Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Last batch

Last batch of Etsy stuff arrived. It's the compensation for the wrong item from a mainland Chinese seller. Quality isn't that good. Some of the hooks are deformed. Luckily, they included a bunch of extras to offset the error rate. I'm just glad that it's over. I don't want to buy from them, but they do have very good price.

Eat-out day with brother's gang. Since I need to exchange a defective pill box at D, I voted for the Korean restaurant. It's been a month since I bought it. I've made a few attempts but ran out of time every time. Finally, success. The staff didn't give me any trouble even thought it's been a month.


Rainy... gray sky... but I guess it could be worse.

Monday, November 29, 2010


(Photo was taken 2009 summer and unrelated to subject.)
I'm convinced that dad and I were archenemies in our past lives. (Well, we're pretty much this life too.) I've already skipped shower yesterday because he timed his washroom precisely when I wanted to use it. Then today afternoon, exactly the same thing. Since I was about to go out, I had to skip again! I feel really gross without being able to shower and I really need to wash my hair. After a day of outing, got home, and just about to use the washroom, he beat me to it again. AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!

If I walk faster, I could have gotten there first. But how could I? He would pee all over the floor... Oh wait, he had already done so. He left a pee trail from his bed side all the way to in front of the toilet.

What's the point? (T_T) (T_T) (T_T) (T_T) (T_T) (T_T) (T_T) (T_T) (T_T) (T_T) (T_T) (T_T) (T_T) (T_T) (T_T) (T_T)

Beggar (?)

Thanks A for the boots! If it's not for you, I would have given up completely.

It's Monday night and fill-up night. Just as I suspected, the middle-aged female beggar was there again. She may be stationed there everyday. (And yet has the guts to say she's not "a beggar or something like that".) Again, that gas station had one of the lowest price in the area at 114.9 (others were still 116 something). There were about 5 cars amongst the 8 pumps. The row closest to the 7-11 was full. I got the only empty pump in the second row. Oh yes, that woman was there alright. She saw me pulling into the spot and started walking towards my car. How am I gonna dodge this?

I needed to buy some time to observe her so I phoned A and told him the situation from the safety of my car. The woman stood outside my door waiting. I felt like I was the hunted prey and she was the stalking predictor. It was super unpleasant. Then I realized this phone call may help me avoid talking to her. So I kept A on the line as I clumsily proceeded with the pump with one hand. (Thanks A!) That woman tried to interrupt me twice even though I was on the phone. Of course I successfully avoided. 2 other cars arrived at the pumps further away from the 7-11 but she didn't go for them. She just wanted to nail me! This made me very mad! Why me? Do I look rich? Do I look too friendly? Do I look easy to trick? Do I look stupid?

I was done and got back into the car. She made another attempt to get my attention but of course I could avoid thanks to the phone. She was still waiting outside my door as if once I hang up, she'd knock on my door or something! Geeze...

So I stayed on the phone while trying to buckle up with one hand, which was super difficult. Nevertheless worked and I started the car. That woman did not give up until I start driving away. Geeze...

I don't understand why I feel so violated and mad. Is it because she's been hassling me? (But actually not me alone.) Is it because she's a liar? (Of course she is!) Or is it because the situation makes the neighbuorhood feel unsafe?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Calbee BBQ chips

Don't think I've listed this one yet. This photo is actually from spring 2009 and I think the current packaging has changed. (Yes... this is yet another stocked up photo.)

Anyway, this is one of my favorite potato chips. It's got a perfect balance of seasoning and potato flavour. The size is just right too. Japanese do know what they're doing. (This is a Hong Kong version, though.)

More cleanup

Finally... I think I can call it "done"... can't I?

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Shopping day with A and S. Both of them spend quite a bit. Costco Staples LD. Oh, that Lindt pear or blueberry chocolate are on clearance at $1.99 because they expire in December! I've been looking for them to send to Japan. Hope my friend won't mind too much. I would buy them anyway if they're not expiring or on sale. Thanks for the stuff, A! (^_^)

Friday, November 26, 2010

More cleanup

Cleanup continues....

Mom had dad sew a button on, and he did OK. So, mom left him to continue on his own. Bad decision. She came back only to find the collar removed. Sigh... Yes, dad is the one actually did the damage, but mom should have known better since long time ago that dad cannot be left with any task unsupervised.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

2 weeks

The truly last batch of online order for the craft fair finally arrived, a whole week late! Of course it's no use now. (T_T) (OK too late for the craft fair because some of those are Christmas theme. I suppose I'll have to use them for my online shop, that is, when I get to set it up.)

This is the second time I ordered form that Finland seller. The first time only took 4 or 5 days. Was I just lucky back then? Oh well...

Now, one last compensation item from that mainland Chinese seller. If it took 3 weeks last time, then it should arrive next week.

It's been snowing and the sky's been gray all day.
Oops... the clock on my camera has not be adjusted. It's actually 8AM and 4PM. The sun sets by 4:30. My living room faces west but the lighting condition in these pictures stayed the same throughout the day. Very strange.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Dad's geriatric appointment today. Right after I got up, I caught dad standing up to pee, and at the door he fired snot onto the carpet, again. I think we must have been serious enemies in our past lives. We always clash. We always fight for the washroom. He never listens to me on sitting down to pee. He completely ignores me. And recently especially after he started the Alzheimer's drug, he almost always fight back and argue. To the peeing issue, he says he doesn't spill and doesn't wet himself, while he actually does, and also wet the floor! Even though we show him the puddle, he still insists he didn't wet anything!!!!!! AAAAAARRRRRGHGGGHH!!#JGL:Asj':~!@!!@Q!!@#Wt !!!

And to the firing snot onto the carpet, he says his nose is dry and nothing comes out. Then why is he shooting at all? He kept repeating the same thing and gets mad! Who is he kidding! And he had the guts to get mad and argue with me!?!?!? AAAAARRRRGGGHHHdj@%@^%op80qw@$%^$9tu59i@$!#$!#^!!!@! I'm sooooooooooooooooooo sick and tire of stepping on his traps of pee puddles and sticky and slimy snot and spit!!!!!!!!!!!!

I lost it. Of course. As usual I bang my hand on the table until it really hurt and bang the door really loud. He continued to be grumpy and angry and said it'll break! Yeah, I want to break something. If I can't break you, I have to break myself or furniture. How else can I deal with it? I'm reminded of this doomed black hole every single day. Is there any fun in life anymore? Is there any meaning in life anymore? Is there any hope in a "future" anymore?

Michael's has a never before seen 30% off entire purchase including sale items coupon till 1, but with my folks, there was no way I could go. (T_T) OK the Broadway branch was possible, but with them waiting in the car in this -5 degrees temperature, my shopping would not be enjoyable. Instead, I went to pick up the books at C's office. Totally did not expect her to get caught by her boss and couldn't come to the reception right away. Then of course we chatted a little. (Funny, in the past she accused me of talking too much, but in fact it's always been her.) It must have been at least 20 minutes. My folks ended up having to wait in the cold for me either way. Oh well... (T_T)

Then I suggested eating lunch in Chinatown so we could pick up dad's prescription. Not sure what's wrong with mom, but she was so hesitant, she didn't want to go. Geeeze... I was the driver so they had to come with me after all.

The drug store refused to give us the 6-month supply as prescripted. Instead, it's month-by-month. I think it's a scam, so they can charge us handling fee every time. SO EVIL!!!!!!!

That drug store also takes a long time. Mom went to drop off the prescription while dad and I got a table at the cafe. After we finished eating an hour later, mom went to pick up. It was still not ready! Parking was due so I had to circle for 15 minutes before she came back. Sigh... Mom likes that place because their handling fee is slightly cheaper. But wait-a-minute, if they keep doing this 1-month instead of 6-month's supply thing, they're actually charging 6 time more handling fee!

Last time mom made it a big deal when Price Smart had that sugar on sale. She seems to never ever actually take the calculator and check. She was going to buy a few small packs. Even at sale price, a large pack is still cheaper than the small one! Why didn't she go for the large pack while she was gonna buy multiple small ones anyway??????!!!!???!!!

Picked up some soy milk before we went home because it's gonna snow until tomorrow. Forecast is 10 cm snow. We might not be able to leave the house.

The Aromatise Tea

Thanks A for this delicious tea. I've never seen this type of tea bag design. Although I'm not an avid tea-drinker, this tea is very pleasant and nice. Thanks!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Turn out it got as low as -10 instead of -12 last night. Still very cold. The snow is not melting. Today was like -5 during daytime. -10 at night again.

More or less finished cleaning up, finally. Eat-out day with brother's gang. Don't understand why mom always phone sis-in-law instead of waiting for them to call us. She may be busy! Grrrr....

Anyway, brother decided on buying take-out side dishes and mom supply the rice. I never really like those because if you don't finish them right away, the leftovers smell awful the next day. Nevertheless, it's food and edible. I don't care.

Finished on the umbrella earrings. (I thought.) Handed a pair to sis-in-law to give to J as my table rent. Only after they left, that I realized I forgot to put the hooks on! Aaaaarrrrgggghhh!!!! How can I be so careless?!?! NO! STUPID!!!!!! Sigh... (T_T)

Monday, November 22, 2010

-12 degrees

Dad's ophthalmologist appointment. Don't know why, but aunt Y tagged alone. That clinic is a twilight zone. There are plenty of chairs but always short... because the patients always come with 1 or 2 or 3 companions. Thanks to that, I never had a seat. When you look the youngest, how can you sit while the seniors stand? I still haven't recovered from that 1-hour sleep on Sunday. Last night I ended up sleeping for about 4 hours. Why? Kept falling asleep at the desk. Bad!

Had lunch at the Taiwanese noodle house in front of the clinic. They used to be excellent. But today was disappointing. Half of the tendons and 2/3 of the beef were way too hard. When grocery shopping afterward. It's aunt Y's birthday on the 29th but her son will pick her up tomorrow, so we bought an apple pie (seems more healthy than cake). Save-on sold out on the chicken legs so I got a rain cheque. Not sure if it's possible to come out again on a later day, though. Our driveway is snow-covered and turning into ice. (T_T) Nevertheless, mom got some at Buy-low. Other groceries were taken care of on Victoria. McGavin is selling Cadbury mini chocolate cakes at $1.25 a box of 8. Super good deal, but expires in 3 days. Still good.

Don't think it ever happened, but I felt asleep on the bench while waiting for my chiropractor. No energy at all. (T_T) Was thinking of picking up more yogurt at the nearby Save-on, but it's so cold, I just want to go home. (Yup, we were just at another branch. I regret not buying one back there.)

Again, completely useless before and after dinner. I felt asleep so deeply, I had a dream. (T_T) Why didn't I go to bed? I can't understand myself.

Dad was completely out of control. He ate double his share of pie and still stole more from the fridge when mom was not in the kitchen. He also took 2 apples and ate them in his bed room. Because he's borderline diabetic, he will get in trouble if he doesn't watch what and how much he eats. Yet he gets extremely grumpy and mad when it comes to stopping him from overeating. As if we're some devil who comes to take his life (yet he's already eating more than double of us.)

Then he slept and refused to get up for dinner until 2.5 hours later. Mom had to serve him all over again and missed her favorite TV show. I'm sorry, I would love to be able to respect you, but dad, your lack of cooperation and respect for others have turn you into such a monster, no one likes you anymore. I can't believe you still pee standing and insists that you didn't pee all over the place when you did. Mom is fed up with you too, and you can't say you don't know it. Are you trying to "fight" us by giving us as much trouble as you can? Or do you simply enjoy abusing us?

Forecast is -12 degree tonight. Breaking November's record. (T_T)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Craft fair 2

Ended up sleeping for 1 hour only. My body was definitely shutting down. Trip mode kicked in and I was running on adrenaline. A few things got missed or given up, but I basically managed to get a bit of everything done. The number 1 fail was the pompoms. I expected them to sell well and hope to make as many as possible. However, I opened the bag only to find out the quality being so poor, they're unusable. Well... after the craft fair, maybe I'll have to give them a serious trim, so that they don't go to waste.

Sis-in-law has been having a sore throat for a few days and wasn't feeling well last night. She was going to attend church today after setup, but now she prefer not to run around and stay at the table. Brother drove, helped setup, and went to church. Niece G was painting T-shirts at the table. Niece N was going to to with brother, but changed her mind. So, including J the lady we're sharing the table with, and her daughter, there were 6 people. Only 2 chairs were provided. We took turns to sit... except for niece G because she needed to sit down to paint.

I was on my feet until at least 11. The kids (including from neighbouring tables) got bored and went to explore the place. Only then did the adults get to sit more. Setup took over an hour. It was very chaotic. I realized my eyes were having trouble focusing. Must be from exhaustion.

Since my position was kind of... at my sis-in-law's mercy, most of my stuff didn't even get displayed. Only 2 super cheap chokers and 3 chains got onto the table. (Out of... I dunno, 50?) I had better luck with earrings because sis-in-law didn't make any. (I knew it early on, and took advantage of that.)

Was it my lack of sleep, or getting up way too early? Time past so slowly, I was an hour off. First thing got sold was niece G's T-shirt. Then some of her clay "poop" key chains. And then J and sis-in-law sold something too. Can't say there were a lot of people, and most of them were only looking. I didn't make any sales until after 2. (The fair ended at 3.) A lady bought 2 pairs of earrings. Those were the umbrellas I made last night, and are something that I can call my own creation. (As to quick-and-dirty joining a few metal charms together.)

Some of sis-in-law's church friends came visit. One of them bought a cheap choker for her girl. So I sold a total of 3 items and received $13. (Sis-in-law made $73 of sales.) J wanted to buy a pair of earring similar to the 2 that were sold, but I let her have it as table fee. (Need to make a new one since I only made one each.) She also got 2 T-shirts from niece G as table fee. She actually sold the most items. A lady came and almost cleaned out her pearl earrings. At $3 a pair in a gift box, it's an unbelievable deal. Besides that, a few necklaces. Well, she was more tuned to the market.

With only $13, I couldn't bring myself to spend any money at the fair. Nevertheless, I got a business card from the table I like. Maybe I'll buy something at her future shows.

The loud and obnoxious (according to J) hot-dog vendor wasn't there today. Actually he wasn't even there yesterday by the time we arrived. He sold out and left early. He did stopped by today and say hi to some of his friends, though.

Mom made me 2 sandwiches. 1 for breakfast and 1 for lunch. I ate one as brunch, and gave the other to my nieces to share. Sis-in-law didn't bring any food. That was so unlike her. She's always been the well-prepared mom. I think she must be quite sick but wasn't letting it show. The kids were still hungry, so sis-in-law ended up buying a loft of green tea cake form another table. It was actually awesome! But that size at $4.25, it was expensive. Extremely filling, though. J also bought a loft of chocolate cake from the same table and ate that as lunch with her girl.

Brother came back after church with a bunch of McDonald's apple pies. My body and brain were not fully functioning and I completely lost track of time. Just tried to last till the end of the show. Around 2:30 sis-in-law went hunting for deals. Unfortunately there weren't many. She did mention some reductions on some large crystal earrings, but I don't think she actually bought any. I kind of wanted to go look around too, but was too tired. Oh well.

It was time. The tables inside the hall started packing up. Those outside (including us) held out for another 15 to 20 minutes. Then brother dropped me off. It was 4:30 that I finally got home and had time to return A's call. Thanks so much for the dinner offer. I'm so sorry... I was way too tired to drive. Actually mom offered to eat out with brother's gang too. But he said they needed to go home first and get back to us later. He ended up declining at the end. I'm just glad that I didn't have to drive because I was in no condition to. But looking back, sis-in-law must be 50 times worse because she wasn't well, yet she had to cook! Eating out might have been a better choice. Oh well!

Tried to unpack and clean up (my room's a mess especially from last night's last minute work)... but couldn't. Kept falling asleep at the desk... until dinner time... at 7:30? After dinner, same thing. So basically between 4:30 and 11:30, I was completely down and useless. Tomorrow is dad's eye appointment, plus my chiropractor. I'd better wash my hair tonight.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Craft fair 1

Went to check out the setup at the craft fair with sis-in-law. It was on her way after she picked up the girls after swimming class. She drove so I didn't have to. Cool.

It looked like a Japanese community center. Admission was free. There were all kinds of stuff from baked goods to jewelry. There was a accessory vendor that I really like. The price was good too. But I though, if I make enough money tomorrow, I'll allow myself to buy something. We'll see.

Got home, and immediately entered last minute mode... which is bad for gluing with epoxy glue. I left a LOT of glue marks... (T_T) I just can't believe I left the stuff I want to get done most to the last, and their quality suffer.

Sis-in-law will come pick me up at 8:30. I'll need to get up at around 7:30. I wonder if I'll get any sleep tonight.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Haircut & snow

Haircut overdue for a month. Unfortunately I failed to get up on time and ended up arriving 20 minutes late. Had to dump the idea of borrowing A's bus pass. Didn't request my regular stylist when I made the appointment. Didn't see him there today either. He hurt his back in February and was off for quite a while. I hope he's OK.

Since I used a fare saver (thanks A), I had a chance to visit Lacy. Their web site doesn't have the #11 box, but I still want to see what kind of store they are. To my surprise, they do have some #11 although in silver only. Didn't want to leave empty-handed, so I bought a case. That should last for a while.

Walked to Dressew afterward. Nothing new or interesting. (OK maybe some discounted Halloween stuff.) I was hoping to replenish my black organza ribbon, but couldn't find any. I suppose they sold out for Halloween. Oh well!

With a new ticket at 4:40, I was contemplating checking out DeSerres, but didn't have enough energy. It didn't occur to me that I could have also visited the Michael's on Broadway until too late. Michael's is a bigger reason. Oh well!

Got home, check mail, and fell asleep at the desk. (T_T) Oh well!

Then at around 11, mom noticed it's all white outside.
O M G ! ! !
2 - 3 inches of snow already?!?! (T_T)

Sis-in-law will pick me up tomorrow after the girls' swimming class, to go check out the craft fair which we're gonna set up shop on Sunday. I hope the snow will clear by then. It's been many years (8?) since I bought tires. Not to mention they're all-season tires. I'm worried...

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Not moving as fast as I hope. I may not be able to finish everything I want to make.
Why is there sand stuck inside the lockets? (T_T) Did not open them up until now, and of course I've left feed back to the seller already. No way to complain. (T_T)

Prima (pretzels sticks)

Thanks A! This is the sister of this.

Except for filled with peanut butter. The original is good, but a bit dry. I consider this an improved version. The peanut butter filling gives you enough moisture so that you don't have to reach for water. It's one of my favorite snack!

However, same as all other yummy snacks, this is on the dangerous side. No, it's not too addictive, but it's so easy to chow down without the need for water, your stomach is filled entirely with it. Water actually helps you feel full buy expanding the crackers.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


(Picture was taken last November and unrelated to subject.)
Dad can't sign his own name.

I finally dug up that handicap decal application from 3 weeks ago. All it needs is dad's signature, then it can be mailed. (Last time after the geriatric doctor kindly filled out the form for free, dad got home and went through the eating sleeping thing, so the signature was not obtained immediately and was forgotten.)

Mom had him practice signing on a piece of newspaper. Dad tried... but he printed his first name and signed his last name. It wasn't his usual signature at all, for he signs his Chinese name in English. That repeated 4 or 5 times, then he seemed to be making things up, and mixed English with Chinese characters. It was a total mess. (T_T) Then the whole thing shifted towards Chinese, and he ended up signing in full Chinese characters.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Korean dinner

Eat-out day wit brother's gang. Sis-in-law recommended a Korean place with this $7.99 for 5 dishes dinner combo. Very good deal. The food was good too. It's just that we're not used to Korean cuisine. The side dishes were quite salty while the stone bowl rice was too bland. They work well together, but the rice came last and we've eaten most of the side dishes. Oh well!

Since it was a new place to us, I was looking around at the interior. It's just natural, isn't it? There was a big TV too, so the kids were fixated to it. Then I notice dad was sitting at the edge of the table despite we gave him the double seat (the gave us a table for 8 for the 7 of us). He was looking down at his own hands, which were placed close to himself on the table. He was just so... retreated. Or should I say, no interested in anything around him. Sigh...

Picked up a pack of card stock at Office Depot for packaging earrings. 250 sheets cost just over $16. Not cheap... but yesterday it was just over $11 at Staples... for a pack of 100. Why is there such a big gap? If I picked one up at Bellingham, it would be about $13. I though I'd come across another stationary store and didn't buy it. Awww...

Continued on the straps. Didn't think it would take 2 days. I'm so behind... (T_T)

Monday, November 15, 2010

3 times

(Picture was taken last September and unrelated to subject.)
Monday night = fill up night. My favorite gas station does have the lowest price. Yay~

However, the female beggar was there again. Luckily there was only one other car and I got a pump right in front of the 7-11. Bright and visible from inside the shop. Didn't think she would be so bold, but yes, she came to harass me. This time, her story was that her friend just died and she was super upset and not sure what to do. Couldn't hear her too well because she was mumbling, but I could make out words like cell phone and police. What did she want to do with my cell phone? Nevertheless, I said, I can call the police if you want. She then said no, she didn't want to call now. (Huh???) I said, I remember you, I've seen you here 3 times already. She said, yeah, I work for the police on missing women cases. (And then something about her sister.) She then asked me for a toonie for a phone call.

A toonie!!! (Huh? Phone call???)

OMG, she upgraded again!
1st time, empty bottles and cans.
2nd time, loose change for a hamburger.
3rd time, $2!

Loose change is no longer enough? She's gotta be a junkie.

I said, you work for the police and they don't even pay you? She said, yes they owe me money. I said, I find that hard to believe. She said, me too. Then she lowered her gaze and walked away.

3 times. 3 different stories. Well, OK she didn't tell any stories the first time. But the other two? Bull sh*t!

My speculation is, the police might have asked her to give info on missing women case(s) at some point, but that's not "working" for them.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Chains and charms 2

Feeling betting than yesterday but don't want to risk it. Stayed indoor all day.
Accessories production continues...

Caught dad putting his dentures into a rice bowl and than into the kitchen sink. He also put his tooth brush onto the dish rack.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Flu? Cold?

(Picture was taken in June and unrelated to subject.)
Got a headache since yesterday afternoon. Even felt feverish after dinner with a few cough. (But so few, it could just be irritations.) Didn't go anywhere, didn't do anything. The only thing got done was one long e-mail to a Japanese friend. Awww... need to work on those accessories...

Friday, November 12, 2010


(Picture was taken on the 10th and unrelated to subject.)
Barely managed to mail 2 overdue parcels today. I was at the counter at 4:50. The collection guy was there already. He was early! I didn't seal the boxes in case I need to extract stuff to keep the weight down. So I had to tape them close, put the labels on, and only then are they ready. I was about to give up, but the postman said he'd wait for me! That's so nice of him! Wow he made my day!

Last day for the special coupons so I went to the Burnaby Michael's. There was some sort of construction and traffic was hell. Nevertheless, I was able to pick up some stuff that the trip fell short.

The rest of today was spent on record-keeping and taking care of the purchases. Didn't get to work on anything. (T_T)

Peach Plum Liqueur

From my last Japanese trip, peach (orange) and plum liqueur (green). That... must be 3 years ago. They were only consumed this fall and expiry date ignored. In fact, no expiry date found. They are so cute, I had to buy them (in Yokohama).

Somehow I thought they would be very fruity. Actually they are slightly cough-syrupy. But still drinkable. You can easily pick up the flavour.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cross-border shopping

Hit a virus site while coupon-hunting. Sigh... That wasted 2 hours. No sleep. The worst is, the 40% off Joann coupon was for fabric only. I didn't realize it until I cut them up.

Sis-in-law said 7 o'clock, so I got no sleep (again) and be there on time. Went to the back, knocked, but no answer. Waited a while, went to the front, knocked, and again, no answer. The lights in the master bed room was on, though. After 20 minutes of going back and forth, finally brother opened the front door. Turn out it was 7-something that sis-in-law meant. The actually departure time was 8:10.

The border lineup was 90 minutes. People were very crazy. Way too many cars didn't follow the rules and cut the line. Quite chaotic at times. I was pretty mad at them too.

Since I had no sleep, I don't remember much. I only followed wherever they went. We hit Joann first. My targets weren't on sale, but still managed to get some good stuff. So was Michael's. Way better price than over here.

Got some diapers for dad. Since brother won't be shopping again until after Christmas, I got 2 packages of diapers. Then some allergy pills, breakfast rice puff, and chocolate. Now that I looked back, I didn't buy anything else but craft supply. Should have bought more...

Lunch at Costco, dinner at Bellis Fair's McDonald's.

We left early, about an hour before the stores closed. And unexpectedly helped at the border. There was no line up. Amazing. I've never crossed the border with no line up!

As much as I'm tired, I failed to go to bed soon. Showered, and tried to tidy up some stuff, check mail... and fell asleep at the desk. Need I say more? (T_T)

November 11... quadruple 1!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Some more stuff arrived. These were ordered before the last batch, but took longer to arrive.

Chiropractor day, thank God. (T_T)

Tuesday, November 09, 2010


The parcel didn't make it. Time is running out. (T_T)

Helped A with some shopping, then came home to pick up my folks and aunt Y to dine with brother's gang.

Finally recorded, filed, and put away the stuff from Monday. The Pinky head still needs tons of sanding. The parcel may not make it tomorrow either... (T_T)

Dad "lost" his cane and was using one of his umbrella stem as substitute. Not only is it not strong enough, it has no rubber cap at the end and scratch anything it touches. The problem magnified when we went to brother's place after dinner. Dad insisted everything was fine, while scratching brother's flooring. Aunt Y told him it's not his house. Dad got mad and replied "it's not yours either". Aunt Y mind it so much, she was still talking about it long after we got home.

Got a chance to try my nieces' Halloween costumes (made by brother and sis-in-law). They're quite elaborate. Yup, the girls are almost as big as me now. The fact that I could fit into them made me feel a bit unsettling. My nieces' shoe sizes are already bigger than mine.

Took a look at sis-in-law's necklaces. Our stuff don't look alike. Good.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Last batch?

Vampire... No energy... (T_T)

The last batch (?) of online order arrived... will it really be the last? I still need some stuff...