Thursday, September 30, 2010

Shipping fee

More stuff arrived. Good. Spent too much time looking for findings online. (T_T) Etsy is extremely dangerous. I got tired at the end and became careless. Got burnt on shipping at one seller. (T_T) Others have shipped my orders but this one with extra expensive shipping fee still hasn't. No one else to blame but myself.

Brother's church friend came visit. She's with some kind of support group and gave us some info on dad's options. Since he is not independent, going to a home alone is not possible. The only option is for mom to go stay with him. But this will cost 80% of his income. There are much to consider. Mom treated her out to dim sum for lunch.
Thanks A for the outing! (^_^)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ribbons and pompoms

Thanks A for lending me the bus pass so I could go to Dressew. Picked up more pompoms and ribbons that I missed last time.

Some more findings arrived. Still have to get more findings online. Didn't get to work on actually stuff again. (T_T)

Toilet paper

Dad came back from day care with pockets stuffed full of stolen toilet paper... and junk... (T_T)

Sick!!!! (T_T)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Crap. Totally lost it. Is the vampire close? I should still have 2 weeks! Don't tell me it's showing up this early!

I guess it started with dad's non-stop snacking throughout the afternoon. Mom shared an apple with dad but he wanted more, and ended up eating another whole himself. Then a banana. Later, mom was cutting up those baguette-looking loafs from cousin D, so dad can eat them as crackers after they're toasted. I, brought out some Costco chips from A. Dad just kept munching on all. Even as mom was cutting the loaf up (as to waiting until they're toasted).

Then after dinner with brother's gang and aunt C, dad refused to enter the car from the left rear door. The curb on the right gave him lots of trouble but he still insisted to board from the right. I really, really hate it when he doesn't listen and fixated on what he's doing is better. So? It took him a long time to board. Mom was helping him. A late-teen-looking passer-by even offered to help (but mom said no thanks).

Then I remembered I need to fill up. The PC station at V and 49th was full, so I figured the price must be good. And at 112.9, sure better than yesterday (113.5). I went as far as swiping my point card. Then some guy stopped me wanting to use my pump because the clerk screwed up and put his $20 into my pump. What else can I do but to let him? Tried 2 other pumps, but those were diesel.

I lost it. Swearing and cursing the world. Mom said nothing. Neither did dad. I guess I must be pretty scary. Loosing control like that, I don't like it a bit.

At such times, I have no doubt that God must want me dead. He makes me frustrated enough to suicide so his hands can stay clean. (Of course when the attack is over, I don't feel as bad.) I'm very scared of what I could end up doing during such fits.

Finally found the pompoms. It was out on my desk alright, but sandwiched between 2 Ferraro lids with some fabric. Sigh... I'm happy to find them, but sad that why I didn't find them sooner.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Calbee Seaweed Chips

Wow... this "dug-up" series never ends. I've let things slip...

Calbee Seaweed Flavoured Potato Chips. I haven't had any bad experience with Calbee yet. This seaweed flavour is actually one of my favorite. Especially when I crave salt. It's really yummy. However, full of MSG too. So I stopped eating this stuff. (And turn to Lays. Lays is much cheaper too.) But I'll never forget this awesome flavour.


Survived till today's appointment. I think I've gotten used to the sore neck and shoulders already. But I did feel much better afterward.

Went to DeSerrers to check out their beading section. No bead cap (not the kind I'm looking for). There was an oxidized silver chain that I was interested in, but wasn't cheap. So I held off.

Then it started raining. I stopped by i-found for more chains and some charm-type stuff. Wasn't cheap, but no where else has that stuff.

Last stop, the dollar store near home. Got some earring posts and beads but forgot the earring stoppers. Oh well, next time.

Gas price didn't drop. It was 6:30 and probably too early. Oh well I have enough for now. Maybe the price will drop tomorrow, just like 2 weeks ago.

Still haven't found the pompoms... (T_T)

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Took A to Costco for those carbonated juice. I was looking for socks but there was none my size. (Makes me feel so much like a misfit in this world.) Thanks for the Thin Addictives, A! McDonald's for dinner. Didn't think A would be sooooo happy to eat there. However, we couldn't find the entrance to the one on Willington, and ended up going to the one near Renfrew station.

Hung out at A's place afterward. He played games while I searched for bead cap online. Hate to see him spend an hour grilling corn, so I steamed 3 cobs for him for tomorrow. But... he ate one-and-a-half right away. Oh well. My only concern is too much food at bed time isn't good.

BTW, that corn vendor on Kingsway scammed us. $8 for 12 was already more expensive than the guy on Boundary ($7.5 for 12). As A gave me 6 cobs yesterday, there was only 5 left in the bag. Which means, the vendor only gave us 11 instead of 12. A didn't care. I know I shouldn't either, because there's nothing I can do. However, it doesn't dilute the anger and helplessness. I'm being taking advantage of, yet I can't do anything! (I know, I know. I didn't even pay for it, but still.) Sigh... (T_T)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pompoms & beadcaps hunt

I got up super late. Met A at Dressew. He wants Halloween costume ideas, I want pompoms and ribbon). Traffic was bad so I arrived even later. Didn't want to keep him waiting for longer, so I only went for the pompoms. However, they weren't where they used to be. Instead, in the clearance room. Which means, Dressew is discontinuing them! AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!

Well, if I could get what I need for now, it's all good. But! But! Nooooo they no longer carry 7mm! I bought mine there... a long time ago, though. Sigh... Nevertheless, picked up some other sizes just in case I can't find any elsewhere. Dressew is not cheap anymore. Sigh...

Then we went to the party supply store on 4th for A's Halloween stuff. The store was set up like they were having an event. Music outside, balloons, staff in consumes, even free popcorn! Nice! But thing were very expensive and A couldn't find anything good. It was a trip for idea, though. So it was good.

Then coffee shop for A on 4th while went to a bead shop nearby. That one's expensive. Still managed to find 2 charms. There was an ergonomic chair store on the block. Should be useful for A, so we went there. Oh boy I wish A was there 2 days earlier. I think they have the stuff he need. Too bad he had gone through lots of trouble ordering from the States.

Then Granville Island. No bead cap (that I'm looking for) but still managed to buy something. Yikes... Got pastry and ham from the market and went to A's place. Thanks for cooking, A! (^_^)

Burnt (3)

I've been super careful not to get the band-aid wet during shower, but still am very afraid to remove it. It... looks kind of bad. But I must replace it with a fresh one... (T_T) The wound doesn't look good. It's all red...

Friday, September 24, 2010

Traffic fail

Whenever I announce my estimate arrival time to S, I'd be late for at least an hour. Sucks!!!

Today, I needed to see P and J. To time my arrival at 5, I left the house at 4. That should give me more than enough time as it only tales 35 minutes. After dropping off mom, I headed towards the Second Narrows Bridge. On my way, I caught a traffic news broadcast of an accident on that bridge which almost stop traffic completely. Logically, I turn to Lion's Gate. Of course going through downtown is no fun. I'm still traumatized from last time. So I tried to go around it by getting on Pacific and then Beach. However, I missed a trun and ended up in Stanley Park! AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!! My heart sunk. I just can't win.

Luckily the car in front seemed to be having the same problem. I followed it and ended up back on Denman successfully. Thank God. Finally one good thing. But traffic was still very slow. By the time I sat down with P, it was 5:50. I had been driving for 1 hour 40 minutes. My hips were screwing up from having to keep a foot on the brake. Amazingly, S was till there! He was in crunch time for a project. I'm sure I have no credibility in his eyes anymore. Sigh... I left a box of treat on his desk with a note as a late b-day gift. Forgot to tell him when I saw him in person. but he was eating it. Didn't say thank you. Sigh...

At least P and J's work has progressed. K asked me to look at his too, so I spent some time with him. By the time I left, it was 8:30. Oh well, I never claim more than one hour per session even though I always stay longer. Tonight was worse because of an extra person. As a result, I couldn't get A's coffee beans. However, I could still stop by Walmart to see if they have any of those on-sale laundry detergent. Nooooo of course not. They always advertise but not keep enough in stock. But I managed to get some beading stuff... hopeless, am I not?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Surprise visit

The lavender from sis-in-law works very well. They make the house smell so much better now! Thanks!! (^_^) Hope they last.

Cousin H from LA dropped by for a surprise visit! He just came back from a cruise and today was his last day in town. We were wondering if he'd call. No he didn't call. Instead, he just showed up around 6 PM, haha!

It's been how many years since we last saw each other? I don't even remember. That was when aunt D died, dad and I went there to pick up some old photo albums they were going to discard. Stayed with them for a few days. Cousin H is an amazing cook, but his wife is a vegetarian, so their diet is somewhat limited. We talked for an hour, exchanged some photos. Mom suggested we eat out, but they said they were way too full.

After they left, mom continued cooking where she left off. We had a late dinner.

Pocky Dessert Strawberry

Yet another one of the "dug-up" series. OMG... this photo is from 2008! How can I miss this for so long? On the other hand, I may have written a review already. Anyway, here goes.

This dessert type Pocky has much thicker chocolate layer and are packaged 4 sticks per bag with 4 bags in a box. Not cheap, but very yummy if you want dessert. I think they've got it right. However, I usually want "cracker", so this is a bit much. Still very delicious, though.

As to the flavour... sorry I forgot. (>_<;)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Moon Festival!

Cousin B's gift to dad had arrived. It's from Costco in the east coast and delivered through UPS. Yikes... I wonder how much shipping cost. Dad came back from daycare but wasn't too interested, though. He was more concerned with eating moon cakes.

As usual, ate out with brother's gang. The restaurant was the one cousin D took us to. Quality is good for the price. The place is spacious, the washrooms are clean. However, tonight was a special night, and there were more customer than usual. Service was super slow. They are short-staffed. The other tables were drinking and loud. Although slow, food was still good. But sis-in-law wouldn't overlook the slowness. Oh well.

She gave us a carton of lavender harvested from her garden for dad's pee stink. I hung them along the railing outside the washroom, and it works! Mush more nicer now. But a few steps down the stairs, the stink returns. (T_T) Just can't win.

Burnt (2)

Actually... the burnt looked so good, I've been careless and didn't use a band-aid. At the end of the day, I accidentally scraped off the skin at the site when taking off my work shirt. I thought a scab formed but it didn't. It was just loose dead skin. Looks like it's getting slightly infected. I've since put Oronain on it and use a band-aid. It's not working...??? Is it because the ointment keeps it too moist???
Forgot to take a photo, but some of the online order beading stuff have arrived. Mainly charms. I think I ordered too many. (But... but... it's a better deal!)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


It doesn't look too bad... Doesn't even hurt anymore. That ointment from my boss is amazing.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Iron in the sink

(Picture was taken on the 10th and unrelated to subject.)
Don't know who else in the world would put a plugged-in, turn-on iron standing up in the kitchen sink. Thanks to my boss, the back of my arm got burnt a little. I know better not to touch suspicious-looking stuff so I won't make her mad by messing things up. No one would expect an iron sitting in the sink would be turn-on and hot, right? With my guard let down, my arm came in contact with its edge briefly when I washed my hands. There was the initial sharp pain, but didn't feel anything until about 15 minutes later. The pain was enough to ask for ointment. She treated the wound with the same stuff from last time when I cut my finger, and patched it up with a big band-aid. She wasn't too pleased that I got hurt again so soon. Nonetheless, slightly freaked out. Yeah, she said I'm the only one using the band-aids and they are so old, they won't stick anymore. (And she wasn't kidding.) Instead of admitting the iron-in-the-sink was not normal, she implied that I'm the one at fault for not being smart enough.


Perfect example of my screwed-up sense of space. I don't know where my body ends.

Yes, if I had all my brain with me, I won't be working for her. And she knows it. People know my condition yet they still expect me to be normal. I wish I could be normal. I wish.

No I'm not mad. Sad? Yes I am. I've already given up on her. It's just a job. But I want, and need a better job.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Most screw-ups in one day

I'm blaming it on the weather. My back is complaining already despite having a chiropractor's visit 2 days ago.

Thanks A for lending me your bus pass so I could go to that gift and craft show. However... I've mistaken the location. Went to the wrong one and came back with nothing but a sweaty back. No amount of words can describe my disgust on myself.

Could have used that time to go to the small bead shop on Main. Sigh... (T_T)

Another small screw-up was lifting the faucet thinking it was the handle. That was plain stupidity. The second biggest one was, I forgot to return A's bus pass. Didn't find out until I got home. Must return it tomorrow before he goes to work. Which means... I'll have about 4.5 hours sleep. Actually I've been getting 4 to 5 hours sleep every night for about a week already. I really hope I won't cause an accident. (T_T)

And... I forgot to log out on A's laptop. I left my G-mail running. Don't think A would be the kind of person who plays practical jokes by changing passwords, but I can't believe I've been so out of it today. Sigh... (T_T)

Can't I do anything right? (T_T)


(Picture was taken on the 2nd and is unrelated to subject.)
Failed to go to bed early again. Last time I went downstairs to put stuff into the laundry basket was around 5:30.

Mom said the basement was flooded this morning. The rain's been pouring since last evening. Our drain in the garage has been clogged for some time too. We got a referral from our handyman for a guy (not sure if he's a real plumber) to take a look. He tried but couldn't completely unclog it. Still charged us $50 for trying. He said the ceramic pipe (?) is cracked and the water would seep out anyway. Fixing it involves digging up the ground the length of the house all the way to the street. Mom decided to wait.

So, this is what we've been afraid of. Flooding basement. The water seems to come from the door and went as far as mom's plants pass the freezer. Mom's been scooping the water out before I got up... Again, I ended up being no help... (T_T)

One of the two emergency rechargeable flash lights has gone missing. That's not cool, for it is something we need seriously. It's been plugged into a wall outlet in mom and dad's bedroom. Dad likes to "put it on the table", but we search and search and search, and still can't find it. First of all, you can't trust anything he tells you. He messes with my oatmeal by pouring soy milk in the pot too soon and denies it. The soy milk wouldn't pour itself unless it's poltergeist. Sigh... I fear he had dismantled the flashlight like he did to the remote control, phone, vacuum cleaner, and the ultrasound rat deterrent.

Update: found the flashlight. It was plugged into the wall outlet. Mom was pretty sure it wasn't there when she looked. Seems like dad's took it, and return it to the outlet when he knew he screwed up. In other words, trying to pretend he's done nothing wrong. Very cunning and irresponsible. It's times like this that makes me wonder if he's really got Alzheimer's. He's way too smart in destroying evidence.

I'm sick and tired of him being like this... (T_T) However, knowing what he's been through (loosing all of his life saving to my cousin's husband), it makes me a devil thinking I want to send him away, or running away myself. We're stuck in this never-ending cluster of stress and unhappiness and distress. I don't want to say it, but the truth is, there's no relief until he's gone, which could be a good 10 or more years. I feel like both my parents are holding me down and preventing me from moving ahead. Yes I'm a devil. (T_T)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Luck math again

(Huge mushrooms in front of Michael's.)
So exhausted last night, I fell asleep in front of the computer checking mail. As a result, didn't actually got to bed until 7. Bad...! OK I was keeping an eye on an overseas auction which my friend was bidding for me. Went to brush my teeth and wash my face, came back and it was over! Oh well! There was one person who asked a question, so I thought there must be competition. But no! Turns out my friend got the item! At 1/3 of it's market value! Amazing!!!!!! (Yup it's a special Pinky...) So I'm pretty happy.

Got the knock too. It's been missing for a few days and started to make me grumpy. Good that it was taken care of. Last day of 50% off Michael's coupons so I went to the Burnaby branch. Cheated going in 3 times with intervals browsing in neighbouring stores. Still had one coupon left and stuff that I want, but I was too chicken to try a forth time. 3 was already very good. I shouldn't be too greedy.

The drive was also smooth. I felt more relaxed. As if the knock changed my mood, and my mood changed my luck. Hmm...

The only complain today, is my dad's twisted habit of taking toilet paper, paper napkins or paper towels unnecessarily from public washrooms and restaurants. He fills his pockets full of that stuff. When it's time for laundry, they get missed sometimes and contaminate the whole load with white paper fiber. Most victims, are my clothes. I'm very tired of having to brush my clothes before wearing them. It makes them look old and used. Even after washing a brand new piece of nice clothing the very first time, it looks like I've worn it for 4 years. Sigh... (See, A? Another reason I don't buy nice clothes.) The grossest thing is when those bits of paper get stuck on the inside of my panties or leggings, like today. When the paper's been touched by dad and been in his pocket, I consider it used. It's super gross to have such things come in direct contact with your skin. Not to mention it's panties. Drives me crazy. Sigh... (T_T)

Friday, September 17, 2010


Badly needed chiropractor day. Makes a huge difference. Ran out of time. Had to give up on stopping at that small bead shop on Main. Oh well. Took A furniture shopping at Ikea. Thanks for the treats!

Thanks A for taking me to S's sister's party. I was feeling so left out. Thanks. However, not sure if I can have fun... Is smoking weed a standard feature at parties? I thought that's only for teenagers. Someone else was smoking cigarette too. Made me dizzy. (T_T) Am I so unfit to go to parties? Didn't make any new friends either. (T_T)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Minute Maid Fruit Blend

Just another work day. Worked on filling jewelery boxes and decorating purses all day.

So... here's another one of the "dug-up" junk food reviews.

Minute Maid Fruit Blend from... January 2009! Yikes! It's been left out for over a-year-and-a-half!

Thanks A for the juice. Sorry... can't remember much, but it wasn't too bad, I suppose. Can't recall it being too cough-syrupy or too yummy. Must be pretty average Minute Maid with the signature "from concentrate" taste. This one is "with natural favour and other ingredients", though.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gas price rythum fail

(Picture was taken on Aug 15 and unrelated to subject.)
$111.9 Sunday night. $114.9 Monday night. $113.9 Tuesday night. $112.9 Wednesday night. What's going on? Monday nights have been the lowest until now! Well, I'm glad my card was rejected on Monday night so I didn't fill up at $113.9. But I did last night. Should have waited for one more day. Oh well.

Sanding warped castings most of the day. Didn't wear a mask and my nose and throat are feeling sick.

Dinner with brother's gang day. Instead of eating out, he brought take-out sushi. Salmon is in season. Now is the time for sushi. (AAARRRGGGHHH forgot to take picture!)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Koeda: chestnut

Part 3 of the "dug-up photo" series. This one was taken in November 2008!!! Somehow mysteriously got missed. But don't worry. I remember this one. (For those who leave deep impressions, are either very good or very bad. Right?)

This one was slightly disappointing. The flavour was too weak. You can hardly tell there's any chestnut. The milk in the chocolate dominated over anything else. Too bad, just too bad.

Monday, September 13, 2010


What exactly is luck?

Thought I'd take advantage of the strong dollar and make some online purchases. Clicked the "back" arrow at the wrong time and screwed up one of the Paypal payments, which cost me a confirmation mail from Etsy. (I paid later but didn't get the "paid" mail.)

Is it me bad at searching or is Etsy being too vast? It took the whole afternoon right up to dinner! Didn't get to go to Michael's.

Went out after dinner to fill up because Monday nights are supposed to be cheapest. It was 8, and I thought, let's try the Burnaby Michael's. I would not buy those over-priced key-and-lock stuff unless I have a 50% off coupon, and this week I have a few. Not all branches carry that stuff. You don't know until you get there. This branch does. Cool.

I even found a skull-and-bone punch that I've been eying for a while for Halloween. It's $5.99, the cheapest I've ever seen! Normal price I think it's $21. That was when I thought I was lucky.

But it's been opened already. I fear it's a return, so I asked to test it before buying. And, as I suspected, it doesn't punch through. Crap. Oh well, this price is only good if the punch works. And it's not a must-have item anyway.

As I tried out the punch, the cap of the last snap button on my jacket fell off when I used the edge of the counter for leverage. It's not repairable. (T_T) It's my favorite jacket!!!! (T_T)

Went to LD across the street. Oh yes they have that really yummy pear chocolate. Must get one to ease the pain from the jacket.

Went to Pricesmart right next door to see if there's anything good. Mom wants more veggie, I want chips (only if on sale). Nope, not on sale and too expensive. But I wasn't expecting anything, so this is neutral.

It was around 9:30. On my way back, I noticed the gas price hasn't dropped! 115.9 was the norm. Husky was 113.9, so I thought the PC closest to my home would be the same. Noooo, 114.9. Last night was 111.9. I'm totally caught off guard.

OK I'd still go for it because I don't know if it's gonna rise higher tomorrow. But the pump didn't let me through and I had to talk to a cashier inside the 7-11. Turns out my card was rejected. It could be pulled too soon or something. So I tried again. But it made no difference. My card was still invalid. I wonder why. Has something funny happened when I made those online purchases? But I did use it at Michael's and LD and it was fine. Hmm... (T_T)

Didn't do much today, but if I add up the events, the total came to -3. Should I define "luck" as having things go your way? Can I say my luck was bad today? Am I too negative to look at it like this?

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Driving monster came out today thanks to a female moron who misused the right-turn only lane, came to a full stop at a highway merging point, then driving very slow on the highway. I seriously doubt if I'm fit to drive.

Thanks A for your help today. Thanks for cooking! I'm sorry if I freaked you out. (T_T)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

9th anniversery

Wow it's been 9 years? Time flies! I remember that day. I was still working at MF.

Aoyama Cafe's "Japanese" curry is too hot. I thought Japanese curry is supposed to be very mild and on the sweet side. This was neither. Oh well. Still edible.

Friday, September 10, 2010

North Van

It's been 2 weeks since I last had a session with P. He's moving alone fine. J is much more ahead, though. He's gonna finish first.

Capilano Rock & Gem doesn't have anything bronze. Very disappointing. The search goes on. I suppose I'll have to try Granville Island and Main Street. Why is bronze-colour findings so hard to come by? (Flat bead caps and spacers in specific.)

Dad stripped some umbrellas he's been keeping around, so they're left with something like a cane. Those were good functioning umbrellas. Sigh... Now he has the one cane borrowed from aunt C, one from me, and 3 of those mutilated umbrellas. Sigh... (T_T)

Thursday, September 09, 2010


Aaaaargh I did it again. Couldn't resist picking up beads at that dollar store... They're supposed to be for the vial pendants, but I don't have a plan on how to use them yet...

The band-aid can finally come off. Took... 6 days? But it's still extremely sensitive. Maybe I should keep it wrapped up for a little longer.

Kitkat: mango

Part 2 of the "dug-up photo" series. I must have forgotten to write a review after this and this. The date of this photo is 2009 February. Old? Yes, but this time I remember more. It didn't taste good at all. Very artificial. Pretty waxy too. Don't think this "mini" format work for Kitkat either. And I'm glad it's a limited edition instead of a regular.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Chiro / crash / Ajisai

Why does time just evaporate into nothing? Yes, thank god for chiropractor today. My brain hasn't been functioning again. Started with cutting my finger, then punching in the wrong number when depositing a pay cheque, then leaving the car window open while dinning, then forgetting to fill up on gas. Plus, feeling extremely negative... (T_T)

After a few rounds of phone calls, dinner with cousin D and T was set for tonight as planned. Went to the bank to see if the mistake was fixed automatically, and yes, it was. (Thanks God! I couldn't take any more trouble.) The payment machine was down since noon at my chiropractor. Luckily I had more cash on me because of tonight's dinner. Afterward, went further west and north to buy some cork stoppers. The hobby shop only had one size left and seem a little too small. Nonetheless I bought some because I had the feeling I'd regret if I didn't. As I approached the store, I heard a loud squeak and then a bang! An accident happened right in front of me! Too bad I didn't see the actual cause. A woman driving an SUV was trying to make a left turn. A man driving a sports car was probably going too fast. Not sure if the woman was starting to turn, but the man seemed to steer slightly to the right and hit the curb. The bang was from the front right tire puncturing. There were 2 oriental women trying to cross the street, and I'm sure they saw the whole thing. I hope the SUV driver got them down for witness because she would be at fault by default. Since the man was clearly upset and yelled at her, I get the feeling that he's a jerk.

When I was done at the hobby shop, it was later than I thought. I would for sure be late if I were to go home and pick up mom and dad. Luckily cousin D was at our place, and cousin T went pick them all up. It was on her way too. (Thanks!) I'm so glad the dinner at Ajisai was better than last time. It would be so sad if their quality drop.

Dad needs that eye vitamin so we went to the LD right next door. Spent a little time there, and got home by... geeze... I forgot when! My brain is still not working!!! Aaaaargh!!! Well, I did fall asleep at the desk and probably screwed up my memory. Didn't get to buy pastry for tomorrow's lunch. Gotta get up earlier... (T_T)

Need some reference images and the online search didn't yield much. Ended up spending too much time and not able to actually work on anything. This happens a lot... (T_T)

Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Freaked me out when I saw the truck blocking our driveway this morning. I needed to go to work. One of my backdoor neighbours was installing kitchen cabinets. Luckily there wasn't any problem for them to move the truck.

Not sure if my boss requested it, or the company did it on their own, she was sent a thicker-than-phone-book catalog. She got those tiny glass vials from them. I thought she bought from some kind of glass ware company, but nooooo. It was a medical supply company! They sell some pretty interesting stuff.

Found some cool deco stickers at Dollar Giant. Bought a bunch, and tried them on the cracked vial. Noooooo, turns out they are crap. The clear plastic is too brittle and stiff, it breaks and won't go onto curved surface nicely. The glue clumps up too. When you stick it onto the glass, the clumps show up clearly. No good at all! (T_T)

Monday, September 06, 2010


Forgot most of it, except for the most unpleasant part.

A was there, and another stranger. We were talking in some kind of cafe or restaurant. We were all sitting on bar stools at a small table. A on my left, the stranger in front of me. Then the stranger suddenly groped one of my boobs. I tried to hit him, but he dodged. Then he groped me again, I hit again, and missed again. Then another round. 3 rounds. A didn't do anything. It was super unpleasant and disturbing. (T_T) It still is long after I got up.

Sunday, September 05, 2010


Slept in. Helped A with his shopping in Richmond. The day started later than usual, so there weren't much time to go to many places. Sorry...

The short rib sandwich at Cactus Club was quite good! Thanks A! (^_^)

Saturday, September 04, 2010


Cousin D and T came visit at our place. They took mom and dad out for lunch while I was still sleeping. Cousin D has a few pairs of pants that need alterations and mom's been helping her for a while. (And my dresses become a low priority because she's from out of town.) As we cannot trust dad on the deconstruction part any more, cousin D was doing that. (Dad's good at it, though. So good, he'd take apart everything.)

Cousin T showed me some sites for job hunting. She recommended packaging or restocking. I guess a job is a job. As long as I receive a T4, it beats my current one. I'm not using my years of training and experience anyway. Time to admit defeat and give up on life. (T_T)

Dinner at a Chinese restaurant they recommended. It was pretty good. Kind of hidden and no info can be found online. Must be new, or not well known.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Finger tip

Almost sliced my finger tip off at work again. It's the second time. Sigh... (T_T) Boss freaked out more than me. It was bloody, and hurts whenever I move. The wound is bigger than last time. (T_T) Not able to floss tonight.

Bought some small bottles from boss for making pendants for Christmas gifts. A bottle costs the same as a cork stopper. Yikes! At $0.8 a set, still cheaper then buying online. But the stoppers look really out of proportion. If it goes well, I might make more for sis-in-law's church friend's craft table in November.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Kitkat: Muscat of Alexandria

Wow... dug up this photo and the date is 2008! Yikes! What happened to the camera? Depth of field is so screwed up! It... was that Sony Cybershot borrowed from A!

Have I written a review? Can't remember. What did it taste like? Can't remember either. So... if the review had been written, sorry for this duplicate picture. If not, sorry I can't write one without its memory. (>_<;)

Don't think it was bad. It could be fruity.

5 vs 500

Getting better, but it changed into a dull pain in the tummy not unlike a bruise. Kind of like the vampire... (T_T) I still cannot understand how I could pull any muscle behind the left side of my pelvis when sleeping. However, nearby was where the metal rod went in (and later removed) when they fixed my broken femur. Things could be screwed up.

Sigh... the end of August finally set in. See? my brain is definitely not working properly.

Thanks S for the blueberries! I hope you like our backyard figs! (^_^)

Found some plums from our backyard that have multiple bug shells. Gross! (T_T)

Mom told me what happened this morning before I got up. One of our backdoor neighbours threw a desk out. It was left in the back alley outside their fence. Dad took the middle drawer (biggest one). Mom was very angry at him for keeping more junk in the house. Eventually the neighbour took the desk back. Not sure why, but I'm just glad the temptation is gone for dad.

Sigh... (T_T)

Just when I though today was relatively smooth, the biggest screw-up came when I ran a few errands.
(1) Went to the library to see if a certain book is still there (nope it was gone).
(2) Buy tomorrow's lunch pastry.
(3) Deposit August's pay cheque.
(4) Pay credit card bill.
(5) Even got to take a small walk in LD.

Only after I got home and marked down the entry on my bankbook that I realized I've entered the wrong number. The cheque was $500. I entered $5! Aaaaaaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!!!!!! Entering 5-0-0 gives you $5, $500 is 5-0-0-0-0-! Missing two zeros!!!!! I was probably looking at the key pad instead of the screen. And, I was distracted by how my boss wrote "5" with an ornate loop and I needed to checked that she actually put down "five" in English...

Sigh... now I'll have to get up an hour earlier and try to see if it's fixable at the bank. (Which is already out because of cleaning up some e-mail.)

Sigh... (T_T) Why do I screw up on such simple things? How can I not hate myself?(T_T) (T_T) (T_T) (T_T) (T_T) (T_T)

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Cow logo

Woke up with sore back... actually left hip to be precise. So sore I could hardly walk... (T_T) Probably because I washed my hair last night? Or, lying in bed for a full 8 hours? Or both? Oooouch...... (T_T) This is affecting my thinking. I'm definitely stoned from the pain.

Was going to take a walk, and run a bank errand, ended up starting to clean up my desk before going to the restaurant. Eat-out day with brother's gang. This time, Vietnamese. Pretty good for variety, but 3 hours later stinky breath came. Must be the fried green onions or garlic stems.

That cow logo was stolen! Hahaha!