Thursday, August 09, 2012

Tyrell's veggie chips

From April. Thanks A for this. Looks healthy enough. However, doesn't taste as good as it looks. Feels a bit oily, too hard and dry. The texture also varies too much among the different veggies. I'd like to think it's more healthy than potato chips, but not sure if it's true.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012


Last night's thunder storm must have cost my body's discomfort. Today had been raining on and off too. No improvement on my back.

Mom's got her final cataract surgery checkup with her ophthalmologist today. Her eyes are fine so she can go get new glasses now. It's good to know that her shingles is v2 and does not invade her eye. However, I've mistaken the appointment at 10:30 instead of 10:50. So we were 20 minutes early. Didn't look at the clock, but I'm sure we were done buying take-out food by noon. Since the expensive FM parcel may arrive today, we didn't go anywhere else and came straight home. I over ate a bit. The sticky rice wrap felt very oily and heavy in MSG than usual. Only had 4 hours sleep last night, so I crashed after lunch. First dosing off at the desk, then finally gave up and went to bed. Slept until 7. Stomach still felt heavy so I ate very little.

After dinner, mom wanted to visit Mrs. K as requested. She asked for help on her fig tree. Mom brought over some sticks and made a long handle for picking figs... but didn't work because it lacks a good blade. Chatted with Mrs. K for a while, then I went to brother's to feed the Guinea pigs. Made use of his free long distant phone plan and talked to M for 2 hours. Also called W but he was still working, so we didn't talk for long.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012


No yoga class this week because of the statutory holiday. E's appointment got moved to today. She's gonna help me apply for subsidized gym fee. Hope it works out. Met up with A & S for dinner. Thanks!

Monday, August 06, 2012

Turtle shell

(No photo today. This was taken on July 30th.)
It's been raining since last night and I opened my eyes into this 10-ton body. Didn't get up until 2:20. Super achy. Feels like I'm wearing a giant turtle shell. Can't move. Stayed home all day. Continued clearing up old diary posts.

Sunday, August 05, 2012


Mom heard brother wrong and thought he'd come and pick us up for lunch, then visit dad, then dinner. From experience, I know that he always eat lunch with his church friends. I still waited just in case. Around 3:45 mom finally made contact and it was decided that we meet around 5:15. So I went to help A with his grocery and pick up the corn and watermelon he saved for me. (And some other grocery items.) Thanks~ Barely made it home by 5:15. (Again, he knew I was in a rush yet he got stuck to me... and pressure was up too... sigh...) Came home and found K fixing our awning in boiling heat! (It faces west.) Mom had called brother to postpone our meeting until K was done. Lucky I brought the watermelon because we didn't have anything to treat K. He was gone by 6 so I phoned brother up. No one was home so I left a message on the machine. Turns out he was nearby already. By the time we got to dad's, it was around 6:30. Thank God the cat was there, so the girls wouldn't be bored. We stayed until dad finished the fruit we brought. A nurse was giving the residences ice-cream pop! Nice treat on a hot summer day.

Then we ate at Honolulu. It's been a while. I finally agree that place is actually not bad. Came home and kept dosing off... until a loud beep (?) outside. It was a cop car stopping a vehicle. Just like the other night! It was just before 11. This cop car was a regular one unlike the last K9 unit car. The 2 cops only talked to the "suspect" and he wasn't even asked to leave his car. He was released after less than 15 minutes. The cop car stayed behind for a bit, and then left, as if nothing had happened. It worries me that there's been such incidents so often. Is my neighbourhood not safe anymore?

Tyrell's salt and pepper

From April. Hand cooked English potato chips. Sea salt & cracked black pepper. Thanks A for this fancy-looking chips in a fancy shop. (Whole Foods.) The black pepper is a bit too strong and masks all other flavour, including potato. OK maybe not the salt. The inside of your mouth gets very hot. The slices are thicker than Lay's, and mostly curled up. Many are puffed or bubbled up. There are 9 items on the ingredients list, including starch, sugar, flavouring, and a chemical-looking name. What I don't understand is, Lay's only has 3 ingredients (potato, oil, and salt) but has way more potato taste.

Saturday, August 04, 2012


(No photo today. This was taken on July 30th.)
Started cleaning up the diary from March since yesterday and continued today. Weather gets hotter. By just sitting in my room with the computer turn on, my neck gets wet with sweat. Left shoulder is rock-hard and very sore. Neck is super stiff too.