too narrow to pass. The ground of the bridge was painted black with some small colourful nature designs, but extremely dirty. It felt like I was in India. I walked and walked and walked, but it seemed never ending. I've past the apex of the bridge and the slope went downhill. Other pedestrians look like East Indian too. Then, a boy approached me and tried to sell me something like trading cards. I chatted with him, but didn't buy any. (Not interested.) I could see the end of the bridge drawing near. Then an East Indian man tried to sell me some kind of package, with dancers, music, and costumes, for me to film. I joke, asking if he has "Benny Lava". I even sang the first few lines.

Next... I was in some kind of kitchen, and there was some kind of fest on a table. There was a pretty big decorated cake. I took picture of the scene.

That's all I can remember. I wonder what could have happened if I finished crossing that bridge...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Downtown again

Today's harvest of figs and plums.
Went downtown with A. He needed to fix a price mistake on his new keyboard, I needed to exchange a sweater from 2 weeks ago that has a small hole. The guy at Tom Lee insisted it was a different item and we'll have to bring the box. A looked it up later and found out his keyboard scanned in as a completely different thing. Way to go, Tom Lee, screwed up big time.

R and B's place was next. A needed to water their plants. The curry chicken apricot almond salad was as good as last time. I ate too much.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


(From February.)
Voted one of the worst named Japanese junk food. But it's one of the most delicious! First of all, it's not overly sweet like the north American chocolate treats. Second, portion size is perfect. Third, the cookie-chocolate ratio is perfect. Well... actually I wouldn't mind to have more cookie. But it's just me. This, is good stuff!

Friday, August 27, 2010


No work today, which is good, because my neck, shoulders and back have reached their limit. Slept in, got up at 12:30, haha... (^_^;) Mom went to visit grandaunt Y, so I heated up some stuff from the fridge for dad's lunch. (I eat oatmeal as usual.)

Then the storm of phone calls came. Cousin D and M wanted to have dinner with us and actually, mainly with my brother's gang because they didn't get invited last night. (No table was big enough to seat us all.) Cousin D was pushy as usual. You can even call her inconsiderate. Brother was at work in a long meeting so he could not be contacted. He also had church matters to attend at 7. Daycare is supposed to end at 6 but there's no guarantee that the kids get picked on time. The window was really narrow. Tonight was not a good choice, but the cousins want to go to Seattle tomorrow, so things had to go they way "because they're from out of town". Well... sis-in-law was not happy about that, but she bit the bullet and we ate out tonight.

Making reservation fell onto my shoulders. Not a big deal, but it didn't go smooth. We chose from my brother's neighbourhood for his convenience because he had to leave early. There has to be a big enough table for 12. Our favorite place was out on this one. The second choice happened to have a broken stove and was closed. So we settled on the third choice nearby. Phone calls were flying between 3 parties relaying messages. By the time I was done, it was 3 PM.

President Chinese Seafood Restaurant
on south Granville Street was snobby. They screwed up one of our orders and took forever to get us water. Then after we paid with cash, we were completely ignored. No changed was even given. Food quality is so-so but the price isn't cheap. There was only one guy serving the whole place until a second girl showed up later. Short staff, yes, and they probably were not used to a sudden increase of business because the other restaurant was closed. However, this is no excuse for poor service and attitude. I will never eat there again.


(Picture is unrelated to subject.)
Ran into dad just now, right when he came out of his bedroom to pee. This was the very first time I saw "it" in action. Front view. His pants legs were rolled up. His hands holding the thighs up so the crotch was tight. I saw pee gushing out from his crotch. Onto the carpet and the towel in front of the washroom. It didn't seep through the fabric, but gushing out. It was like covering the faucet with a piece of cloth and then turning it on.


I've seen him at such moments from the back, with his butt in full view. So I assume he always pull his pants down to expose his dick, and that's why he leaves pee trails. No, that was not the only way...


Thursday, August 26, 2010


(Picture was taken yesterday and unrelated to subject. Not just figs, those shells are on the plums too.)
Cousin L is in town. I haven't seen her for... geese, I can't remember! Must be a good 10 years, or more. I can't even remember what she looks like. Cousin M (and her husband) are also in town, but we get to see them annually. With cousin D and T, and cousin L's son-in-law and grandson, we had a big dinner tonight at a table for 12.

Aaaargh... forgot to take Pinky pictures!!!! I was tired and hungry, though. Did jewelry all day. Went onto Second Narrows and oops! Should have taken Lion's Gate! Auto pilot was in charge. Ended up driving double the distance. (T_T) Was trying to leave early but turn out leaving late. I arrived at the restaurant 30 minutes late. Sigh... Luckily they didn't wait for me. Or else I'd have to bury my head in the ground.

Have to say, this morning's traffic was one of the smoothest I've ever experienced, despite all the constructions.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Figs / "accident"

Mom insisted that lady bugs are eating our figs. As if the fruit is killing them, they "took a bite and then die". I didn't believe her, so she showed me the proof. Well... I thought lady bugs only eat aphids. I could be wrong... but this still doesn't convince me. More importantly, what the heck is this empty shell? According to mom, it's not just a few, but there has been many.

Dad came back from day care and immediately complained about his hat and jacket being stolen. But he didn't wear any of those to start with! Then mom noticed he was wearing a different pair of pants than the one he left with. It's got a sewn-on name tag. Clearly belongs to someone else. His diaper was different too. After much speculations and finally reached Mrs. L who was also there, the puzzle was pieced together.

Just before Handydart arrived, Mrs. L suggested dad to take a leak. He did, but came back with pee stain all over his pants. (He probably went peeing standing.) The driver refused to let him onto the bus. So someone lend him a new diaper and a spare pair of pants. Seems like he couldn't change himself properly and put his shoes on wrong... by stepping onto and totally folding down the heel. (Sigh... I see now. This is why mom always look at shoes for dad whenever we go to Zellars.) We'll have to return the borrowed pants and new diaper next time... Too bad I have to work tomorrow. It's Friday the soonest.

Then mom went to pick some figs from our backyard. When she wasn't looking, dad picked two really young ones. Mom told him those weren't ready and not sweet, but dad insisted they were good and ate them right there. Sigh... I know we can't expect common sense from him anymore, but isn't he just going against us for no reason? Is he so retarded that the flavourless Styrofoam-like figs actually tasted good? Or did he do it just to proof himself right?

Eat-out day with brother's gang. I had 5 errands to run before that, arrived slightly late, yet still beat them to the restaurant. Haha... (not good.)

That Taiwanese restaurant was quite good. Food was delicious and they claim they don't use MSG. $60 for 7 people is very reasonable too.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


(Picture was taken on the 17th and unrelated to subject.)
Labels and packaging all day... and a little bit of jewelry. Doesn't make any difference. My back is still screwed up. (T_T) Went to the school. Pa was not available today due to friend's wedding. He's just not having any luck on getting his reel done. Only Ju was there tonight.

Since I was at work, mom told me the story later. Dad complained about one of his pants being too low-ride. So mom cut off a portion from the legs and transplant them onto the crotch. It's a big surgery. The pair of pants was finished today. Then Mr. and Mrs. L came visit. When mom gave Mrs. L a haircut, dad took apart that pair of newly finished pants, which only lived for less that 30 minutes. Mom was furious. She whipped dad with the remnant. Dad as usual, yelled "that hurt!" Sigh... (T_T)

So mom will be busy with dad's pants for a while. I just can't bring myself to ask about the dresses alterations...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Power outage again

No work today so I slept in. (Went to bed super late scanning that library book. Need to continue today.) Managed to dodge the power outage late morning. Did they fix it properly since last Saturday? Hmm... The radio news also said it affected the Skytrain.

Went to mail M's b-day gift, picked up a few storage boxes at the dollar store, bought buns for tomorrow's lunch. Still too early for cheap gas, so I went to Michael's. Of course I always find something to buy. This cancels out the cheap gas. Sigh... can't help it, though...

Around 6 mom phoned me, saying the power was out again! Yikes!! What was Hydro doing?!?!?! Mom couldn't cook so I was to pick up some take-out on my way back. However, half-an-hour later, the power came back, so I just went home.

That's 3 times in 3 days. A bit too often, don't you think, Hydro?

Sunday, August 22, 2010


No energy. It's been like that recently but today is the worst so far. Eye lids are so heavy. Even feel a little light-headed. It is the weather? Not sure. It's supposed to rain today but it didn't. I'm not complaining. However... can't stop wondering if it actually rained, my body might get out of this "something's brewing" state.

Stayed home, took it easy. Did a little bit of cleaning up (but far from finish). Took A's advise and went for a half-hour walk in the neighbourhood after dinner. I did feel better. Thanks! Too bad it only lasted for two hours and I can hardly keep my eyes open.

Finally started scanning some pages from a library book that's due soon. Didn't want to scan when it was so hot. Now's my chance.

Is summer gone already? We only had two rounds of hot weather! Not enough! (Yeah yeah I know, this is better for the forest fire...)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Power outage

The chiropractor visit works magic. I feel a huge difference. After a good night sleep, I'm definitely less grumpy today. Wait... I forgot to take a Pinky picture! Arrrrgh!!

Took care of some post office business and bakery errands. Went to the Brenwood mall Sears to try my luck on the dress size. Nope, nothing. Wasn't expecting much but I did have some hope. At least there were 2 size 4 dresses of different style. Tried one on, didn't work for me. Oh well.

Went to drop off A's coffee beans. Thanks for the corn from the street vendor van. It was very good. More expensive but I guess you do get what you pay for. Grocery shopping at Walmart afterward.

Around 9:30 mom called. There was a power outage in my neighbourhood. A found out on the Hydro web site what area was affected... and it was huge! Power was down for about 2 hours. It's the second time this year. Luckily it wasn't around meal time like last time.

Friday, August 20, 2010


Oh boy did I need chiropractor. The relief was huge. Being on my feet for 2 days in a row last weekend and the weight of my bag were probably the culprit. (Shoes weren't good for walking too.)

Got coffee beans, and then went to the Richmond Sears. Traffic was bad. One accident on the Knight Street bridge and 2 on the Oak Street bridge. Luckily I managed to dodge them all. A hates the traffic radio station, but they are useful in times like this.

That huge section at Richmond Center is still "under renovation" and doesn't look like they'd be open any time soon. I suspect they'll never re-open.

The dresses selection there was even smaller. And as expected, didn't have what I want. They didn't even have any of my 3 dresses. Oh well! Sizes were big too. I heard on the radio the other day that people were saying how Caucasians can't find their sizes in Richmond. What a lie! It's end of season sale and plenty of good deals. I tried on a few items but all waaaay too big. Oh well!

Temperature dropped sharply. Is summer over? This is actually comfortable right now. Weather is still fare, temperature is just right. A huge amount of cleaning up has been piling up since 3 weeks ago because it was too hot. Now I can finally start.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

North Van

Applied shoe labels all day. Back, neck, shoulders, eyes all at their worst. Last day before chiropractor.

Took advantage of the work day and stopped by the Sears at Capilano mall. Yes I know, that lady at Metrotown already told me there's none elsewhere, but it just didn't feel right not trying harder (my bad habit of not giving up). The place was a mess and selection was small... but guess what. There was a size 6 of one of the dresses! Last one too! So I exchanged my size 10 for that. Too bad there's no size 4. I suppose I can't expect much. This is already better than a 10. I suspect I'm closer to size 2, though. However, she told me size 2 doesn't exist. How much can I believe her?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

BBQ... not

Both mom and I overlooked the last line. Since we didn't RSVP, we shouldn't go. Period.

Went to the Burnaby Sears trying to find a smaller size dress to exchange. There weren't any of those style. The cashier lady said, the downtown branch gets stuff that other branches don't. Nevertheless, she helped me search for other branches. The one in Victoria is the only branch that has a size 4, but it definitely not worth it to go there. Haha... (And size 4 may still be big...)

As if to make up for leaving empty-handed, I went a little too far at Michael's. Oops... I don't go to that branch too often and it has clearance stuff that other branches don't.

3 Musketeers Truffle Crisp

(From February.)
A gift from A's Seattle trip. Thanks! I don't think I've ever eaten 3 Musketeers, so I don't know the difference. But this one says it's got an extra layer of crispy truffle. It's a lot lighter than I thought. Not too sweet either. Very good! Most of all, it didn't stick to my teeth! Amazing! How did they do that???

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Brain scan

Dad's CT brain scan today. Surprisingly, I managed to find a shaded parking spot one block from the hospital. Amazing! I guess that was one of my rare lucky moments.

Mom has been overly nervous again. The appointment was at 12:45 and she wanted me to leave the house by 12:15 even though it takes only 15 minutes to get there. Somehow she convinced herself that she wouldn't have time for lunch and only ate a bun. OK she wanted to eat out afterward. The actual scan only took 5 minutes. We arrived early and was finished before 1. Trying to avoid parking in the sun, we went to Oakridge mall.

Geeze... parking was tough! Did not expect it to be this busy. When we entered the mall, mom said, we should find a washroom for dad. I said, what? Didn't he just go at the hospital before the scan? Mom said, turn around and look, he needs to change. And I saw...

OMG... dad... wet his pants! (T_T) When did that happen? He was wearing a diaper too!!!!! How could this happen?!?!?! Luckily, the pee stain was all in front and down the inside from his crotch to feet. Hopefully it didn't get onto the car. (T_T) It's a known fact that when he pees with a diaper on, he does not remove it, but to extract his dick from the side. So I suspect his dick had been left in that position, hanging outside the diaper. Sigh... whats the point of wearing diapers? (T_T)

It's good that mom was prepared and brought along a change of pants and fresh diapers. We made use of the family washroom at the food court. People use it to change babies. We used it to change old man. Sigh... BTW, dad did his signature snot projectile while walking to the food court, and left snot on some store's window. Yuck!!!! Sick!!!! And he stuff his pocket full of toilet paper or paper towel taken from public washrooms! Yet he doesn't use them! He knows we don't like that but he still do it. We are sick of telling him not to. It's no use. How can we bring him along when going out? There's no way! No hope! No nothing! (T_T)

There weren't many choices at the food court. Playing it save, mom got a burger combo at A&W. I wasn't that hungry and had onion rings only. Yummy as always. Then I went to the Bay to exchange a tank top while mom and dad waited at the food court.

Walked around twice but couldn't find the tank top. Got a headache. It could be sensory overload, or my body didn't like the onion rings (but it was so yummy...). The staff I asked took me to where she saw "lots" yesterday, but the rack was empty! Then she asked around. Still no luck. Finally she pointed out the clearance section. And sure enough, they were there. Found a better size, tried it on, and I was thinking, if this is clearance price, I should do a refund and repurchase. However, the tag did not say clearance and it was regular price! Then why was it in the clearance section? The cashier said it must have been a mistake. Yeah, big one. Because the transfer was complete and filed according to size, not just a few loose ones. All these wasted how much time? Dunno. But I suspect my headache was partially from rushing myself.

Mom wanted to go to Saveway. Ice-cream was on sale. So we decided to come back later. She also wanted to see if there's any of those Velcro running shoes for dad. Got the last right size pair. Another lucky moment??? More like dad's, not mine.

By then my headache got worse and cause me to walk slowly. Drinking water didn't help. Still, mom wanted me to go and get the ice-cream alone while she wait with dad in the car. I understand that she's attached to him, and it's true that he should not be left alone, but no way. I was sick and didn't want ice-cream in the first place. But it also didn't feel right to let mom run in alone either. So I dragged my feet and went with her. Got the ice-cream, and went home.

Was going to go out again to buy tomorrow's lunch pastry at Maxim's. If I hit Sears Metrotown, then maybe I could shoot 2 birds with 1 stone. However, as I suspected, boss e-mailed me saying she has to cancel for tomorrow and perhaps Thursday too. So, no need for pastry. My headache got a little better, but still comes and goes. Tried to lie down for a rest, but that made it much worse. So I kept resting, couldn't fall asleep either. Just like last week's vampire attack.

And there goes the day. I guess with no work, I can go to dad's daycare's BBQ lunch tomorrow. But I'll have to drive them home and then come out again if I want to go to Sears. Oh well, We'll see.

Monday, August 16, 2010


(Picture was taken yesterday.)
Actually, not as bad as the past 2 days. I think it's because I didn't spend as much time in the car. It was just an ordinary work day. More jewelry, and then packaging.

Was thinking about hitting the North Van Sears for smaller size dresses, but they close at 6. Maybe tomorrow...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Downtown (2)

Thanks A for hanging out and the dresses! I really appreciate it! I feel much better, and can now confidently say, this is better than AE.

Still very hot at night. Couldn't sleep... (>_<;)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Downtown (1)

Still very angry with C. After much consideration, it's not worth the trouble to go to AE. My $40 goes down the drain. (T_T) That's 5 hours of back-breaking work.

Took advantage of A's shopping needs and went to hang out with him. It was a day of music-related shopping. Thanks for the tank top! (^_^) I was surprised to see those Olympic red mittens still available at the Bay downtown! Youth size only and no discount. Last week I saw Olympic merchandise at Save-on at huge discount. Plus, spend $10 and you'll get a free shopping bag. The Bay is quite snobby.

However, it was really hot, especially in my A/C-less car. So hot at night, couldn't sleep... (>_<;)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Black Friday

Did not realize it's black Friday until I got dressed for work. Luckily, it's been a normal enough day... except for all the recent mini jewelry destroying my eyes, neck, shoulders, and back. But that's expected. What can I do? Sigh...

AE started Friday evening. Can't stop regretting so many things. If I didn't trust that out-of-date web site so much and contacted them earlier, things might have been very different. Sigh... (T_T) But I'm still mad at C for standing me up last minute without even apologizing. I have to do something, go somewhere that's better than AE or I'd be angry for a whole year. (T_T)

Thursday, August 12, 2010


C... you stood me up last minute for this weekend's AE, yet you still have the guts to act like you're always right, not to mention the lack of even feeling the slightest apologetic, but are you seriously telling me that you've been doing me a favour? That expecting to go there with you is my fault? Sure, family is always more important than friends. Wait... I consider you as a friend, but do you? Now I know I should downgrade you to acquaintance.

Great... now I'll have to go to AE alone. Totally not looking forward to it. But I've paid $40 already. 40 bucks may be disposable to C, but not to someone who only makes minimum wage. And you think you're so noble for trying to "help me"? Does that make you sacred and cancels out whatever you do wrong? What a joke! I appreciate your intention, but did you look at the result? Did you look into the mirror? When things don't work out, do you think by just saying "I forgot" can brush everything away? Are you not responsible for your words? All these and not even a single "sorry". I guess this 40 bucks is tuition for learning what kind of person who you really are. I should have kept you cut off since way back after that trip. But somehow I loosened up and let you in again. This is a perfect reminder that I cannot believe you at all.

Dad's urology appointment today. Things went well. He's on 6-month interval observation again. Cousin D is in town and we had dinner with brother's gang. She's getting rid of most of her stuff. We got some bed sheets, a pillow, a blanket, and shirts etc today. I might get her bed.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


(Picture was taken on the 9th and unrelated to subject.)
First, dad upgraded his clothes-destruction. Usually he'd do that when sitting on the toilet or the couch. But today, when mom asked him to hang his washed peed-on pants on the laundry line, he started taking that pair of pants apart. Yup, mom got very mad. I no longer know what to think.


Thought it would be just another work day, but nooooo. I got stranded in West Van for 2 hours. Why? The vampire.

It arrived perfectly on time. At 5, I suspected. At 6, confirmed. So I took a Tylenol just in case. By 6:30, I was out the door and headed to West Van since I didn't get to go to that Michael's last week... plus, to pay my B-card bill.

Things went very well. I even got that clearance punch I thought was sold out and discontinued. Yes my stomach wasn't feeling too well, but manageable. However, the moment I left the cashier, I couldn't even walk! I had to lean onto the door frame on my way out. Slowly, I made it to a nearby bench and sat there. So dizzy! I had to close my eyes! My heart was pounding and I was sweating. It was warm enough so the breeze actually felt good. After resting for a bit, I made it back to my car, but barely.

I knew I was in no condition to drive. I had to wait it out. Cautiously I took another Tylenol. It may or may not work, but I had no choice. Meanwhile, the sweating increased and I was soaked. The tea towel I kept in the glove box was used to wipe my face and neck, and it got all soaked as well. By now, it had turn into cold sweat and the breeze no longer felt good.

My hands went numb and my arms so heavy I couldn't left them. My chest was like compressed under 100 pounds. My heart felt like it was beating out of rhythm. Breathing took much effort as if my lungs were tided to the furthest corners of my body. If I opened my eyes, I'd likely throw up. The pain in my stomach was not as sharp, but my whole person felt really sick. Wanted to throw up or go number 2. Although the closest washroom was no more than 80 feet away in Michael's, I doubt if I could even stand up. (I'm so glad I didn't end up having to.) Time crawls like a snail in such hellish situations.

Although my body was immobilized, my mind was quite active. I was wondering where I got this much water and salt to make such intense sweat. I must have been loosing large amount of salt and I worried I might get in trouble from it. But I was also thinking stupid things like, I just washed my hair last night, and this T-shirt was fresh too. Now everything is soaked. Even the fleece jacket and jeans. Yup I got cold enough to use the jacket as a blanket. My sweat soaked the driver's seat too. That, cannot be easily cleaned. (T_T)

I was also remembering all the recent bad junk food I've eaten at wrong times. And how I was thinking I don't want to live too long.

At times I thought I'd better go to an emergency room, but I didn't want to call 911. It had happened before at school and at work. I got really sick from the vampire and freaked everybody out. Every time I was fine at the end. So let's hope it's the same this time.

I was searching in my head for people I can call for help in case I get worse. But who? I can't call brother. He's too far. Mon and dad are out of the question. Moreover, with mom being such a panicky type, calling her will only send her into orbit. A... how funny I seem to put him high up on the list, but of course, I have trouble believing he'd actually come for me. Uncle Y... not good either. Sa? She lives in West Van, but once I started imagining the scene I might cause, there's no other way but to drive home myself.

I was trying very hard not to imagine what if I passed out and someone reached inside the slightly opened window to unlock the doors, and I'd be dumped on the street to die while they took the car and my handbag.

Actually, from the moment I stepped out from Michael's, I kept praying to God. Wow, I'm such an evil bitch. With what he's been putting us through, I've been angry with him. Yet I still go to him for help when I'm in trouble. Was I scared? You bet. I realized how lucky I had been. Until now, I always had someone around for every bad vampire attack, or at least I'd be at home. This was the first time ever I was alone and away from home. No one could help me.

I kept praying, please let me get home safely. I don't want to put mom through another accident. That one time 14 years ago used up all my quota.

Usually when I get this sick at home, I'd take a nap after pain killer, then I'd feel better when I wake up. So I tried to sleep. Unfortunately it was impossible. With all the noise and me unable to relax, I could only sit there and bear it.

Eventually the sun started setting, and the temperature dropped. It was no longer warm. Being all soaked in cold sweat, I got cold. The Tylenol seemed to show some effect. Although still quite sick, I was afraid this cold might make me worse, so I decided to drive. It felt very strange. I got so cold, I had to turn the heat on, in August! It helped. I'd like to believe the prayer worked too. With extreme caution, I managed to arrive home safely. Thank you, God. Thank you.

First thing, shower. That was when I realized how wet my clothes actually got. I was starting to shiver. My stomach felt like it's got 10 pounds of rocks inside, so I couldn't eat anyway. After the shower, I felt much better. Then usually if I don't throw up, it's number 2. As if the body must expel something and it doesn't care what. After that, I was finally feeling better and could eat a tiny bit.

The last really bad vampire attack was about 3 years ago, when I first started working for my current boss. I took the pain killer late and couldn't beat the vampire. She saw the whole 9 yard and pretty freaked out. I'm glad she didn't have to see me in that state again today. Especially when she's in crunch time right now.

Prime suspect, ice-cream. A, you always say you don't understand how ice-cream can do me harm. This is my price to pay if I don't watch out. Yes, it's summer, and I've been careless. I guess I can't afford to be careless.

Strangely, on top of being a little bit upset about this ordeal, I'm feeling thankful. Every-now-and-then such fear is necessary to remind me to appreciate life more. And be more humble. I should think twice before saying things like, I don't want to live long. (Yeah... the moment I have to face my dad again, this went out the window. Sigh...)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


It's been half-a-month overdue. My hairstylist kind of screwed up. When he asked an assistant to use the curling iron on me, she either misunderstood or got carried away, and gave me way too much curls. She even used hair spray. (I don't use any styling products, hence no styling.) It wasn't bad, just not what he planned. So he had to fix it. I don't really mind the curls. However, I'd never be able to duplicate the result at home, so I prefer plain. He was going to teach me some styling tricks too, but thanks to the "accident", it didn't happen. Oh well. I've already washed everything out anyway. Don't want to get hair spray on the pillow.

Thought I looked quite different, but no one noticed. Not A, not S, not even mom. Only after I washed, she asked if I've already had the cut. Sigh... I know, I know. It didn't look good, period. (T_T) A said I should dress up more, but what's the point? This is the perfect proof. (T_T)

Yup, forgot the vampire is scheduled to arrive anytime starting tomorrow. That's why I'm in such a crappy mood.

Why do I feel so betrayed?
Was it because the food was so crappy?
Was it because $10 was disgustingly not worth it?
Was it because A said I don't have to worry about paying for dinner when eating with him, yet he made me pay tonight?
Was it because this dinner canceled out (and went over) whatever I managed to save by borrowing A's buss pass?
Was it because A said "making me spend money will make me feel better"? (NOOOO, saving money makes me feel better.)

I see... I think this is where the anger comes from.

Sigh... is there no middle ground? Maybe it's time to give up completely? (T_T)

I've already spent too much in the past 7 days. Chiropractor $45. Gas $30. An online Pinky order maybe $40. Amazon books maybe $35. Bead stuff around $30. Haircut $37. And now crappy dinner $10. (There are possibly more.) My back was so screwed up, I had to skip one day of work. This unbalanced work/spending ratio puts me in a panic mode. OK the Pinky is not essential, but it waters my heart.

... and I forgot to take Pinky pictures during dinner again. When my blood sugar gets low, I'd eat and forget the Pinky picture. (T_T) A n d I p i c k e d o u t a P i n k y l a s t n i g h t e s p e c i a l l y f o r t o d a y . . . . . .

It could also be the pitiful result from Miki's doll show. Out of 36 necklaces I sent her, only 2 got sold. I don't think that gets any close to paying for the table. (T_T)

Plus, the online Pinky order did not go smoothly. Something screwed up and I'm charged EMS instead of SAL. Hope they can fix it. Otherwise, I'd be grumpy f o r a l o n g t i m e . . . ( T _ T )

Monday, August 09, 2010


Thank God for chiropractor. (T_T) Ran into B at Elysian when I bought A's beans. Then I thought I'd stop by DeSerres to clear up that reserved bottle of ink. I got one at the Broadway branch and went to cancel in person on the same day, but it didn't seem to get through. I still received an e-mail. Don't want to hold it up for any longer.
Right at Cambie and Broadway, a cop on bike stopped traffic. He made all south-bound cars turn right. Was there an accident or something? About 5 red lights later, a convoy of black cars passed by, south-bound of course. I see... that must be the visiting Harper. Funny they got stopped by a red light at 10th, only one block away. Haha! The traffic-conducting cop joined the convoy's tail end so he couldn't make it smooth. How ironic.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Worst brainlessness this year

Forgot to brush my teeth before leaving the house today. Can't believe I can screw up this big. This this way worse then starting the car without removing the steering wheel lock. (T_T)

I usually brush my teeth after breakfast. This morning I didn't eat breakfast, so naturally, I did not brush. Sigh...

Luckily I always keep a tooth brush in the car, so I was able to brush at A's. The tooth brush is a leftover habit from my braces days.

Met J and M today. Last time we met was... geeze, how many years ago? I forgot! He was using a cane back then. I'm glad he seems fully recovered now. I've known him for a good 12 or 13 years. Time flies. Thanks A for hanging out and the day!

Costco finally has Thin Addictives! Yay~! Can't believe such a good product can be sold out so often.

Canker sore is probably at it's peak...

Trophy Supreme Selection Party Pack

(Stocked up review from February.)
Christmas gift from sis-in-law. Thanks! However, by the time we opened it on Chinese new year, the peanuts were stale! The chocolate was OK, though. But overall it's too sweet. Especially the batter on the peanuts. This kind of packaging is usually low quality stuff.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Lindt Amour

(Stocked up from February.)
Thanks A! It's high class chocolate! Very smooth and fragrant with just the right amount of sweetness. Sorry I was going to take a picture of the actual chocolates, but couldn't hold back on eating. (^_^;)


Picture was taken probably on July 16th and unrelated to subject. The date was unsure because it was my old camera which lost the date stamp. That day, dad put egg shells into his dentures cup. Sigh...

Dad crapped himself today while helping mom out in the backyard. Luckily, or miraculously, mom managed to persuade him to wear diapers. Since when, I don't know. Should be within the last few days. Or could be Thursday when eating out with brother's gang. So, the damage wasn't too bad. But he didn't even know when he crapped.

All I can say is, he's been a lot less responsive or cooperative today and yesterday. For example, mom would call him to dinner, but he took forever to come up from downstairs. My speculations are, he knows something's wrong, but he deals with it by hiding. So he didn't want this "wrong" to be discovered by avoiding us.

It was only when mom was about to aid him bath, that the diaper was discovered full. Dad didn't even know it was full.



The canker sore hurts like hell. (T_T) Back is not well. I can't think.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Public Library

As expected, my neck is screwed up from yesterday's work. I made the right decision to skip work today. My boss must be unpleased. But it was her who doesn't want me to work if I can't give her 100%. As a result I make $60 less. If you can't do it, you can't. Nothing can be done. The funny thing is, I don't thin I can have 100% to start with.

The library book I requested has arrived at my local branch, so it's a perfect opportunity to pick it up. Didn't need to go to the library ever since I graduated from school. Now, instead of buying a certain how-to book, I tried the library. And guess what, my card expired! Didn't know there's a 2-year inactive time limit. So I was given a new card. As to the book... it's not for beginners. Looks like I can't avoid buying that one with an instruction DVD. (T_T)

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Canker Sore

It's killing me... (T_T) The scratch on my tongue from the retainer had turn into a big painful canker sore. (T_T) It hurts!!!!!!

Just recovered from Tuesday's neck ache, but after today's intense mini broaches, my neck, shoulders and back are all screwed up again. So screwed up, I had to tell my boss I may not be as productive tomorrow. In fact, this afternoon from 2:30 to 6:00, my productivity steadily declined. Didn't even get to put the micro glass beads on. Of course my boss doesn't want me if I'm not at 100%, so the next work day is next Wednesday. Oh well. Less income for me. (T_T) She told me I'm the only one working for her, but that's a lie. I may be the only one sitting side by side with her at her place, but she dishes out homework to some of her "friends". They've stopped by to drop off or pick up such "homework".

Went to the school afterward. It's been... 2 weeks? P's grandpa passed away on the day of the BBQ. All those interruptions prevent him from progressing on his work. Now that the funeral-related matters are over, he should be able to concentrate better. I can only wish him luck.


More like a nightmare. Many parts have gone missing, though.

Seemed like I just came back from a trip to visit Miki. Received a small parcel, which I mailed to myself before the trip ended (in order to lighten luggage). There were 3 pears and some other stuff inside which were still in their original store wrappings. I ate one pear, then looked at the other stuff. There were a few people around, seemed to be brother's gang and sis-in-law's sister's gang, or friends. Someone pointed out the remaining pears are weird. I looked at them, and they were dark green, covered with short strands. They looked like worms or larva that were a lot thinner and longer than maggots. It was only then that I realized how strange it was to eat a pear that came through the mail after being in transit for anything between a week and a month. Too late. I've already eaten that first one. (But it looked normal enough when I ate it!)

Then the larva got really huge and flat like a tape worm, only super plump. They were larger then a finger. I picked one up with tweezers to show mom. As soon as it landed on the table, it sticks up it's tail in the air, with head still sitting on the table, like doing a handstand. And opened it's jaws wide (full of horrible fangs) and hissed at mom. I was saying, oh no, we must kill all of them, as this is like introducing a foreign specie into the environment. Mom said no worries, she can take care of it.

There were way more than this, but were lost before I got to write it down... (>_<;)

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

No dinner

(Picture is unrelated to subject.)
Sis-in-law's sister family leaves tomorrow, yet someone else beat us to their last dinner. No group dinner tonight. Oh well!

Did a bunch of online research for K. Didn't expect it to take this long. Oh well!

It was so hot, I didn't go out to buy tomorrow's lunch. Oh well!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Back to work

(Picture was taken on June 12th and unrelated to subject.)
Boss is finally back after being away for a whole month. And she jumps right back into a rush order. So, it's gonna be hell for my back for the next 3 weeks or so. Well, I think the nature of this job suits me, but not my back.

Dad seems to have dropped down another notch. He's even more confused and less responsive. Yet fully capable of destructive behavior. Sigh... (T_T)

Monday, August 02, 2010


5:30 in the morning, dad got up and "arranged" the flatware again. (T_T) Sigh..........

Grocery shopping in Burnaby. Thanks for cooking, A! (^_^) The marzipan was good. Thanks for the unusual flavour Lindt chocolate from LD. There was a coupon-like pad so I took one. It's a mini "enter to win" flyer. However, the contest has already ended on July 31st! LD should have taken them down! Awwww and I was about to enter... (T_T)

Boss is back. So, after a whole month of no work, I can start working again tomorrow.


Of course I didn't write it down soon enough, and most of it is lost.

I was eating a bowl of ramen while wearing my retainer. Normally you can't eat with that thing in your mouth. There were twigs in the ramen but I kept eating. One got jammed inside my mouth and I could get it out.

I figured it could be my retainer. I was wearing it to sleep. One of the wires could have scratched my tongue or something. The left side of the roof all the way to close to my throat is sore.

Sunday, August 01, 2010


(Picture was taken on July 27th and unrelated to subject.)
Cleaning up the documents that had been piling up since a few months ago, took the whole afternoon. Especially cutting up old receipts by hand is most time-consuming. I can almost hear A laughing at me.

Mom seems to be taking her frustration against dad out on the camellia bush by over trimming it. (T_T)