Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Shinjuku / Harajuku

(This restaurant has a waterfall draping the windows. No, it's on the outside, not sandwiched between glass. It's wet if you touch it. No, I didn't touch it. )
New years eve. Much colder than yesterday. Aching all over. Sob sob sob... We both were. (T_T) Exchanged back rubs with Miki. OMG her legs were like rocks!!! (@_@;) Took it easy and left at 1pm(?). Most restaurants were closed for new year. I'd love to look at the fashion stores in Nakano Broadway, but so far no time. The deals and quality seemed to be better than in Hong Kong. (T_T)

Shopping at Shinjyuku Volks. To be exact, not quite Volks, but a subdivision, Angel's Nest. Unlike Volks, they only carry doll's stuff. The store was much smaller than I thought. It was unbelievably disproportional to such a gigantic train station. Miki didn't find anything too good but still managed to buy a pair of glass eyes and some cloths. Me? I bought a beginner's doll book too for reference, as I'd be helping Miki with her struggling-to-be-born doll cloths business. (Or you can say, there was no candy toy so I spent my money on the book.)

On our way out, we took pictures of the dolls displayed in the window from outside the store. Before we even walked 5 feet away, a girl from the store came out to wipe the glass as if we've left something so unacceptably filthy, she had to clean it up right away. That, was kind of mean. I know usually pictures are not allowed inside the store, but c'mon, that's a display facing the mall. And I didn't see any "no picture" signs. It wasn't like we didn't buy anything. Why were they so unfriendly? I wish I had bought the book elsewhere. Grrr...

Lunch was takoyaki at Gindako. It makes a huge difference when cooked fresh. Delicious! (Let's say, if it's not fresh, I wouldn't touch it.) We made an attempt for the free observation deck at Shinjuku city hall. However, somehow we managed to get lost and couldn't find it. Miki's strength was running out. In order to make the most out of what's left of the day, we decided to visit the Angel's Nest in Harajuku.

We came out of the Harajuku train stration, and got lost again. Went back-and-forth 3 times before finding the building. It was kind of hidden. Miki's love for these dolls really shows, hehehe... (I mean, she was able to find the place although exhausted.) This Volks (I mean, Angel's Nest) is the biggest I've seen so far. Miki bought some good stuff... wigs and cloths? Asked to see the second floor which was closed and reserved for full choice system order and ceremony. The girl let us in. While we were amazed by the display, setup, and atmosphere, the front desk phoned. Earlier, one of Miki's wigs triggered the alarm on our way to the second floor, and all items needed to be rechecked for deactivating the security chip. The sales clerk left one item behind when putting everything back in the bag. So they sent another girl to delivery the missed item, wrapped separately. That, was good service. Anyhow, full choice system is Miki's dream. But too bad it's not possible unless you live in Japan.

The story didn't end there. We expressed our disappointment for not being able to order a full choice system doll, thank the girl for showing us around, then went back downstairs to the other side with 1/6 dolls. While we were looking around, that girl came back with a magazine ad, and ask if we've been to the Korean Volks. Turns out that store doesn't need a local address for full choice system order. We ask if we could have a photocopy of the magazine page with the address, and she pleasantly gave us one.

Now, how come this one has so much better service than the Sinjuku store? Argh!!

It was all dark when we left. There were vendors on the street like an omatsuri in front of a shrine. Must be a new year thing. Ate some nice and warm mini sponge cakes. (Thanks Miki!) Very nice in this cold night. Temperature was dropping by the minute. I was curious about the chocolate covered bananas, but never gather enough courage to actually try one. Because! I don't like bananas. The taste isn't that bad, but I hate the stickiness and sliminess and the film it leaves behind on your teeth. It's just a fantasy that, if they're in Japan, and covered in chocolate, they might be superior or something like that. Pretty unrealistic, haha... My low travel budget came first, so the 300 yen banana was easily skipped. (My digestive system was craving for fruit, veggie, or fiber, though.) We had dinner at Yosinoke, a beef rice bow chain. Cheap and good.

New guests (a guy and a gal from Hong Kong) moved into the room next door late at night. Gotta fight for the bathroom from now on. Anyway, as we dropped by the corner store to get tomorrow's breakfast, might as well get something alcoholic, so we could have a new year toast. I'm not that good with booze, but was able to finish the whole can. Miki was tired enough to pass out after only half a can. We were hoping to catch some new year's eve performance show like the famous red-white, but the "don't laugh or get spanked by men-in-black" show was way more funny!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Again, left the hostel kind of late. Well, both Miki and I were still not used to the place. At least there was only one other occupant on our floor. Our bathroom time didn't crash either, so it was mainly me and Miki who need to keep each other waiting. (Sorry~ I take a long time in the bathroom.)

First appointment of the day was lunch with NG in Akihabara. She was quite familiar with the area and took us to an Indian curry restaurant. Perhaps there was a translation miss... I like Japanese curry more. Indian curry's a bit too hot. Nevertheless, it might be good in colder weather. Miki and NG were both into SD dolls and they had a good talk despite language barrier. As I usually eat too slow, I miss all their doll photos. Didn't even take one with NG... sob sob sob... (T_T)

T joined us after lunch and we went shopping in the Akihabara Radio Hall. First stop, Volks of course. That's what Miki's here for, hehehe! Doll stuff is not my cup of tea, but I still found candy toy and Pinkys to buy, hehehe... The cheapest RMP was 600 yen vs $38 in Hong Kong. Which one is cheaper? Don't know. (Argh! I can't deal with numbers!) There were a whole bunch of other toy stores in that building too. We also went to Asobit City nearby, where the photo of this life size Saber was taken. Usually no photos are allowed in stores, but there was a sign saying it's OK with this Saber. Went straight for it. Hehe...

NG lives in Kansei and had to leave by 4:30 to catch Shinkansan. There was some kind of accident and the train was delayed... or something like that. (Sorry, couldn't catch it all with my Frankenstein Japanese.) Meanwhile C was still in Tokyo with Y. She lives in Kansei too, and I thought she too would be gone by now. She was the one who sold Miki her extra Roy doll and exchanged the bootleg books with a real one. Miki would like to meet her if possible. Unfortunately, for some reason T couldn't get through to Y or C's cell phone until 5. It was 6 by the time we got together in Shinbashi. Had dinner at an izakaya. Again, oh~ how I wish~ how I wish I my Japanese were better... (T_T). It was fun although I couldn't fully understand the conversation.

A note: infrared transfer between T and Miki's cell phone didn't work. Could it be the difference in makers? Or different countries? Or something else?

Monday, December 29, 2008

Comic market

Yay! This year it's on December 28th, 29th, 30th. FMA is on the 29th, the second day.
In an unfamiliar environment , things just take longer. The vampire doesn't help either. Also need to tidy up somewhat, so Miki wouldn't have to be welcomed by my mess. So, by the time I left the hostel, it was already noon. (>_<;)

Got there around 1:20. Since S said we should leave for the party at around 2:30, I only had one hour to deliver all the chocolate and zipper charms. It took a long time! The place was huge! (Thanks S for the floor map!) Didn't expect to run into Y, but I was so glad I did! She act
ed as my guide and helped me find many tables faster then I can alone. Met NB, SM, NN, MR, RB, and NG for the first time. I only knew them form their blogs or books. Didn't get to see L and UR. (UR left early, sob sob sob...)

Got a bit lost. The only photo I managed to take was NN's Pinkys. I wanted more! (T_T) Neither did I take pictures with anyone I met the first time today... sob sob sob... (T_T) The floor was kind of chaotic. Carrying C's bootleg books made me sweat like summer. (No, it's unfair for me to say that, because my Vancouver clothes were too warm to start with.) And Japan is quite a bit colder than Hong Kong. It's better to be safe than sorry.

Then I realized I didn't know where to meet. People started packing up too. I don't know my friends' phone number so I had no way to contact them!
Panic panic panic! Luckily, R was still around. Looked like M had left us behind. (T_T) R managed to contact M, and got directions to the cafe in Shinbashi, where I tried om-rice (rice in omelette) for the very first time. It was yummy! Had a taste of Japanese curry and it was yummy too. S brought books and toys for our entertainment. Cool! Thanks! Too bad my Japanese is still not good enough for conversation. Couldn't understand what they said most of the time. (T_T)

Later, half of us went to Akihabara's Yodobashi Camera for Pinky shopping, while the rest waited at a bakery cafe nearby. Pinkys weren't as cheap as I thought. Ended up spending more money on Sylvanian Families stuff. (Well, it's for Pinky too.) Got the grand piano I've always wanted. Yay~!! BTW, I always wonder why a camera store would sell more than cameras. It's actually a department store! Well I guess it's like London Drugs selling more than drugs.

Then we had dinner at an izakaya called Umekko. NG joined us here. She brought with her a lovely young SD dressed as Shinku, with costume made by herself. It was toy paradise on the table again. S made a set of cow print pajamas for T's Medicom Ed doll. Oh yeah! It's year of the ox! Awesome! T made miniature shipping cartons of a certain farm, famous among certain fans. (Hehehe...) TK walked me home. Thanks! She lives in Nakano. But I was a bit concerned that she'd have to walk home alone afterwards.

Got back at around 11:30 PM. Miki was fast asleep. She left the lights on for me. Thanks! Apparently, she wasn't feeling well. She had to host her own table at a Hong Kong manga event the previous day. That was why we couldn't come together. Luckily it seemed to be exhaustion and she felt better by the time we met.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Flight to Japan

Ended up packing all night. Didn't sleep. Really really sleepy, but still couldn't sleep... Seems like as I get older, it becomes harder and harder to sleep during flight. It was an older plane with public movie screen in the middle instead of on the back of each seat.

Thanks so much, T, for picking me up at the airport. And thanks for lending us Suica cards! It saved us so much time! Without you, I probably couldn't find the hostel. That place (東洋ハウス)was pretty good for the price. Single room 4800 yen. Twin 6200 yen. (Per night.) Shared bath and washroom, fridge, and washing machine (100 yen each load). There is a balcony too. In this small Japanese style tatami room, we've got a electric keep-warm kettle, small TV, and even an alarm clock. Closet is too small, though. Can't put 2 suit cases in there. The only inconvenience was, the Taiwanese staff and owner can't speak English. They seem to cater only to Taiwanese guests. Their amateur- looking web site don't have English or Japanese. To be honest, Miki and I were slightly worried. Turn out it's not bad for the price at all.

S and K joined us for dinner. Thanks for coming all the way to meet me! We had ramen (too salty) in Nakano Broadway. (Watch out, their site sucks! It plays loud music.) K brought me a bunch of junk food. Thanks! (They turn into breakfast and lunch in the following days.)

Was trying to take pictures on my way so I could help Miki find her way, but lugging a 21.5kg suit case changing trains from platform to platform (sometimes with only stairs and no escalator) proved too much. I soon gave up. By the time I settled down, I was so tired, all that I could manage was writing her an e-mail. Didn't even send these 3. Oh well...

Actually, when we booked the room, it was supposed to have no internet access. But to my surprise, I was able to catch an unlocked wireless line! Awesome! However, we've been home late and were too tired, ended up not using it much.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

No sleep again

Last day before going to Japan. Went to Sum Sui Po to pick up some more metal pieces for the hollow glass beads. Then 3 nylon handbags at Garden Street for my Japanese friends. Promised I'd go home for lunch at 2, ended up going back at 4:30. (T_T)

Packing was slow. Tried to finish the hollow glass beads, only to find out those metal pin from Miki are too short. Sigh... had to drop the idea of bringing them to Japan.

Flight is at 8:35am, need to check in at 6:30. Need to be at the bus stop by 5:30. Need to get a cab at 5. This means, I must get up at 4:15am the latest. Aaaaaargh!! (T_T)

Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing day

Hong Kong doesn't have Boxing day so there was no special sale or deal. Went to Mandy's office to learn re-stringing BJDs. Picked up some metal pieces for the hollow glass beads. Watched her do doll make-up. We were both exhausted.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Walked way too much yesterday. Need to replenish health points so I didn't go out until 4:30. Meanwhile took pictures of the little zipper charms I'm bringing to Japan. Gotta know who got what.

Met up with Mandy at In Point. Ah, that's the new toy mall! Almost 90% of the stores there, are toy shops. Saw another set of fighters Pinky, $50 each. Cleaner than those in Kai Wong. Eva Rei-Asuka set $78. Didn't buy any. Then got some bras near by at Easy Shop $98 each. Originally $170. Cheap, but they use more nylon than I want. Tried on many, ended up buying 5 (3 styles). The staff didn't look like they had any bra-fitting training. Doesn't fit? Tighten the straps. My shoulders were sore from that. Sigh... Hope those bras don't fall apart as soon as I start wearing them.

Stopped by Mandy's place. The rest of her family went to China so she has the whole house to herself (with 3 cats). Printed some info and maps, and she gave me patterns for doll clothes too. Got home at 11:30. Washed up those new bras so I can start using them ASAP. If they're good, I'll buy some more. BTW, those new socks seems OK. But I still want Fila ones. Hehehe. Didn't have enough energy to write any e-mail. That's not good....

Merry Christmas!

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Christmas card recycled from my other blog, hehehe. Yup I'm sending this from Hong Kong. Internet access is a problem so I haven't been able to post anything. Walk too much everyday. Feet are sore and tired. Today is 20 degrees. Is it really winter??? There has been mosquitoes too! Aaaargh!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Eve / ID card (3) / Expo

First mission, my aunt's ID card appointment at Wan Chai. I managed to arrive just on time, but really really really needed to go to the washroom. Handed in the letter, got a number, then rushed to the doors only to find out the ones on that floor were closed. I had to go all the way down from the the 27th floor to the ground floor, then took escalators to the 4th floor. It was hell! (T_T) All that time I was so worried my number would be called and I'd miss it. Luckily I got back in time.

Afterwards, walked along Johnston Road. I used to work in that area, but couldn't recognize much any more. Had ebi burger for lunch again, $15.3. Sided tracked onto an interesting looking old fashion street market. Didn't expect to see a doll house accessory vendor selling mini light fixtures and cheap (low quality) kits. Kind of regret not to buy a mini lamp which could be useful. Oh well.

Then I went to Causeway Bay for the Product and Brand Expo. It was around 1:30 and slightly crowded. However, people constantly streamed in and it didn't take long to get to the point of rush hour. Many took along wheeled bags and they are a pain in the neck, especially when it bottle-necks up at booths with free food sampling. Had lunch at their food court. $15 a bowl of ketchup mini hot dogs. $8 swallow nest tofu pudding. There weren't anything worth buying. Got some Macao cookie rolls $50 for 3 boxes. 2 bags of tea for Mrs. L $90. Mini “Florida Water” and lip balm for Miki $30. 6 lip balm for $100 as gifts. Dried Chrysanthemum for Y $30 for 2 bags. That's it!

Nevertheless, there were some interesting products. A ceramic knife that never rusts and stays sharp. It's white. I'd say, if you drop it, would it break like a plate? There was a super durable cutting board too, made with a special kind of wood and grain facing vertically. Came with knifes and a whole bunch of goodies. I was tempted, but didn't buy it because it was still not cheap and quite heavy.

Almost got a pair of orthotic shoes. At around $400, it wasn't too bad. But I must have been walking way past my limit. Although the shoes were much more comfortable than what I was wearing, they shot lightnings up the bottom of my feet. That was too scary to buy. Then the lady gave me a free evaluation. Normally cost money but it was free at the expo. So I had the foot print and angle measurement and the whole deal. Turn out my feet are warped. Custom made soles were recommended. However, it cost like $1300. Way too much! Plus I had to pay in full first, then go to their clinic to have molds made. Takes a week. Also, I'd be going to Japan soon. There will only be 2 day left after I come back. I decided it was better not to rush things.
So... didn't buy anything for myself. (T_T) OK maybe I'll take a lip balm or two.
Went home exhausted. Had dinner at a gyoza house near by.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Getting cold

Yup, it got quite a bit colder. 16 degrees today. Somehow the air has gone very bad. I can smell exhaust and smoke. Some moron phoned at 5:30 in the morning. By the time Shirley answered it, it was cut off. The number was recorded, though. Should I try calling that number? Hmm... Either way, couldn't sleep well afterwards.

Went to Sum Sui Po again for tiny stuff. Got some more at Mei Ngai Wah $41. Crowns, pendant and square cone (?) a few stores down the block, $17. Tiny crosses, stamped metal parts, backing for cameos, book locket at Tin Fu, $35.

Got 5 pairs of socks at $65. They look a bit big, though. Guess I'll find out.

Gotta get up early tomorrow. Aunt M's ID card appointment is at 10:30 at Wan Chai. Afterwards I intend to go to the product expo in Causway Bay. Hope to find something useful.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Space Museum

Only one week left before Japan. The Space Museum closes on Tuesday so today is the only chance to get Y's gift, as I'll be busy after tomorrow. Too bad there was no good rocket toys. There was a capsule toy 4D puzzle but was really crappy. Bought a book instead. $128, mission accpmplished. While I was in Tsim Sha Tsui, might as well go back for the StikFas. $35 x 2. Went to Garden Street afterwards. Bought some more clothes. That white tunic? Anther store has it for $49! Aaaargh!!!!! So I bought another one. They ran out of the colour I wanted and I had no choice but to take the display sample, which was missing the 2 pompoms. Got a further discount. Final price, $40. The white one was $79. That's almost half price! AAAAAARGH! Bought a black one at the same time. Slightly different style. Also $79. Picked up a new hair elastic to replace my old one which is falling apart. $5. Ran into some cheap fleece. Bought 2 pairs of coral draw-string pants $18 each. Can be for mom and aunt T. Another pair of khaki coloured fleece pants for dad $15. A large size fleece sweat shirt as backup pajamas. $20. Total spending today, $393. It was 19 degrees. Just right, I'd say. Still sweat a little when I walked full speed for the last 3 blocks.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice, yet it was 25 degrees! Hottest so far since I arrived. Made me doubt if it was really winter. Still couldn't get a good sense of time and distance, and I was home late, again. (T_T) Should have taken the bus instead of walking. Sigh... It was so hot I was soak and sticky. Yuck... (T_T) But still had to squeeze into the back seat with W's two teenage sons. Embarrassing. (T_T)

Thought I'd be alone tonight but no, thank God. Mrs. L's second daughter W picked me up with her family to have dinner with Mrs. L at daughter B's home in Stanley. Thanks~! Wow, what a nice apartment. It was my first time eating "basin cuisine". W ordered take-out from a restaurant on our way. Just needed to be reheated at home and you've got restaurant quality dinner. Tasted... OK, I guess. A bit too salty, though. W had to drop her son off somewhere so I took the bus with Mrs. L's helper. Mrs. L continued to stay behind until B came back. The bus ride took an hour. Today's spending, $48 for 12 egg tarts. Didn't think I've ever bought that many egg tarts before. Haha....

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Winter Solsltice eve

It's Winter Solstice tomorrow so cousin A invited me to dinner. Thanks! This gathering around Winter Solstice is the equivalence to Christmas in the western culture. Her younger son couldn't make it. His helper brought the 2 kids instead. Total 11 people.

ent to Garden Street late afternoon. Found some crown-shaped rings for $18 the cheapest. Quality isn't that good.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Garbage can

Hmm... totally can't remember what I did on this day. The only photos were of this garbage can for dogs. The only receipt was a $79 unknown item. This price looks like a shirt. So I probably went shopping in Garden Street... again?! Hmm... If one shirt was all I was able to get, it must have been a lame day. (>_<;)

Garden Street

Ate too much for breakfast and lied on my stomach to use the net book. Bad idea. This caused stomach ache. Didn't go out until almost 4. Went to Garden Street. First thing that caught my eyes were nail art stickers. Got 8 small @ $8 each, and 2 long strips @ $18 each. Total $95 after bargaining. (Only got $5 off.) The vendor can't speak English so I helped with translation when an European lady wanted to have her nails done. $60 seems to be a super good deal to her. The vendor still wanted me to buy more but there was no more style that I like. She then took me to a second booth a block away. I spent another $30. (Got $5 off after bargaining again.) Then, I found some more at another booth. $15 for 2, cheaper than the first place! So I spent $15 here, no bargain. The pink turtle neck Mrs. L wants was sold out. Luckily I found a similar one elsewhere. It's cheaper and the material seems nicer too. I bought a folk style tunic for myself, $79. Those bags I bought yesterday at Women's street, can be found here for only $40 to $45. AAAAARGH!!!! They ripped me off!!!! The “meat” of the day was a 26-style scarf. There's a row of buttons at the edge so you can button up and create different forms. $50 each. I bought 3 for gifts = $150. It's got fake Japanese on the packaging. Looks like mainland Chinese product. Quality seems OK, though. On my way back, I stopped at Kai Wong mall and bought the $38 rmp. Couldn't resist. Sigh... But you can't find any Pinky for under $40, so these are excellent for parts, although slightly on the user unfriendly side. I might get the $99 Tusruya Pinky too. Still can't make up my mind. What I really need, is pajamas. I only bought one set with me. The shirt has been washed once, as it dries quickly. The pants are a problem. They are very thick and won't dry in time. It will turn cold in a day or two. I'll freeze if I sleep in just panties. (Or catch a cold.)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Shopping day

Didn't get enough sleep last night. Still hoping to steal a line so I had to stay in bed after breakfast. The result is me falling asleep. (The prime spot happens to be where my bed is.) Same thing after lunch. But I must clear some of the shopping tasks ASAP if I don't want to repeat history. (Like right before this trip, leaving things to the very end, and lots of them didn't get done.)
Went to Women's street again for the bag. The lady still didn't have the pattern. Looks like she didn't restock as promised. So I went to the second vendor, who knew I'm a captured audience, and didn't give me any service. She ignored me all that time. Self serve for me. But the only new bag was poured out onto the floor among the stuff she was searching. It was dirty and the pattern was not as nice. So I took the display sample. I had to remove the stuffing myself, and ask her to take my money. Can't believe such horrible service. To be honest, I didn't want to give her my business. On closer look, it was not the same as the one at the other vendor. Quality seems to be slightly lower too. Suddenly I remembered the black-and-white bag, and went back to get it. Same price. I made a huge mistake not checking if the original display sample was still there. If so, I could have bought 2 and get a better deal. Sigh... (T_T) $50x 2 = $100. Also bought 4 kitchen gadget. Mini sealing machine. $50 x 4 = $200. Went to get the $40 rmp for Totsu. $40 x 3 = $120. Only one Street Fighter is left so I couldn't resist. $50. Saw a reasonably priced Shana so I got it too. $99 x 1 = $99. Got a bunch of loose Re-ment stuff for me and Miki. $15 x 7 = $105. Spent almost $700 today. Yikes!!!! (@_@;) BTW, after I bought the $40 rmps, I found a store selling them at $38. The $69 Mikuru is now $48. AAAAARRRGGGHHH!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

ID card (2)

Picked up mom's ID card with Miki. Went to Sum Sui Po's craft supply stores. The first one's got so much stuff, we pretty much stayed there until the end. Spent about $400 on material. I need to come home before 6 to let the helper in. Turns out I'm really bad at being on time. Yup, late for 25 minutes. Miki's family treated me to dinner with her visiting uncle from Toronto. It was awesome food. Gotta walk some more to consume my tummy so I went to Women's street. Got a bag for A $110. Two small sheet of fine nail art sticker $25. Found a LeSportSac bag to hold the net book $50. The vendor didn't have the pattern I like so I'll go back another time. Discovered a spot in my bed room where I can steal wireless internet. However, signal is week and I lost connection every few minutes. It's like, cool~ connection establish! When I copy and paste the pre-written mail into g-mail, and click “send”, connection is lost! As if sending mail kills it. I have no patient to play with such a line. But that didn't stop me from going to bed at 3. Sigh... old habit dies hard.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

On my own

So, my mom is gone back to Vancouver. No one helps me with my sore back anymore. (T_T) Even Mrs. L has gone to her daughter's home until next week. After today, Miki will be too busy to take me around until we meet in Japan. I'm on my own. Tomorrow is Mrs. L's helper's day off. I'll truly be alone. No worries. Miki switched plan and will go to Sum Sui Po with me. Plus I need to pick up mom's ID card.

Clarified aunt M's right of abode application. Actually she came and stayed with Mrs. L a month ago, and looked into getting a new ID card. Yup, she's been quite nervous about this whole thing. Phone calls (long distant or not) were flying all over the place. Crazy.

Finally visited Miki at her home. She's got visiting relatives and family events, so she hasn't be able to let me in. I handed over the munchies. Picked up the e-ticket to Japan and hostel room deposit receipt. Scanned Mrs. L's photos for reprint. Looked at some of her dolls. Used her internet. Played with her gorgeous cats for a while... Aww didn't take any pictures!

Monday, December 15, 2008


Mom flew back to Vancouver today. The OCS cousin and her husband accompanied us to the airport. Mrs. L referred us to this cab driver who will take us to the airport for $200, which was very reasonable. The free WIFI at the airport was weak and I ran out of patience. I was supposed to meet WS friend at Kwai Fong station. However, the airport bus took so long, I was late for a whole hour. (T_T)
Mrs. L started boarding at her daughter B's place while the couple went to Scotland with their son. They wanted her there to look after her grand-daughter (or more like, keep an eye on the helpers), so I was alone with Mrs. L's helper. (Hmm... I'm not making much sense, am I? Too tired, can't write...)(T_T) The air was beyond horrible today. The sun looks red behind layers of smog. My nose is dripping despite allergy pills.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tsim Sha Tsui

Mom and I had lunch with an old family friend in Tsim Sha Tsui. I remember more about her sister then her, but that lady died in recent years. Sigh... Whenever I go with my mom, there are grim news. It's depressing. Found some blank StikFas at $35. That's about the same price as in Vancouver. The point is, they are rare over there. No, no, I didn't buy any because my mom stopped me. Sigh... Yeah yeah, I know, this is just a toy and isn't a necessity. I shouldn't be buying it. But deep down in my heart, I'd have bought it if my mom wasn't around. I'll see if they are cheaper in Japan. If not, I'll come back (and waste the bus fare).
My obsessive compulsive shopper cousin A grabbed every chance possible to be with my mom. Let's say, on average, we ate with her at least once every other day. Because of her, my mom didn't have enough time to see other people or sight-seeing or shopping. This lady must be lonely or bored. And, as mentioned above, an obsessive compulsive shopper. She'd find “deals” and buy cheap stuff, then force them onto other people as gifts. Yup, my mom's got a few pieces of clothings and I got some too. As I'm on the picky side when it comes to clothes, I can't say I like what she bought. But still had to accept it with a smile. Hmm...