Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Last supper

Last day to eat out before the HST kicks in. So naturally we did. It's dinner with brother's gang day. After dinner we went to his place to learn what to do with the guinea pigs and goldfish. While they go cross-border camping for 4 days, I'll be camping at their place, to look after those pets.

Brought a pair of Pinkys to take pictures with the guinea pigs, but didn't get to. Oh well, lots of time in the next 4 days. I plan to make it a doll necklace camp. Started packing, but I think it's gonna take many more hours.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Jacquot assorted chocolates

(From May 2010.)
Aunt C gave us this heart-shaped can of candy. Probably from Valentine. (Hope it's this year's, not last year's!) There are 4 types in the can.

The most exotic one here. Quite sweet. Can't really tell it was pistachio.

It's got a much softer and airier texture, but the sweetness is also overpowering and can't tell it's macadamia.

Finally I can sense some familiarity. It's still too weak, like a ghost of hazelnut instead of the nut itself. And, I'm starting to feel the staleness in the candy. It's supposed to expire in November, though. Texture is in between macadamia and pistachio.

Same as hazelnut, it's very weak. Nevertheless you can sense a little bit. There's very few pieces of nut in the one I had. Texture is the toughest of all.

Overall, the filling is actually quite dry, and full of bubbles, not like the picture.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Toilet paper

Dad was putting toilet paper on his teeth-brushing mug again. And, he was hiding toilet paper in the cabinet again...

... sigh... (T_T)

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Assorted country? Or assorted flavours?

Saturday, June 26, 2010


(Picture was taken on the 25th and unrelated to the subject.)

Someone thinks I'm a whore who'd trade sex for grocery... (T_T)

Friday, June 25, 2010


Badly needed chiropractor day. I was late again. (T_T) Ever after he raised his fees, the number of patients seems to have dropped. But there are still plenty.

Caught dad wiping his face on the public hand towel and left boogers. He also played with and wasted a bunch of toilet paper...

... sigh ... (T_T)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Maitre Paul de Luxe Brandy Chocolate

(From February.)
Same as Brandy Beans. I can't tell the difference between the two. Three or four of these can get me drunk. But they're very easy to stomach. Too easy. Dangerous.

Bed wetting

(Picture was taken on the 20th and unrelated to subject.)
Dad wet his bed just now. His very first time fully wet. Still won't use diapers.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010


(Picture was taken in January and unrelated to subject.)
Yesterday was still chilly, but today got hot all of a suddenly. My car turn into a sauna. Yup, summer is here. Even the night is no longer chilly. I don't have to use heating pad.

Went with mom to visit aunt Y at her apartment near Chinatown today. She had a hip-replacement surgery and doing quite well. Parking is $5 an hour. As expensive as the hospital! Aaaaargh!!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fried egg-white puffs

Eat-out day with brother's gang. We just had a feast on Sunday for Father's Day. It was only 2 days ago and seems a bit harsh on the stomach.

Nevertheless, this restaurant's fried egg-white puffs are really good. This dessert is super difficult to make and not available when it's busy. Today was fine so we were able to order it. Yay~!!

Boss canceled tomorrow's work around 9 PM. She likes to do it the night before or what? I've bought tomorrow's lunch already. Plus her lunch, plus her lunch the next day to save her from cooking. Now I'm stuck with 3 day's worth of lunch. Not to mention spending unnecessary money. Nope, she didn't ask me to buy extra. She's in super crunch time and I do it out of good will, yet it backfires on me so many times already. These are times that I really feel I should stop trying to be a nice person.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Solstice

Longest day of the year. But the sky clouded over around 8, so the "extra" sunlight didn't make any difference. It's also the arrival of summer, yet it's 14 degrees at night. Feel free to laugh, but I'm still using heating pad for my feet in bed.

Just another work day today...

Picked up some potentially useless stuff at Michael's again. (But, but, but, they're on sale! Lower than half price!) No they're not useless. I intend to make them into pendants.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

Tried to set up lunch with Y, but she couldn't make it. Oh well, next time. It would be too crazy to eat out today anyway. Parking would also be bad.

So, just like Mother's day, we bought take-out and ate at brother's place instead of eating out. Aunt Y's been over, and she bought Vietnamese steam rolls. Mom cooked a pot of veggies. Sis-in-law was shocked to see we brought food. She prepared rice and veggies too. Turns out mom told brother about us bringing some food, but he forgot to pass the message along. Oh well!

Not only food food, sis-in-law bought a bunch of Taiwanese snacks for dessert too. I brought 2 packs of mini fruit tarts, making sure everybody can have 2. We didn't even finish the first pack as the kids weren't interested. Haha!

The trophy is my younger niece's. She got it as a price at the special school for good behavior. Basically there are 1st 2nd and 3rd place for good grades, and then if you don't get the first 3, you get this 4th one.

Their Guinea pigs grew a little. Waaaaay smarter than the one I had when I was a kid. Mine seemed to be retarded comparing to these two. (The other one is not in the photo.)

Saturday, June 19, 2010


It was in front of Michael's. The driver was asked to open the trunk. By the time I came out from the store, they were gone. I wonder what happened.

Friday, June 18, 2010


(Pictures were taken on the 12th and unrelated to subject.)
Yes, my bad, fell asleep at the desk around 1 and ended up going to bed at 5. Set my alarm at 1, but mom woke me up at 12:30.

Dad's gone missing while mom and aunt Y went out.

His shoes and cane and bus pass were gone. He took his wallet too but no keys. He went out through the garage and didn't lock the door. Super dangerous!!!! While I washed my face, mom called up relatives and friends to make sure no one took dad. Aunt C and her relatives happened to be out so they joined in the search along Fraser Street. That went on for a while as I quickly ate some yogurt. Can't do a search on an empty tank.

Our ex-neighbour is in town and it could be possible that they had taken dad for lunch. Their phone was busy, though. So mom phoned up the usual restaurant. No luck. But then she had an intuition and phoned up a less likely restaurant. Bingo. Dad's been "sitting there for a while". Mom told the staff to tell him that we were on our way. She then decided that we should eat lunch there, because dad's been holding up a table at lunch hour. It's only fair. Aunt C dropped by at this perfect timing. We delivered the news that dad's been found, and she left. I got dressed, prepared the house, and we left too.

Closing the curtains, shutting the screen doors and kitchen sliding doors, locking downstairs probably took too long. Parking wasn't easy either. When we arrived at the restaurant, dad had left. The staff at the restaurant didn't know when he left or which direction he took. At least he was there when we called. He couldn't be far. I though we should search on foot nearby, but mom said he must have gone home. So I drove home. Bingo again! There he was, standing at the front door, trying to unlock the door. Turn out he did take some keys, but wrong ones.

Why did he leave knowing that we were on our way? Was he trying to run away from us? It was a mere 20 minutes, and dad beat us. I couldn't believe it. It takes me 15 minutes on foot. He usually walks so slow, there's no way he can do it in 20. What's going on???? I get the feeling that, he knew he screwed up, and tried to eliminate evidence as usual by beating us home.

Another indication for the cover-up theory was his attitude. To start, the restaurant staff did pass him the message that we were on our way to pick him up.
"Why did you leave, then?"
"You guys took too long to show up!"
He said it like he was picking a fight. A perfect sign of buffing.

Apparently, dad thought we were to meet him at the restaurant for lunch. No one ever invited anyone, though. It was all his imagination. Mom said, if you want to have dim sum, just tell us! And we can go! Dad went really grumpy, mumbled something, and made no admission that he made any mistake.

He had the usual portion lunch, then went hunting for more food, found the buns from aunt C, and ate 2. Watermelon on top of that, plus the mangoes mom's peeling for a dish for dinner. If I didn't stopped him in time, he would have opened up another bag of rice crackers. His appetite had gone further out of control.

Today, dad was acting completely out of character. (Well, technically speaking, he's become someone else since a long time ago.) Usually he's timid and doesn't leave the house. He has never gone out alone, always with someone. What made him go out alone today?????????

Yes, I felt very useless. If I had gone to bed earlier and get up earlier, this probably would never have happened. But, is there anything in this world to look forward to anymore? It's easy for you to say "yes". But the answer for me is 99.9% "no". Let's say, that 0.1% is my last bit of hope.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Taiwanese Pineapple Cake

(Also from February.)
From cousin D. Thanks! No outer box, just a few of these squares. The brand name must be in the outer box too. Whatever text on here is just for good fortune and doesn't seem to be the brand name. It's in traditional Chinese so I'd say it's a Taiwanese product.

Aaah, the usual Taiwanese (?) pineapple cake. Crust and filling. However, it's harder than a rock! The crust is OK, but there's no way I can bite through the fillings! There are pine nuts and supposed to be good stuff. Without the outer box, the expiry date is unknown. He told me to put it into the freezer. That, may be why it became so hard.

That first one was left to thaw at room temperature. I couldn't eat it and it ended up in the trash.
A few days later, the second time was different. After microwaving the heck out of it, the filling softened up enough and I was able to eat it. It wasn't too bad. But I still think it's too hard.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gold Pineapple Cake

(From February.)
A gift form aunt C from Taiwan. Thanks! Taiwanese have a thing about pineapple cakes. It's dangerously yummy. Not too sweet, just the right amount of everything. The crust tastes like real butter (as to fake ones). Very addictive! Yup, they've got the good stuff! I bet it's not cheap either.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

4 buns

Just caught dad eating 4 buns all by himself. Mom's given him one already at 3. Now he cleaned up the whole bag which had 4. So, a total of 5. Yet he's still hunting around for food... sigh...

Just for reference, 2 buns are enough for a meal for me.

And today's eat-out day with brother's gang. Sis-in-law probably had to return some books to the Richmond library, so we ate at Kam Do again. Huge portions. The taste is not as bad as I thought. The beef was very tender, but flavourless. This is definitely a place which gives priority to quantity.

Pee wipe

Right now it's almost 3 AM. Dad is wiping the washroom basin counter with one piece of toilet paper again. I asked him is it's used. He said no. I don't think I can trust him. I'm pretty sure this is why the counter area stinks.

He's done it again and again. Not only does he have no common sense anymore, he refuses to cooperate. What can I do? How can I not curse the world?

Picture was taken late February. I missed posting this one. Instead of putting his dentures into his usual cup to soak, he put it into a dinning bowl at the dish rack, then left it there. Nowadays, he increasingly not remove his denture when he goes to bed, so he can sneak eat when mom and I are sleeping.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Chiropractor / hail

Chiropractor day. His place is more quiet than usual. Of course, it's the first day he raises his fee to $45. Two visits now cost $90. It's almost a hundred bucks! I need at least 3 a month. I wonder how long I can keep this up. (T_T) (My part-time job only gives me just under $60 a day before expense.)

Dad was "organizing" things again. Sigh... (T_T)

It was raining hail around 6 pm. Tried to shoot a video of the ice pebbles dancing on the ground, but of course it was impossible with my half-broken camera. It's hard to see on concrete, but the white dots on the grass are hail.

Strawberry Marshmallow

(From February.)
Looks like Taiwanese product. Thanks A! You're right. Once you start, you can't stop. I finished the whole bag in one day. Dangerous!
It's got jelly in the middle of the marshmallow, and sweetness is just right. Fruity and light, quite refreshing. Well... maybe refreshing is not the right word, as it is marshmallow after all. Either way, still really good!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

All wrong

(Picture was taken yesterday near London Farm.)
I'm %#@& tired of dad sitting on the toilet for over an hour holding up the bathroom, and that's just for peeing. Now it stinks so badly I don't even want to go in there. But I also feel so gross not taking a shower. I #%$& hate this situation that makes me want him to disappear. It's all wrong. If God is doing this to us, he can't blame me for leaving him.

Today was a pretty good day. Nice weather despite my back condition, and a good outing. But at the end, stuff like this always ruins whatever good things there are, and puts me in a really bad mood.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Y is leaving next month. So I kidnapped her to Richmond today. London Farm as usual. By coincidence, there was a church family event. No parking spot! Needed to park a bit further down the road. And the price went up to $8.5, plus, they used to give you 4 pieces of treats but now only 3. Sigh... It was delicious, though.

Went to Imperial Hobby, then Aberdeen. Ate dinner at 7th Haven. The food quality seems to have dropped a little.

Otherwise, the weather was nice. It was even hot in the car. (I have no AC.) And we had fun talking.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Disgusting government

(Picture was taken on the 7th and is unrelated to subject.)
Needed to buy lunch buns so I got up earlier. However, parking was way worse then usual! Plus, a ticker giver was circling the block in his car! I recognized him as the one who gave me a parking ticket awhile ago!!! Jerk!!!!! He's a predator alright. So I was extra careful and circle around the block twice. Then 2 blocks away, there was another such car with a woman ticketer! Geeze... the city is gonna squeeze every penny out of us wherever possible, right? As I left, I saw a car being towed. The driver was talking to the tow truck driver and obviously upset. All of a sudden, the city became so cheap and turn against it's citizens, it's disgusting!!!

Some cutting, some packaging, and most of the afternoon adding gold balls to those cheaper "decorations". (Using lower grade acrylic nail rhinestones.) That, alone, was more than enough to screw my shoulders and neck up.

Tried to redeem the toothpaste coupon at Price Smart, but it's $4.99! The coupon only allows up to $3.98. OK they ARE more expensive here. London Drugs is at $3.99, just one cent above limit. I wonder if Crest set this limit on purpose so they don't have to pay for it. If so, I despise you!

Just when I was about to e-mail Y, she beat me to it. How many months have it been? I'm so bad at keeping in touch. But she's leaving next month. Better meet her now or never.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

An era is over

FMA manga finished today...
108 chapters in total.
This very last chapter is 113 pages. Almost 3 times the normal size.

Thanks Arakawa, for a 9-year long dream and support. It's been amazing.

Just because it's over doesn't mean I'll stop loving it. It's gonna be number one on my chart for many, many years.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Amazon shipping

The 3 books I ordered from a seller under arrived. First, they were in separate envelopes. How strange! But I guess the mailman wouldn't be able to put them through the mail slot otherwise. So it's a good thing. Second, they were shipped from England! I thought I'd be buying from Canadian company if it's I'm wrong.

As to the stuff I need to finish today, I didn't beat the early bird, but nevertheless beat the official release day.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Kitkat Royal Milk Tea

(From Feburary.)
Why is it "Royal"? Right on the front of the package it says "milk tea flavouring used". So... no real tea? Wrong. On the ingredient list there is "tea extract". Opened it up, and... OMG it's another non-brown one! Yes, smelled like tea... and very milky. Should have known. Tasted too sweet... and too milky. This milk is more like condensed milk. I couldn't detect any taste of tea despite the aroma. On the back of the package it says Kitkat originated from the UK (where people like tea). Really? I didn't know Kitkat was born in the UK! And Nestlé is from Switzerland, not the US.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Cop car

Mostly putting together kits and packaging today. Went to the bank after work at 41st and Victoria. When I came back, a cop car was parked right next to me. The cops probably went in McDonald's... I guess.

Sunday, June 06, 2010


Someone's wedding was approaching. Felt like brother's. The atmosphere was so... wedding. Time may have been rewind. (But in reality, I didn't attend his wedding, and it was years ago. His older kid is now 12.) Kind of out of place, but P was around. Huge head as usual with that natto hair, and like a plush mascot, haha... She's been working overnight continuously and in pretty bad shape. I had to take the elevator to go to a reserved banquet room in a Chinese restaurant's second floor. There was a young boy playing around, running in and out of the elevator. I looked into the banquet room but didn't go in. The walls had Mahogany panels. There was (at least) one huge table. Cousin A and cousin S's kids were there, but they were all kids. (Yup, time has been rewind.) Somehow I did it twice. More guest arrived the second time I looked.

Then maybe the dream was truncated, or I forgot a big chunk. Mom was cutting my hair for the special occasion. At the end, she gave me a helmet haircut she's been giving me since I had my first one. (The last one was when I was 17, still the same haircut. I will never forgive her for this. Never.) When I found out, I was outrageous. Why did I let her cut my hair again? Why did she betray me again? I went to bed and couldn't stop crying. The bedroom was our old place's. The one with the air conditioner. And I slept on the upper deck of a bunk bed. However, the one I climbed onto was an extra one placed at an angle. I cried and cried and cried, thinking I had to skip school to go to the hair salon tomorrow...

... and then I was woken up by the alarm clock. Phew... that was a big nightmare.

Saturday, June 05, 2010


Woken up at 11 by the door bell. Someone came to drop off some stuff to mom. (Mom was out shopping with aunt Y.) And as usual, dad was hiding. He doesn't like answering the phone or the door. Sigh...

Mended the 2 strands of glass beads from DeSerres for necklace. It was waaay tougher than I thought. Spent the whole afternoon working on just that. My fingers were sore. The 26g wire I bought especially for this, is too dark. Oh well...

Then finally I started the jump ring + crimp bead one I learned from the book. It was easy, but very time-consuming. It takes over 30 minutes to make one. And I kept dropping the rings and beads. Some disappeared into the twilight zone.

Did not get to draw any 4-koma again. Only 4 days left. In fact, if I don't do it tomorrow, it'd be too late. It's impossible to do it on a work day. (T_T) Awwwwww I feel like I've wasted a day.

Wasabeef Potato Chips

(From February.)
Tasted like Calbee, but it's actually Yamayoshi. Made in Japan. Yup, with the distinctive potato flavour. Plus, beef and most of all, wasabi! It was delicious.

However, midway the wasabi got too strong, and the potato felt kind of powdery. Perhaps the flavouring wasn't mixed well, because the wasabi got weaker. The potato was fine too. Hmm... Still extremely addictive.

Took today off because my nieces too away my Sunday. Need time to finish some stuff before the 9th... but ended up working on something else. (T_T)

Friday, June 04, 2010


Can't believe I got up at 2. With such a long and vivid dream, I guess I didn't sleep too well.

Badly needed chiropractor visit. My neck and shoulders turn into rock. Starting to give me a headache. These were all anticipated, though, from yesterday's harsh jewelery stuff.

Got A's coffee beans. Tried to get those on-sale mushroom at Save-on. But they're all sold out. A message was written on the empty space saying, sorry, sold out, rain cheque available at customer service. I needed to refund my parking, so I got Lays chips. $5 for 2. Not having a craving, so why did I get 2 bags? (This could be bad. Am I addicted?) As I lined up at customer service, I noticed everyone was asking for the mushroom rain cheque. Wow...

Dropped off coffee beans at A's. Then went to the Burnaby Michael's. Haven't been there for a while. Too bad the display case was sold out. C is out of luck. But there are new ones. They're more like my cup of tea too. Oh well. Got a small piece of painted cow on wood. Surprisingly, they don't have the cuter kind where I got at North Van. When I used the 40% off coupon on this 40 cents item, the cashier laughed. I guess no one border to do that? I had a coupon that expired today so why not? Is it stupid in other people's eyes? Am I doing stupid things and not realizing it??????????


I was talking to W and we agreed to have a car race in MK. The course was plotted. Strangely, there weren't many cars which is impossible in such a busy area. But I didn't go too far before getting lost, around SY Street at N Road. That was the area I've been going to grade school and high school. The streets have changed. (Plus, I've never driven there in real life, of course!!)

Got off at a parkage/mall-like area. Concrete walls and floor. There were people around. I went into a washroom. The floor was very wet. There were 2 stalls. I got into one, but the water tank was overflowing and it was the source of the flood! 2 middle-aged chubby female janitors were there, trying to fix the problem. There was a bathtub (?) filled with water. I washed my hands there. Plenty of people kept coming in trying to use the washroom. Everybody washed their hands in that bathtub.

Looked like the dream was truncated. All of a sudden I was eating lunch with W. There were a few dishes on the table. The one I remember the most was a huge bowl of Doll brand noodle with a sunny-side-up. Can't remember the conversation either, but it was partially on the race. The atmosphere was very friendly.

Then I was at what looked like P Ave at W Road where the old M train station was. That was also where I received my second guinea pig. Somehow mom was there. There were street vendors selling stuff including bananas and watermelons. Some were carts and others were trucks. Bananas were 69 cents a pound. $24 for 100 pounds. (Huh???) Mom said it was too expensive and didn't buy any. Then the dream jumped again. The location was still the same, but I was in front of a primitive wire fence cage. My first two guinea pigs were in there. Apparently they belonged to someone else. I played with them for a while. #1 tried to escape. I pushed the wire a little to stop him.

And the rest... evaporated before I could write it down. One unusual thing is, time seemed to pass logically in this dream, as the degree of sunlight actually got darker as it progressed.

Thursday, June 03, 2010


(Picture is from April.)
Did a bunch of cuttings and jewelry stuff, and completely killed my neck and shoulders. This is when I ask myself whether I should quit this job. But what else can I do...?

Fell asleep in front of the computer again. Extremely bad for the neck and shoulders, but I'm numb beyond recovery. (T_T)

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Work day

(Picture is... kind of related, kind of not related to subject.)
Wasn't gonna even tell my boss about the mom vs dad battle, but the conversation steered that way at the very end of the day. She laughed. Was it funny? How come I'm all depressed if it's supposed to be funny?


I was in somewhere like TST but much cleaner and nicer like over here. There were familiar-looking ferry dock, bus depot and buildings etc, but somewhat different. There were also trams. (Huh??? They should only be on the HK side!) Very few cars were on the street. Turn out there was a festival of some sort, and a parade in progress. The streets were closed. Was it a T-intersection or a L-intersection? The parade was coming straight ahead. To avoid running into them, I went into a shopping alley. Somehow Miki was with me. We went into craft stores together and looked at tiny bottles. There were interesting ones like bulbs with movable eyes inside the liquid-filled bottle. They seemed to be hand-made and no two were the same. We both liked them. I asked the staff lady how much it was. She said they're hand made by a popular artist and the one in my hand was $500. (Yikes!!!!) I turn to plan B: buy materials and make our own. I was studying some of them. There were colourful bits of something (plastic???) floating around like snow domes. Then I noticed the used how-to magazine with no cover I was holding onto had a price tag of $93. Of course I put it back, and alert Miki for the one in her hands. We then looked at small empty bottles. As we were picking out our purchases, I woke up (I think). That was all. (No, mom woke me up. I forgot to put a sign saying no work today.) (T_T)

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

4 AM

Couldn't sleep last night. There's no way I can have a normal work day, so I e-mailed my boss around 4 am. (That's one good thing about this job.) Ended up going to bed at around 5 am. Forgot to put a note on my door, and mom came woke me up at 9 am. Grrr. Then again around noon for whether to eat out tonight or tomorrow night with brother's gang. I don't think I got much sleep and I felt horrible. Actually felt sick. Couldn't move. My body was all locked up. By the time I got out of bed, it was 3.

Yes, dad took cutlery not from the drying rack, but from the drawer and lay them out on the counter again. With knives blades facing out. Mom went to use the phone and bumped into them. That's why some are placed crocked. Dad likes to lay them out perfectly straight. Sigh....

Cooked and ate oatmeal. Then it was 4. Mom wanted to go get some canned pineapple, and maybe a new pair of shoes for dad as he pee on it at daycare. I finished packing the parcels that were not finished last night. Then left at 5:30 pm. Need to do 3 things of my own first. (1) Mailed the parcels. (2) Buy buns for tomorrow's lunch. (3) Pay credit card bill. We went to the supermarket for canned pineappleat around 6:15 pm. Finished at around 6:40 pm. Only took 5 minutes to go to the restaurant. So we were early for 15 minutes. I forgot my cell phone which acts as my watch. Once we went inside the restaurant, I couldn't look at the car's clock and lost track of time. Not sure when brother arrived. He (they) usually are late.

Didn't know the Richmond public library carries English manga. Talking about library, I haven't been in one for... over 10 years!

Time seems to accelerate 10-fold faster than normal today. Mom acted like last night's beating never happened. Or, perhaps the "new shoes for dad" was a kind of compensation.


(Photo taken April 2009.) Just now, I heart dad yelled "that hurt!" in a really really grumpy and frustrated voice.

He's been sitting on the toilet for a while and tearing his pants apart again.

Mom needed to go pee, so dad got kicked out. I didn't hear him flush. Nor did mom. There was also no toilet paper in the toilet. So this means he was just sitting there taking apart his pants by pulling out the threads. In other words, "playing" with his pants while holding up the washroom.

I first heard them talking in the kitchen. That's when I went to check what happened. Dad was sitting in his dining chair with pants down as if he's sitting on a toilet, still pulling threads off his pants. Mom was mad. she said she has to take the sewing machine out tomorrow to do the mending again. Dad keeps destroying his pants. If it's not for mom, he will have no pants to wear. A pile of thread was left next to the toilet, and it usually stick to his slippers and get onto the carpet everywhere, and then jam up the vacuum cleaner. As mom told me what happened, dad completely ignored us and rushed to pull as much thread out as he could. Mom also told me, dad said aunt Y is insane. I said, same as drunk people never admit they're drunk. The insane one here, is obviously dad. (However, I've already learn the incident form aunt Y first hand. She's quick to complain.)

Then they went back to their bed room, and I back to my computer room to finish preparing some stuff that are going out in the mail tomorrow (I mean today). After a moment, I heard dad yell it hurt.

No, I'm too coward to to go check. But it sounded like dad refused to change into clean pants as mom told him. She snapped, and hit him. He's extremely uncooperative. He does all sorts of destructive things, whatever he wants whenever he likes. He doesn't care. He either ignores you, or say yes and not do it. Mom is super frustrated, I can understand that. Especially having to sleep in the same room with such a stinky (literally foul-smelling) person. I don't have her patience. I can't deal with dad at all.

No, this person is not dad, for quite some time already. Who is this guy?

Oh, the other day I over heard mom talking to aunt Y. A piece of crap was found in dad's pants. I don't know why or when it started, but dad no longer wear underpants. Perhaps to reduce obstructions when he need to go pee? Was it voluntary? Anyway, mom told him to wash that soiled pair of pants, first by removing the piece of crap. But dad just dump the whole thing into the bucket, making crap soup. Sigh...

I get the feeling that he hates following orders, thus intentionally do things wrong to screw mom up.

Yeah, it's like, why, God?

People, especially religious ones will say, there's meaning behind this. But sorry, I just cannot believe or accept that there might be any meaning at all. God probably enjoys seeing us suffer.

I understand mom's frustration. But I don't think beating dad is right either. Is there any solution?