Sunday, February 05, 2012

Shopping trip

Was hoping to photograph some stuff for A, but thanks to my failure to get up early, it didn't happen. (T_T) Hopeless... (T_T)

Brother told mom that he'd be picking me up at 12:30. Mom's been nervous and nagged for half-an-hour until he showed up at 1. Border lineup took 30 minutes. On a Sunday afternoon, definitely much longer than I thought. I was hoping to find shoes and winter clearance clothings, but didn't find any. No food either, amazing. Managed to pick up b-day gifts for A and S, some household and craft supplies. And that was all. Still cost almost a hundred bucks, yikes!

Can't believe I brought along a Pinky and forgot to take Pinky pictures! What's going on?!?! (T_T)

Came home, ate something, showered, baby-sit some DL, unload, and ended up going to bed super late again. And, couldn't sleep. Whenever you think you must sleep, you can't. Sucks... (T_T)

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