Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Big pimple on the butt!!!!! It's off the side of the tail bone tip so every time I sit down, it gets compressed and hurts!!!! Geeze... I don't have hemorrhoids (thank God) but this makes me feel like I do... (T_T)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Vintage Soda: root beer

From 2011 September. Thanks A for this one. I used it in an ice-cream float before tasting it alone, so it probably was affected. The carbonation felt really strong which reminds me of Coke, and there was a slight bitterness, more bitter than, say, A&W. But it worked perfect with the ice-cream.


The technician said she didn't see anything bad, so I'm fine. Good.

Eat-out day with brother's gang. Sis-in-law didn't join us because she had a class. I said we could try pizza, which was a first time. Brother suggested KFC could be a better deal. And that was what we ended up eating. It was also a first time. Turns out the cost was about the same.

Really cold today... but it's the end of February.

Monday, February 27, 2012


Borrowing A's bus pass was out because he had a meeting from 9 to noon. (Isn't that way too long?) I was again late for 15 minutes. If only I didn't miss a train, and 3 traffic lights...

My ticket missed the expiry for a few minutes, so I stopped by the Japanese book store. Yup, way too expensive used books. Nothing good. Then I hopped onto the train and gave myself an hour at Dressew. Got a few pieces of cheap wooden toy furniture. Got home and continued hunting for the bead caps. One seller got something interesting but the listings seem to have expired and disappeared. Oh well...

Sunday, February 26, 2012

B-day party

S's b-day party. Failed to go to bed early again. (T_T) Once past a certain time, I can't fall asleep and ended up sleeping less then 2 hours. (T_T) Seems like it's a rule that I screw up my sleep on the weekends. Technically speaking, I had enough time, but the knock was illusive. I had to catch it. (Cannot afford to miss it... but I forgot one important thing. It's a sign that the vampire is close.)

Picked up A, picked up the pastry, and arrived at the party 15 minutes late. Phew... I thought we'd be much later. Guests were still arriving. There were tons of food! R&B over-done it. The vampire was approaching so I wasn't feeling well. We left at 5:15 and went to the West Van Michael's to hunt for the wooden toy furniture. Only yielded 3 pieces, with 2 damaged. Got a small discount but I'll have to fix them. Then, the vampire officially showed up. (T_T) Took a pill immediately so I wouldn't faint. I managed to hang out at A's until 10, for cheaper gas. And yes it was cheaper in deed.

Yesterday's blood test left a big bruise...

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Super windy... Super busy day... Started with a bunch of health test at the lab. Long lineup with 6 parties in front. Couldn't get up early enough and had to endure an empty stomach for longer than necessary. I didn't read the instructions clearly and thought no food and liquid for 10 hours. In fact, water is fine. All I drank was one mug of water after getting up. The nurse had problem drawing blood from my left arm and left a big bruise. He said it could be from not drinking enough water, but how come my right arm yielded normal blood flood? Also, the urine test didn't ask for the first pee in the morning. Well... I didn't have much to drink anyway. After the cardiogram, I got to go home at 2:10. (Got there at 12:30.)

Mom was going to visit dad but gave up thanks to strong wind. So I drove her. She wants to aim at meal time, so the next one was afternoon snack. Parking was way better than lunch time. Dad was sleeping when we arrived at 3:15. He missed the snack. (The staff didn't wake him up.) Mom got him up and of course, a puddle of pee on his bed and he was wet all the way up to his shoulder blades. Immediately mom got him to sit on the toilet because he hadn't pooped yet. He needed to be changed, but there was absolutely no clothes in his room! I asked a staff, and she showed me to the public shower room. Dad's clothes were stored in 3 garbage bags away from his room. Probably because he keeps playing with them, possibly wetting them, and mixing them with dirty clothes. (He likes to "destroy" the evidence = the fact that he peed himself.) Nevertheless, he remembered me today.

Then I needed to puck up S's b-day gift card at Whole Food. When I was done, it was almost 4:30. Mom suggested me to check out the foam store, and so we went. It was busy. Customers kept coming in. There was only one sales guy. I also had tons of questions. So, between questions, we'd try stuff on, and other people cut in. All things considered, I went ahead and placed the order. (He was very eager to have me leave a deposit... Hmmm...) The exact size will have to be phoned in on Monday. The place closes at 5:50. We were done at 5:45. The sale guy lost his smile once pass 5:30.

Mom suggested we eat out near by, so we went to the cafe restaurant next block. (We found an awesome parking spot right in front of it, which was rare.) Just made it to the afternoon tea menu, and managed to beat the dinner crowd. Mom complained about the lack of hot water in the washroom faucet. (She actually talked to the manager! Wow!!!!!! The sun's gonna rise from the west tomorrow!!!!) Then all through the meal, she whined about not being able to rinse the soap thoroughly and her hands smelling like soap. Got home at 6:50. Immediately she turn on the TV to catch her favorite Korean drama. I bugged her about washing her hands. She said she'd do it during commercial. Hmmm...

Continued looking for the 6mm silver stamping bead caps. Can't believe they're so hard to find! Then of course wasted a lot of time searching for the best store. Still, they're not cheap...

Friday, February 24, 2012

Lindt Petits Desserts Hazelnut

From August 2011. Thanks aunt L for this one. But it expired on 2010 April 30, a whole year and 4 months ago! Yikes... (T_T) Since mom insisted that it would be fine, I opened and tried it. Surprisingly, it WAS fine despite a bit too soft. It even tasted quite good! Very smooth and fragrant. The sweetness was just right too. (I usually go for dark, and seldom milk.) Inside the milk chocolate shell is filled with hazelnut moose with tiny bits of crunchy hazelnut, which makes the texture interesting.


Ugly weather, yet I didn't want to postpone the doctor's visit. Plus, the bead store is on the way. Unfortunately, they don't have the bead cap I want. Ended up buying a bunch of other findings. The bad thing is, 3 bags for $5, so I tend to make it a multiple of 3, which gave me an extra bag that I didn't really want. Oh well.

The doctor ordered a bunch of tests. Will need to fast tonight. No food and drink after midnight.

Looked for the bead cap online. Can't believe that apparently common and low-cost type is getting hard to find!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Folding stool

Brother came to have a haircut and then took mom to see dad. I kinda assumed they'd include me but I was wrong. (T_T) (How can I not feel abandoned by the world?) Mom made some food to bring to dad, made a sandwich for brother, and told me to eat last night's leftover beef noodles. Not a big problem until they were trying to leave. Then of course I complained. They waited for me. But it could have been better organized.

Got lucky parking at the nursing home. There are only 8 spots. All full. Someone walked out so we waited, and took their spot. Dad just finished eating lunch. Mom gave him the food, plus an apple. She gave dad a haircut while I followed brother to pick up some DIY supply. By chance, I ran into a 3-step leader on sale for $18 from $45. It's perfect for A! He needs something better than that old and wobbly dinning chair for changing light bulbs or reaching the top shelves. Today was the last day too. I was struggling so much. However, A probably won't like the size of that thing. He's gonna store it in the locker. Then he's not gonna fetch it all the way from P2 when he needs it. So, it becomes useless. I gave up. There has to be a better one somewhere else.

Then, again, by chance, I saw a fold-up stool with generous cushioning and a small back. Feels light and sturdy too. Perfect for mom when she visits dad. She complained there's no where to sit on, as dad usually pees on his bed. I told her that she can borrow a chair from the dinning room, but she said those are too heavy. Really? I think it's only an excuse just to shoot me down. She never listens to me. My opinion is always wrong to her. I mean nothing to her. Anyway, I told her about the purchase. And she gave me a face looking like I'm forcing her eat crap or something, and scolded me for increasing junk in the house. Sigh... no wonder why I'm so bad at buying gifts. I said, she doesn't have to carry that thing when she takes transit. I'll drop her off before my appointment. All she need is to bring it from the car to dad's room on the 3rd floor. It wasn't until after we got home, and I demonstrated how to operate the chair, (there's a lock to prevent accidental unfolding), then she seemed less reluctant. She even tried to pay me back at night. Of course that was meant for her new-year gift. I just can't forget that face she gave me...

Finally went to Seahorse and tried out the mattresses. The one mom recommended and one level up were too hard. Only the "diam0nd" series feels right. You can tell from its name. Very expensive. Mom told me it's just above $200 when she phoned. The saleslady told me it's in the low $300's. The "diamond" one is almost mid $500. OK... back to the carppy foam.

Brother mentioned his neighbour is building a garage house, and suggested that we could do the same. This house is old and all sorts of problem are showing up. The storm drain alone will cost about $30000 to repair. Might be a much better deal to rebuild the whole house. In that case, both me and mom will have to use most of our savings. I'll have no savings left, and no income. And I really don't know what's gonna happen afterwards...

After the mattress store, I went to the Thai (?) dollar store for some pencil lead and double-sided tape. Saw some descent-looking nail stickers. Couldn't resist. Also a $0.99 metal reacher. Mom's friend M asked me to pick one up for her a while ago. She's lucky. I bought mine for $8! (Haven't checked the quality yet.)

Then I went to see L. Not sure what's going on, but the store was closed with a "back in 10 minutes" sign. So I walked to Y's new location in the neighbouring mall. It's been a few years! I thought Y's shop was closed down forever until a month ago. I happened to pass by and saw his new store in a different mall. Today I finally get a chance to visit him. We chatted a bit, then I went back to L's store. It was still closed. Oh well. So I left.

Next stop, Superstore for mom's fake Ensure. She heard from a church friend about this cheaper version, probably a store brand. So I got some for her to try.

It wasn't completely on my way, but I didn't want to leave soy milk in the trunk unrefrigerated. So I went to Michael's first. Picked up some clearance wooden stuff. Just when I was about to give up on the cheap furniture, a staff passed by and greeted me, asking if I found everything I need. I asked her about the furniture, and amazingly she took me to them! There were very few left and hiding on the bottom shelf. (They were on very high shelves before. Perhaps that's why I missed them. Looking in the wrong places!!!!) Sadly, they were kind of beaten up. I found 2 broken ones and got 30% off them. They're good for parts. I bought a total of 4, and will end up with 3 good ones if I successfully repair them.

Last stop, soy milk. Then I was headed home. Midway, I felt something was wrong. Michael's total should not exceed $15, yet I was charged about $24. So I had to find somewhere to stop and check the bill, which was in the trunk. (I have to keep the trunk locked thanks to a defective window.) While I went into a parking lot, I hit one of those concrete dividers!!!! OMG it made a really nasty noise!!! (T_T) OTL!!! I got very upset and was ready to give up and just go home. Then I weighted things some more, and decided to turn around a second time. If I didn't, it would have bugged me until I go back. So, it was those clearance wooded thingys! The real ones were $0.49 each. But people leave things in the wrong place and I ended up picking up the wrong stuff!!!! Aaaaarrrrgggghhh!!!!! Luckily, the return went smooth. Except for the Airmiles. I forgot to present my card, and it's not possible to add points after the transaction was completed.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Chiropractor day, thank God. Was hoping to stop by that bead store but didn't have enough time. Why am I always late? Why am I so screwed up?

Went to see dad after the appointment. He was napping in bed... and of course wet himself and the bed. Mom asked me to bring a banana so I told him to get up and eat. It took him 10 minutes. (Later mom said when he wet the bed, he doesn't like to get up so you don't see what happened.)

I had 3 choices after visiting dad. (1) Michael's for cheap wood palm-size furniture. (2) Choice market to see if the ice-cream is on sale. (3) Bay to get a lotion sample. I ended up spending an hour at Michael's. Couldn't find any of those cheap toy furniture. Oh well. Didn't buy anything. That's really rare.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Garage house

(Picture taken... not today.)
Looks like my neighbour is building a garage house. The size seems to be comparable to a one-bed-room apartment.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Lindt Excellence Intense Orange

From August 2011. Orange and chocolate is a common combination. This dark chocolate version is an expected flavour with no unpleasant after taste. There are little bits of almond which is different from most orange chocolate. The bitterness is well matched.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Espresso machine

Help took pictures of A's espresso machine. He's trying to sell it.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Coffee and mattress

Woke up at 10 and took an hour to get out of bed. My body was feeling the worst since last chiropractor treatment. It has to be the rain. (T_T) Needed to mail T's parcel before picking up pizza for lunch at A's. By the time we left, it was 3:30. Just made it to the coffee place. Then Sears, then lighting store, then Ikea. Found a mattress that might work. But then I can also swap bed with dad, since he's no longer using his. Except for I'm not comfortable with the mattress he used to pee on. Mom said it's clean because of the plastic cover, but I don't think I can trust that completely. She then suggested that I take her bed, and she takes dad's. Which might work. There's till details to be worked out. My bed is smaller and mom's bed may not fit. Yup, the non-standard size has been the problem in the first place.


Only remember half of it. First half I was watching some kind of documentary, but instead of sitting in front of a TV, I was in it. There were a few hosts. The last part I remember is they each demonstrate entrance technique. One guy (kind of looked like William Shatner) said making use of the mirrored wall gives more impact. The background (street scene) turn into black-and-white wire frame while only the host stays in colour.

It kind of connect to the next part. I was still on the street that resembled Central. Lots of trams, lots of tracks, lots of pedestrians. A tram made a sharp turn and threw a woman off onto the road. She landed on the track and rolled and pasted out. Immediately another tram going straight ran her over, on her right arm to be precise. She then woke up and screamed for help. Other pedestrians ran to her aid. I followed. (I know I wouldn't be of much help, but still followed the crowd.) Then a few feet away, there were at least 2 more dead bodies of young men, with at least one of their head broken open. I didn't see them directly. It was only an image in my head when other pedestrians screamed. Then I woke up...

Seems like I've been having more bad dreams since taking sleeping pills...

Friday, February 17, 2012

Stacy's Pita Chips

From August 2011. Thanks A for introducing me to this. He seemed so excited, it could be his new favorite. I do agree it's very light and nice. Not too salty either. But I do crave salt when I go for chips. They could be thinner too. The somewhat fluffy texture helps but not enough. Some of them are way too thick and hard to chew. The combination scratches the inside of your mouth (in my case, usually turns into canker sore). There's also something missing... Can't quite pint point it, but I think it's the lack of butter. This could be just another craving.


Went back to the beads...

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Sanded a bunch of long over-due stuff...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


... luckily the content is fine. This is the first time I've received banged-up box.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I must have stopped the alarm clock and went back to sleep, although I don't remember any of it. Had that weird dream. That's the 2nd out of 3 times taking the sleeping pills. They'd better not be related. Ended up getting up at 4. (T_T) Again, laid down for too long and my back screws up. My system might be making up yesterday's lost sleep.

Eat-out day with brother's gang. We chose a more dingy HK style cafe thinking it wouldn't be busy. Wrong! We didn't have any problem since we went early. But that place was full soon, with people lining up several times.

Potato Straws

From August 2011. Thanks A for the trio. Since the regular huge size bag Veggie Straws are so good, expectations are high for this one. Smells like potato alright. However, the cheddar flavour is slightly sour and doesn't match the potato. Don't think I'll buy the huge Costco size just by itself.


In this dream, I took someone (a friend?) to the hospital, and at some kind of departmental front desk, there were a few US GIs. One of them was a handsome blonde guy in his early 20's. He was fatally injured, yet still managed to walk around unaided. His left leg was detached. Blood vessels were swollen and blisters bursting. At his point, he looked like he came out from the middle of an autopsy, or those anatomy models with internal structures showing. His leg was actually detached all the way from his chest. On closer look, there were lots of clips and clamps closing loose vessels on his body. I thought, my, my, this guy's gonna die for sure. But he seemed very hopeful and cheerful. All of a sudden, my POV was from him. I was looking through his eyes. And I became him, and walked around a bit.

There was a second part but it's gone by the time I sat down and write this. Hmm... isn't it Valentine's day today? What's with this grotesque dream??? (T_T)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Lost appointment

(Photo taken on the 11th and unrelated to subject.)
Didn't take sleeping pills. I didn't want to be groggy for the morning appointment. However... I ended up going to bed at 5:30. Couldn't sleep. Watched the sun rise. But I've got an appointment at GFS at 11 and had to get up at 9:30. The more I thought I must sleep, the more difficult to fall asleep. (T_T) I even got angry at myself. Didn't help of course. Then at 9, the center called. Turn out the doctor "is not in this week". I asked if he's sick, but the lady didn't know. I was actually very relieved. I wouldn't know what to tell him on why I failed again. So, a quick word with mom on no appointment today. She was also glad because she's decided not to go visit dad. So, I went right back to bed. My eyes felt dry and swollen. My back felt screwed up. Even got a slight headache. Still, the last time I checked the clock was 11:30. Then I do remember seeing the clock showing 2, then at 4 I finally got up. My back was super screwed up from lying down for 10 hours. But within this 10 hours, I actually got less than 5 hours sleep.

Immediately I felt the sore throat. Light-headed too. Not good... However, I wasn't too sick to go out. Just didn't want to risk passing any bugs onto A just in case. Mom's been having her sore throat for a few days. I could have gotten something from her. (And yet she still try to go see dad! Regardless of signs saying don't visit if you have any flu syndrome.) At the end, the dinner became a rain cheque... aiming at Wednesday.

Tomorrow will be eat-out day with brother's gang. Let's see how it goes.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Feeling very cold. Or... were those chills? Ended up getting up at 2, and needed to wrap a fleece blanket around my body for the rest of the day. Stomach still feel heavy since yesterday. I feel full from half the usual amount of food, and seldom feel thirsty. (Meaning, I've not been eating or drinking enough.) The rock in my stomach is still there.

Energy was so low, I needed a nap. I took it lying down side-way on the bed, thinking I could prevent oversleeping. Still ended up passing out for a good 2 hours! (T_T)

Continued on the bead stuff. Unfortunately my left sleeve caught the tray and sent everything onto the floor, upside-down. (T_T) Sigh... had to start over again.


The big one came. I was on the street. There were other people around me. I might know them, I might not. (According to some studies, only people you've met would appear in your dream.) The ground started shaking. Then the buildings. We were right next to a building about 3-story high. The adjacent one starting to crack and huge chunks fell off. I was watching ours, seeing the same thing happening to it. And I thought, should I run closer to it, or run away from it? Immediately I realized nothing would help, and I stayed where I was. Then the wall broke up and huge chunks fell around us. We ducked around the fallen pieces. Then all of a sudden someone threw me a small device about 3/4 the size of a business card and one finger thick. Kind of looked like one of those step counters. The guy next to me showed me it's a phone. There was a dial on the back. (Very strange!!!) Seemed like he knew how to use it, so I let him call for help. But again, someone threw me another one. But... but I didn't know how to use it! then somehow somewhere I found my own cell phone. (Didn't seem like I had my purse until this point.)

Next scene. Still under the earthquake theme. I was walking on the street (kind of rushing) with mom and brother's gang, to pick dad up. Then we approached some kind of building that I understood was a hospital. In front of a structure looking like a stairwell with 2-sided glass walls (front and back), dad was peeking at us, turn around and disappeared. He was on one level above us, so we couldn't see what's going on on the other side. Mom opened the glass door and went into the staircase trying to fetch him. The rest of us waited outside for her. And that's all I remember.

Wow... tons of metaphors. And they all reflect my current worries.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Veggie Chips

From August 2011. Thanks A for the trio. The original shape that got me started years ago. Potato, tomato, and spinach. (Somehow I remember the orange one as carrot. Hmm...) This one also has a slightly bitter after taste on all 3 flavours but none of them are burnt. Even more bitter than the Veggie Straws. Strange.


Thought I could make it to the chiropractor in the morning, and set the appointment early on purpose, but of course I screwed it up. (T_T) Luckily things still went relatively smooth. After stopping by dad's, I was able to meet A before 1, visited Innocent, and had lunch at Wicked. Then some grocery shopping at G Island. On our way back, we even stopped by Matchstick. That's 3 different cafes in one day...yikes! Finally got to see that new Dollarama. Ironically, I didn't buy anything but A found some mailing supplies. After dropping the grocery off at his place, we came back out to look at my mattress. It's gonna cost me around $650 after tax... yikes!!!! Need to think for a bit more. (Want to look at other places too.) Dinner at Earl's, hung out at A's, and that was it. Actually went to many places today.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Sleeping pills (3)

Took me an hour to get out of bed. Feeling groggy all day. Stomach feels heavy with zero appetite. Haven't been feeling thirsty either. Very strange. Not sure if it's the sleeping pills' side effect, or that lamb stew at S's b-day. (But the not thirsty part doesn't make sense!)

Late dinner with K & L at 8:30. They haven't been to Zakkushi so I was worried a little. Luckily they liked it. That place does have good food.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Sleeping pills (2)

One item is missing... waiting for back order. I didn't tell them to ship, but they did. Sigh...

Finally got some sleeping pills from sis-in-law. Hope it works.

(This is added the next day...)
It's quite strange... Normally when you're sleepy, your eye-lids feel heavy and your mind gets blurry. The sleeping pill just made me dizzy with none of the above. Nevertheless lying down eventually makes me fall asleep.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Sleeping pills (1)

(Picture was taken last April and unrelated to subject.)
Achy. Didn't go to pick up sleeping pills from sis-in-law. Not good. This cuts my schedule even shorter. Didn't know they also took mom out for dinner yesterday. Otherwise I'd have ask her to hand it to mom. OTL

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Veggie Straws 28g

From August 2011. Thanks A for the trio. Good portion size. I always over eat with the huge Costco size. (But... I can eat more than one small bag...) As the bag size shrinks, the straw size also shrinks. It doesn't taste as good as the huge bags and has a slight bitter after taste. They are not burnt, thought. I wonder why...


Happy b-day, S!

Was trying to meet A earlier but failed. (T_T) Body all frozen. Yup, weather aches again, on a perfect sunny day. Sucks. (T_T) By the time we met up, it was 4 and we didn't get to go anywhere else. Somehow A really didn't want S to meet us at the closest station. So I ended up having to drive a bit further to the previous station to pick him up. Sigh... why is he like that?

Thanks S for the dinner. The food was way richer then I expected. After dinner, I thought we'd watch something at A's. S must be really tired and fell asleep, so we didn't do anything.

Monday, February 06, 2012


Couldn't sleep last night. Watched the sun rise.Last time I looked at the clock, it was 7:30. Which means I only slept for 1.5 hours. Sigh... Nonetheless, I'm so glad the doctor didn't kill me for failing again. (But I did make progress.) However, being sent to a different center seems inevitable.

Picked mom up at dad's after the appointment. Every time I visit, I find him leaving a big puddle of pee in his bed. The spitting has not improved either. Mom's been saying, dad has trouble even standing up, how can he be pushing someone else down? She suspects the staff framed him so they can send him away. Is it possible? Is there a way to fine out? Even if it's true, what can we do?

Saw a mouse behind the door. It was the size of my thumb and kind of cute. I couldn't believe my eyes and froze for a moment, then got my camera ready. However, the mouse was no where to be found when I tried to shoot behind the door. Was it so fast? Does it have some sort of secret escape route up the inside of the door or something?

Stopped by G Island to get A's beans again. This time it was open. (Of course.) The lady gave it to me for free as it was roasted a week ago and quality cannot be guaranteed. Wow! That's so generous! Does this also mean coffee beans are also so cheap?

Unfortunately my body was shutting down and I had to lie down. Ended up sleeping between 4:30 and 7:30. So much for tonight's plan of sleep correction... (T_T)

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Shopping trip

Was hoping to photograph some stuff for A, but thanks to my failure to get up early, it didn't happen. (T_T) Hopeless... (T_T)

Brother told mom that he'd be picking me up at 12:30. Mom's been nervous and nagged for half-an-hour until he showed up at 1. Border lineup took 30 minutes. On a Sunday afternoon, definitely much longer than I thought. I was hoping to find shoes and winter clearance clothings, but didn't find any. No food either, amazing. Managed to pick up b-day gifts for A and S, some household and craft supplies. And that was all. Still cost almost a hundred bucks, yikes!

Can't believe I brought along a Pinky and forgot to take Pinky pictures! What's going on?!?! (T_T)

Came home, ate something, showered, baby-sit some DL, unload, and ended up going to bed super late again. And, couldn't sleep. Whenever you think you must sleep, you can't. Sucks... (T_T)

Saturday, February 04, 2012


Thanks S for the fancy chocolate! Happy b-day!!
Second last day of the dine-out festival. Thanks A and S for dinner at Zakushi. The food was excellent! I wish I could bring mom and aunt L before the festival ends, but it's too late. Tomorrow's a write-off, and this place doesn't open for lunch. Somehow mom doesn't like the idea. She said aunt L has weak teeth and need to eat soft food. I don't think skewers are too hard, though. Well, we'll see.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Coppenrath Classic

Aug 2011. Mom got this at McGavin for 2 bucks. It's quite heavy, made in Germany, and has no expiry date. The ingredient list is very long. Well, I can guess, but I can't read German. It looks like (and I thought) some kind of butter cookie... but I can't smell any butter. It's surprisingly bland. Not sweet at all. Mom seems to like it a lot. Me? I think it's too suspicious.

Thursday, February 02, 2012


Dad's b-day today as he celebrates according to the lunar calendar. Brother came pick us up and the 3 of us went to see him. He was eating lunch... with a puddle of dripping pee on the floor. Sigh... he's completely lost control. As it's his b-day, of course we brought cake. As soon as he saw it, he had to have it, even before he finished eating lunch. He couldn't even wait until I finish taking a picture. Sigh...

After we were done at the nursing home, it was our turn to eat lunch, at a Vietnamese restaurant brother sometimes goes to. The portions are huge! Mom likes it because of the portion size. Well... it wasn't the most delicious meal, but very edible.

The sun's been out recently so I took some Pinky mugshots with niece N's Pinkys. Dinner with brother's gang.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Fiat day

Chiropractor day. I really needed one yesterday. Well, today, my arms are feeling slightly better. Or did I just start to get used to it? Stopped by to see dad afterwards, and of course he had soiled his bed. This time there was some crap too. Sigh...

Went to G Island after that. Thought I'd pick up A's beans at the new place he discovered, but I couldn't find it! It was freezing cold walking around. He claimed he's sent me a link but no he didn't. And, somehow, the street name has a prefix and doesn't match with the name he gave me. With my moronic way-finding skills, I search with the first letter. Of course I couldn't find it. Didn't want to give up as I was already standing in the area, I kept walking up and down. And, yay~ finally found it after half-an-hour of walking in freezing cold. But, but! It was closed with a sign saying "out for delivery". Aaaaaaargh!!!!!!! After all these, I had to leave empty-handed! And, my back started to freeze up again! So soon after a treatment! Sob sob sob sob sob...

Yeah, I wasn't happy at all... but what can I do????

Too cold to take a picture of the 2nd Fiat (grey) on G Island.