Saturday, December 31, 2011

Laundry and potluck

Can't believe I had to have a fight with mom on this very last day of the year. Dear God, can't you let me have a happy day to wrap up 2011? The vampire had me hand wash some stuff including bath towel. When I took the stuff piling up in my room for the last 3 days to the laundry room, I found mom's haircut cape in the basket. I asked her if she washes that with other stuff, and she said yes. OMG that's why I keep finding loose hair getting onto all my clothes, which always drives me nuts. Loose cut pieces of hair are short, hard to spot, and sharp like needles. Mom may not feel them but I do. (Or do I simply have bad luck?) She kept saying, that cape is made of silk, and hair won't stick. She refused to accept the possibility of loose hair contaminating the whole load! I ran out of patient and said, don't force me to do my laundry elsewhere. She said that's fine! I can't believe she said fine!!!!!! OK fine then, I'll grand her the wish. Sorry A I'll have to come bug you... (T_T)

NO, God, I'm angry at you who took away my mood control! Why do things have to turn out this way? Why do you enjoy torturing me so much?

To make things worse, my car started acting wonky on my way to A's. I figured it probably have something to do with the brakes, since the car shakes when I brake. (T_T) This time, no cooking. I'm afraid to screw up again. Pizza is better.

Thanks A for hosting the new year's eve party. I got there around 5 to take care of my laundry. He was still cleaning. I helped cleaning in the kitchen. The rest of the guys were late and didn't show up until 8:30 or so. S's chicken skews were great! After some Hetaria episodes, we started a SingStar karaoke party. (We didn't have the Japanese new year's eve singers show M requested, so we might as well sing ourselves.) I can't sing, but it was OK. (Ended up washing in the kitchen most of the time, for the fear of running out of dishes... and I did wash everything twice or more.) It doesn't really matter... is it because I've lost interest in most things, including anime? Watching them sing, I realized I've missed the whole point of karaoke. All my life I've followed instructions and try to "do things correctly" in order to get a "correct" result. That probably has given me unrealistic exceptions of life and made me disgruntle. Karaoke... is not about singing the perfect note, but to just have fun. Why do I put so much weight on the result? Looking back at my high school choir days, I cannot let myself sing again.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Vampire, Migraine

(Picture taken on the 16th and unrelated to subject.)
Yup, it's finally here after so many days of zero energy. Totally forgot to pay my credit card bill and must go out. Waited after dinner, though. Would feel safer at a busier branch, so I went to the one near the 41st LD. Got some more ginger cookie and the 3 boxes of Rizt for $5 deal. With 3 more packages in the trunk, I stupidly went to the Kingsway LD to try my luck, as their post office was open last time I was after dinner. Noooo they were closed. Oh well. Thinking I'd check out the punches, I headed over to the photo department. As I was leaving the food area, I noticed the typical fractal dancing light starting dead in the center of my visual field! OMG!!!!! I panicked and quickly return to my car to take 2 Advil. As I carefully drove home, the dancing fractal grew. Luckily it didn't block my view as much as usual. I think I caught it in time. So I decided to fill up at the pump as gas price has dropped slightly. Got home safely. Thank God. But then I kept dosing off at the desk. One nap later, my head was pulsing. I should have gone to bed there. (T_T) Instead, I continued with grabbing pictures from a dying web site. It's one of my favorite Pinky site. Thanks to the free hosting service ending, the site master may not find another. Perhaps she's done with Pinky. Nooooo... (T_T)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mini purfurme

Thanks M for the present! It's so nice, I'm afraid to open it!

Jaffa Cakes mini

Photo taken June 2010. Thought I've used up the "stock"... but I haven't. This one I've sent to T without trying it myself first, because I'm confident that it's good. OK I've only tried the regular ones. But there's no reason this mini version is not as good.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

House-sitting (3)

(Photo taken on the 4th and unrelated to the subject.)
Mom worried about the student downstairs and urged me to take some buns to him. I ate dinner early before going over to brother's. Got there around 7. Took the buns downstairs but the student seemed to be away. Well, running out of food, I'd go elsewhere too.

Fed the guinea pigs, started the Mac, but couldn't help dosing off. Collected a bunch of links form Etsy, though. Brother came back around 11:30. I reported the food shortage to sis-in-law. Turns out it was as I suspected. The student ate 3 day's worth of food in 1.5 day. Plus, he was not supposed to poke his head around into the fridge or cabinets, or just poke around. He was trying to trick me... how annoying. Sigh... I must stand firm next time.

I also noticed the student was wearing short sleeve t-shit and shots. (I never took off my down coat while I was there.) I thought he has enough muscles to generate sufficient body heat. But noooo. Sis-in-law mention that he keeps the temperature at 30 degrees downstairs! WTF?!?! The reason why she tried to put all his food downstairs was to minimize our contact. (i.e. She worries that he may not be dressed properly and I'd feel offended.) This guy... sigh... should really be sent to the army to learn some common sense and discipline.

Niece G came back and the first thing she did was to feed the guinea pigs carrots. (Haha I was thinking to using them all up.) Only after I nudged her that she went to help unloading the van. Niece N saw me and immediately ask when her Pinkys would arrive. I told her there might be some problem with my card and need to wait a while. The repairs are difficult and sill not done either. So, am I only good for Pinkys to her...? (T_T)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

House-sitting (2)

(Pictures taken on the 2nd and unrelated to subject.)
Was going to see if there's anything worth buying, but didn't feel like going out in the rain. It's been raining all day. A phoned me up from Metrotown, and ended up coming to my place. (Wow! Extremely rare!) I was trying to beat the deadline to a Japanese shopping forwarding service deal. Too bad I couldn't make it after all those annoying sign up procedure. And, getting mad, I went ahead with EMS shipping, which will make the purchase too expensive. (T_T) Why do I always do stupid things? However, the transaction didn't seem to go through. I still haven't received a confirmation e-mail. (Later found out it's because of holidays.)

Stopped by LD before dropping A off home. Got a little bit of munchies. (Ginger cookie and marzipan.) Since I promised M that I'd call, I had to be at brother's by 6, which I managed to achieve. Did my chores, and sent the signal, waited and waited, but M didn't return mail! What's going on? Meanwhile the student downstairs came up and asked for food. What? Sis-in-law left a note saying she's put all the food in his fridge! Did he finish everything already???? He kept probing if there's anything in the fridge, or cabinet, or any fruit sitting on the floor behind the door in the other room. I told him there's no prepared portions. All that is left was leftovers, and some cake. I even showed him the fridge. He did look at it closely. I asked if he wanted cake, he couldn't even give me a quick answer. He ended up mumbling that's for the kids. There were 2 pears in the fridge so I gave him one. Instead of leaving the way he came, which was through the backyard door, he went down through the indoors staircase. Before he went, he peeped around. Honestly, I really don't like this kid. (18 is not a kid anymore!)

Finally, M's e-mail came 2 hours later. She couldn't get up. We talked until 12:30. That's like, 4 hours. The handset battery died and I had to switch. I ended up going home around 1:30.

Monday, December 26, 2011

House-sitting (1)

Completely passed out. Nope, didn't go shopping at all. Thanks A for getting the candy. I appreciate it very much.

I'm supposed to go house-sit for brother because they're out of town for 3 day. They found some cheap hotel deals and have gone south of the border to shop with some church friends. (Yup, they never though of inviting me, but instead, save me for the house-sitter position. Sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob... You bet I'm not happy at all.) Ended up going to brother's to feed the guinea pigs at 10:30 PM. Sis-in-law left a note saying no need to bring food to the student downstairs tomorrow because she managed to fit everything in his fridge. Phoned M and ended up waking her up. Sorry...! Niece N's broken Pinky parts need more work.

Sunday, December 25, 2011


Went to R&B's lunch with A. Thanks for the invitation. Eastern European celebrate Christmas with Christmas day lunch. The lamb was awesome! Well, everything was. Thanks so much, B! After lunch, I dose off at the table... unbelievable! I guess my energy level went below zero. After all, the vampire can be here any time now. (T_T) Sigh... that was so rude of me. However, even more unbelievable was, A went off to sit at the couch and played with his i-pad all this time while I was asleep! Sigh... I don't know what to say or think anymore.

I probably dose off between 2 and 4. Stuck around until 5:30, dropped off A and then went home. Don't want to leave mom alone on Christmas day. She declined dinner at brother's, saying she'd be too tired to social. Well... I can understand that. B gave us some food to take home, so mom and I ate that for dinner.

Reese miniatures

Thought I've posted this before, but not. Picture taken July 2010 (yikes!)... W's favorite. Sis-in-law's baby sister came to visit, so I asked her to bring W a bag. Too bad it was a hot summer, and the chocolate all melted while in transit. Not sure how W end up eating them, but I suggested him to use them as peanut-butter. (Just kidding... OK maybe 50%.)

The peanut-butter is slightly salty while the chocolate is sweet. You can call it an acquired taste. Once you start getting use to it, it's too late. You're addicted. That's how W did. Perhaps the saltiness masks the sweetness? It's dangerous as they're full of calories. And they're basically pure sugar, salt, and fat. No need to say more.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

2 parties

Thanks mom for helping me make the rice. It still didn't taste right, though. (T_T) Cousin-in-law K called to see if her parcel arrive. Too bad we didn't receive it. Probably got stole. It's a pair of fuzzy slipper for dad. She's afraid that dad may get cold. I appreciate her thoughts, but clearly she was not thinking. Or she just wants the satisfaction of doing a good deed. (She's a crazy Buddhist who plays chanting recording 24 hours a day at home, goes to the temple to pray without taking care of her house.) I told her straight that dad pees himself constantly so such slipper are not practical. (They'd be soak in pee, and keep dad's feet wet, which is the complete opposite of her exceptions.) Then she replied right away that, we should then wash them. Yeah? Take them home to wash??? Is that practical??? Sigh... in her eyes, I'm the most evil daughter in the world, and started lecturing me about how I should understand and tolerate dad. Easy for her to say. Clearly, she refuses to understand how bad it's been for us. And I had neither time nor patient for her Buddhist teaching. I had to get ready for 2 Christmas eve parties today. Told mom about the call, and she return her call. Sorry, I just can't talk to K.

Did some last minute gift wrapping and off I went. Again, my screwed up sense of time had me 30 minutes late. B cooked the trout to perfection, but it has way too many bones. (T_T) Then next stop, J's. Parking was impossible and we wasted a long time hunting for a spot. At last He lend us a residence pass so we could park in the visitor's sport. Still took us 3 trials. We were so lucky to catch someone leaving, otherwise we'd be circling around for much longer.

To my surprise, they didn't mind the rice! Wow! Thanks! S's chicken was awesome. I was too full to try any of A's beef, though. (T_T) His chest nut dessert was delicious. Then we watched a bunch of Train Man episodes. Before you know it, it was 1:30 AM. Since A and I were invited to R&B's lunch tomorrow, we left. Yup, this is re-timed to fit into the date.

Mom went to see dad today, and found him completely naked in his bed, with crap on the sheets. That was during lunch too. All the staff was busy. It smelled very bad and mom couldn't stand it. So she reported the accident to the staff and left.

Merry Christmas!

... and a happy new year!

Friday, December 23, 2011


Last chiropractor's visit before they go on holidays. This time it's only a week instead of 10 days, but I was in bad enough shape that it didn't make a difference.

Bought ingredients for my aggressive fried rice dish plan. I was stupid not to realize there's a Safeway on my way, and bought stuff at Choice Market which is higher-end and sells mostly organic products. A small bag of raisins cost 6 bucks. A tiny bag of pine nuts smaller then half of my palm is 9 bucks. (T_T)

Then I stopped by brother's to take a bunch of pictures using his ornaments for super late last-minute Christmas cards. Helped sis-in-law pick up some stuff at her branch of Safeway. (Daaaah! A second branch! Aaaargh!!!!) It's a big day tomorrow as they'll have an army of church friends over for Christmas and niece N's b-day party. Lots and lots of food need to be cooked.

It was very late when I got home. Like 9? After quickly grabbing a bite, I started to cook the impossible rice dish for tomorrow's potluck. It's impossible because the recipe I heard from the radio is full of holes. With minimum cooking experience and skills, it would be a miracle if I succeed. And of course, the miracle didn't happen. I burnt the stuff. (T_T) Good that I bought a can of cashew nuts when I got sis-in-law's stuff, and didn't use the super expensive pine nuts. Not wanting to waste the rice, I tried to pick out the burnt parts... and wasted hours! I managed to eat a bowl of the remnants, but decided to dump everything at the end. (T_T) Not only did I waste food, I wasted lots of time. Sigh... (T_T) Tomorrow, I'll have to cook another batch. I'll be playing it safe.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Winter Solstice

Shortest day of the year... and perfect for hibernation. There are frost on everything in the morning. I'm just glad that it's not snowing. Some people think I'm selfish, but have they put themselves in our shoes? There's no able body in the house. Who's gonna shuffle the snow?

Family dinner today. Brother's gang didn't call yesterday so I thought nothing's going on tonight. Turns out he took mom to see dad before I even got up, and came for a haircut afterwards. I was shooting last minute junk food Pinky pictures of a bunch of out-going Christmas gift candies. As I was gauging the possibility of L's visit, A called for pickup help in Richmond. We had roughly 2 hours before I had to be home to pickup mom. It was kind of dangerous because we would be diving straight into rush hour. However, if we only need to make one stop, it should be sufficient.

The destination was the UPS depot near the airport, which is unreachable without a car. (I did see 2 people walking. I wouldn't do that.) There was a long lineup. OK 5 people in front of us is not any big deal elsewhere, but at this UPS depot with only 2 clerks on duty, it took forever. I didn't have time to for washroom before leaving home, and was in need of one. There was no public washroom, unbelievable! They have long lineup yet no washroom for customers! Not even any chairs! How mean!!! I asked the receptionist next door at the main entrance, and was given a "no". However, she did point me to the gate security staff. If they agree I can use the washroom, they can escort me inside the building. And that was exactly what I did. (Did I have a choice?) The security guard was way nicer than the receptionist.

The warehouse was very big. When you need to pee and have to walk that far, it was like you're running from an explosion. But then I get to tour the warehouse, haha...! When I was done, the security guard apologized that there's a closer one. Now that I look back, I hope he didn't do it on purpose. Am I mean to think this way? But if he works there, how can he not know? Not needing to use the ladies room is not an excuse at all, because that's also where the mens room is.

Met up with A again at the pickup. After running up and down between the reception, the gate, and the warehouse, there were still 2 people in front. Sigh... (T_T) A guy was filling forms when I got there, and seemed like he just turn around and cut in front of us. He did show some curtsey and asked if he was there or something (But I'm sure what he meant was actually "can I go next" regardless of what he said). A mumbled something vague and that guy went in front of us without lining up at all. Wasn't that strange? Was it fair? There were 4 people behind us! Was that guy bad? Or did A not willing to stand up for himself? He knew I was in a rush. I hate it so much when he's usually the one who complains at the top of his voice in public about lineups while lining up, like he wants to make sure everyone hears him complain and leave. (Will they? of course not! How can he not know? This action only embarrasses the hell out of me! And A considers my Pinky picture taking embarrasses the hell out of him!!!!) When it comes to actual confrontation, he's the biggest coward in the universe. Sigh... Seriously, will this guy stand up for me? No, I don't think so. He can't even ask for washrooms when he needs to. And I'm so fed up that he doesn't seem to understand he must pass this hurdle before I feel more comfortable. To him, I'm the one who has problems, and I should be all over him. Sorry, that's way too early for daydreams. It makes me mad writing this. Sigh... (T_T)

I also didn't have time to grab a Pinky, so no Pinky picture at the lineup even though I had time to kill, and usually I'd take Pinky pictures.

Made a stop at the Italian bakery. A complained about a strange smell getting into their food. I didn't sense anything. Oh yeah, he used to swear by that place, and now this? Sigh... Picked up a loaf of fruit cake and some kind of fried dough pieces with powdered sugar as my contribution to tonight's family dinner. Dropped off A at his place, and went home to puck up mom. (He did offer to take the bus midway, but it would be too mean of me to do that.) I was slightly late. Luckily, still barely managed to arrive at brother's on time at 6 sharp. (Sorry... I speeded...)

Sis-in-law demonstrated how to use the pressure cooker. Then we ate. Ever since the girls got their high-tech gadgets, they hide in their own rooms. Oh well. We tried to take advantage of brother's long distance plan. Mom called Mrs. L but she wasn't home. I tried M and unfortunately she was not home either. C went to work too, which I expected. I only managed to reach W and chatted for a bit. Meanwhile mom kept saying lets go home. Sigh... (Make me mad that she's soooo... grrrr... I don't even have a word for it! Fun buster? How can I feel happy when I'm surrounded by super negative people?)

Asked niece N about getting more Pinkys. She gave me a list, and 4 sets of broken wigs to repair. OMG how has she been playing with them? (T_T) It's not like I don't want to help her repair, but my hands are gonna hurt having to drill for these many pieces! (T_T)

Came home, tried to make a Christmas card, and kept dosing at the desk. Woke up and it was already 1. What's wrong with me? (T_T)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Roca dack truffle

Christmas 2010. Thanks niece G for this. It's good stuff! The dark chocolate is fragrant and isn't too bitter, and the butter-crunch adds the right amount of chewiness. Best of all, almost no sour after taste. I'm impressed for a U.S. made chocolate.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lunch J, intersection photo

Picked up A to have lunch with J. The ramen place was pretty good! The main purpose today was to hand over the Christmas candy. Otherwise I could have just called him.

Took A to Bestbuy after lunch. As usual, he's only interested in games or high tech electronics. Sigh... (T_T) Coffee, and then CT. He didn't find any deals good enough to buy and was not please. Sigh... He claims that he need shopping to keep him sane. Sigh... What can I do? Nothing!!!! #%&!!

Yes, my back has been very bad. The previous chiropractor visit only lasted 2 days. I'm grumpy. Grumpy like hell. However, while talking to J, I was not grumpy. Somehow A has the talent to bring out my worst. This... is bad.

Did some grocery shopping, and dropped off the stuff to his place before meeting S for dinner. (There was ice-cream.) Finally, mailed 6 more packages. (The total as of today is 11.) Again, I find myself not as grumpy when talking to S. A seem to make me focus on my negative side, or just anything and everything negative. Sigh...

Even during dinner, A could not stop talking about the supposingly unbelievable boxing day deal on the LD flyer... and there wasn't much else on his mind, or interested him. Why can't I have any good... or even normal conversation with him???

Oh yeah, of course there's the other thing he's interested. But that's all. I don't want to be that one single dimension thing, though. I wonder if he understands this. There's no way we can move on until we connect on a higher mental level.

Not sure if the clerk did it on purpose. I forgot to ask for more custom forms when I mailed my stuff before dinner, and went back to the post office outlet at LD afterward. He said he ran out, but still gave me 5. I wanted 10 but 5 were good enough. However, as I walked off, I noticed the forms all had their branch number filled out. This means I must come back to this branch if I want to used them. How cunning!!!!! How evil!!!!!!!! Technically speaking, I could have taken them and use them as hair pick-up at home, but I return them. Sigh... speechless... (T_T)

S wanted to buy some wine probably for Christmas gifts, so we went to the liquor store nearby. A needed washroom badly. But he refused to ask for direction. He even said he'd walk home for it. Sigh... (T_T) Why why why why? I'm sure LD has one. He wouldn't listen. What's wrong with this guy? (I'm getting mad as I type this. Not good. Can't help it.) Even Safeway next door should have public washroom. So I ended up asking a clerk if there's one in the liquor store. He pointed us to Safeway. At this point, A still would believe me. Why? Why didn't believe me even with another person saying the same thing? I think he really needed washroom badly, finally cave in and went to Safeway. He was gone for a while. By the time he came back, S was still choosing his third bottle of wine. Well I guess it worked out fine at the end. But it still upsets me that things happened that way. Sigh... (T_T)

Why am I so unhappy? Why am I so unhappy with A? Why is he so good at pushing my wrong buttons? Am I being unreasonable getting upset over this "not willing to ask" issue? I think I'm fed up. Yes, I'm mad, now.

Oh! Can't forget to put this down. When A and I were on our way to J's office, I think I got photographed at an intersection during a left turn. When light was changing, the oncoming container truck didn't seem to slow down. Would you advance into the intersection? Nooooo of course not! Then there were flashes. I do hope whoever on the other side of the lens understand the situation.

Monday, December 19, 2011


This year's Christmas parcels are all late. (T_T) Technically speaking, they can still arrive before year's end, but of course I don't have the budget for airmail. After mailing all 14 of them, I'd be broke already. (T_T) These will turn into belated new year's gifts...

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Walker and dinner

Y's package arrived! Yay~ thanks!!!! (^_^) Originally, brother was to pick us up and go see dad together. But mom and I wanted to catch the shift change at the nursing home, so we went separately. However, brother went directly from the restaurant after lunch, and beat us to dad. We missed him by just 15 minutes. Oh well.

Dropped of the 3 huge cans of cookies to dad's nursing home. We successfully greet staff from 2 shifts. (That why we aimed at between shifts.) Mom wanted to take the cane and one of the two walkers home as dad is no longer using them. (She's more afraid they'd be stolen.) We're too late for the one aunt Y lend us. He has already broken the release buttons!!! AAAAARRRGGGHHH!!!!!

Otherwise, dad is as usual. His room stinks like urine. Blobs of spit on the floor. His shirt unbuttoned and belly showing. First thing he asked was "is there anything to eat?" Sigh... Mom went to pee in his washroom and found out there's no toilet paper. She seems not to understand that dad cannot be given any toilet paper or paper towel. (Has she forgotten what happened at home already??? Or was she just acting???) A staff told us that this morning dad plugged the toilet again because he pulled the whole roll of paper towel into the toilet and tried to flush it. The hallway was flooded. (T_T) Brother did tell us that when they arrived, the floor was being mobbed the second time today. Sigh... (T_T) Mom asked dad if brother's visited, he said no! Sigh... (T_T) However, he was able to name me today. That's a surprise!

We went home afterwards, and I started wrapping gifts for brother's gang. Our family don't have the habit of Christmas gift giving. But since they have a Christmas tree and 2 kids, it's only appropriate. Since I've never been trained as a kid, I suck in buying gifts. That's actually a useful skill.

Dinner with uncle Y's gang and aunt C. 10 people in total. The restaurant was a good deal and we had a bunch of leftovers to take home. Mom only took one container for dad, not for us. The majority when to brother. Aunt y and aunt C took some too.

J called during dinner. He seemed to be making greeting calls and didn't talk to me much. It would be nice if we could set up something at A's, as he seems a bit sad that S and I made him cancel the turkey. There's no way for the 3 of us to deal with an 8-pound turkey. It's only going to waste. And I'm glad he's sensible enough to make the decision. It's only fair to get something going at his place.

Came home and kept dosing off at the desk... (T_T)


I was driving to J's place. The streets looked like HMT near the YWCA. I keep screwing up and making dangerous mistakes, like, at a left-turn lane, passing 2 motorbikes that were already lined up, and pulling up side-by-side with the first one. It was like I lost control of the car. Luckily the bikers didn't get mad and left. There were other stuff like speeding and running red lights. (OMG!) It was really strange that for moments I felt like I was in the back seat. Then I realized that was tunnel vision. (Not like the peripheral going black, but physically pulled back for a few feet.) Knowing I was in trouble, I tried to ask J if I could take a rest at his place. (But don't think I actually called him up.) The driving continued for a while. Then I arrived at some kind of apartment complex with a mall on the ground floor (and possible underground). I followed the car in front and reached a dead end. It was a circular concave corner with stairs to some kind of mall or department store entrance. Clearly a pedestrian area. (How did cars go there???)

The next scene, I was on foot, walking on the street, on a raised ramp(?). I saw a bunch of high-school classmates walking in the same direction. I might have greeted some of them, I might not. Can't remember exactly. But I'm very sure I saw W and didn't greet her. I really wanted to talk to her but was hesitating, because I thought she would hate me. (Sorry W...) Then brother showed up, also walking in the same direction. We chatted a little. Somehow I knew he lives in the same apartment as J, so we walked together. Now that I think of it, this means everyone was heading towards J's too! (This must have something to do with J's talk about a Christmas potluck.)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Noblesse Assorted

Noblesse Assorted Biscuits and Wafers. Photo taken January 2011. Got it at LD, thinking bags are better for mailing to T. (Boxes or tins weight more and hence more expensive postage.) The picture on the packaging looks really good, doesn't it? But don't let it trick you. The contents are actually very banged up and look nothing like the picture. Well, the assortment is fine. You do get those biscuits and wafers. But they're all chipped and covered with powdery crumbs. Kind of unsightly. Plus, they don't taste as good as the picture look either. Lesson learn. Of course if you plan to eat it yourself, it's not a problem. It doesn't look good as a gift.


(Photo taken on the 14th and unrelated to subject.)
It's way too late, but still better late than never. (Chinese new year instead of Christmas?)
My fault, but I have no energy to write Japanese mail, hence can't confirm some of my blog friends addresses. (T_T) Or... am I afraid of how much I'd end up spending on postage?

Friday, December 16, 2011


Bad weather. Cold, drizzling and the sky was dark grey. Met with S and got back the unsold figurines. I'm surprised that many got sold. Thanks for lunch and showing me to the good Japanese restaurant. Too bad C couldn't make it.

When weather is this bad, my back can't be good. It's been achy. My left shoulder actually hurt! I went directly to my chiropractor after lunch (which was before 2:30) and realized I forgot to bring Christmas treats. Luckily there's a Shopper's nearby, and I quickly got 3 packs of chocolate. The other receptionist left early, but the doctor's wife showed up, so it worked out perfectly. I was early but the clinic was quiet enough, I got treated soon.

Went home, trying to cleanup my supply folder, kept dosing off at my desk for the rest of the day... (T_T)

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Forgot most of it, but the microwave part sticks. It was super realistic!

I was trying to reheat some food, and started the microwave. Then I realized I forgot to put the food in. (Dreams sometimes don't make sense.) I tried to stop it, but couldn't find the stop button. I smell something burning. With no food inside, it had to be the machine itself. I panicked. Thinking opening the door would stop it, I opened the door (aren't microwaves set up that way?) but it kept running even with the door open! I thought I was being radiated and panicked even more! Then I found a button that could reduce the remaining time, and pressed it until it reached zero. It finally stopped. Phew... but I was already radiated and would get cancer! Aaaargh!!!!! Somehow, the senseless dream had me repeat this whole thing one more time! OMG...

In real life, I do jump to 5 feet away after starting the microwave.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Thought I would be there exclusively to receive test results today, the lady gave me 2 more tests. It only took 30 minutes. Then meeting with the doctor, who said the results are consistent with the symptoms I described. He's very optimistic. I didn't tell him I remember doing the block test, though... Treatment will begin in January.

A called when I was on my way to the rehab center. So I called him back afterwards. Was gonna visit dad and not meet A, but dad was asleep. I didn't want to wake him up, so I ended up meeting A at Whole Food. Worked out fine as he bought a bunch of grocery. Forgot to take a Pinky picture of their pizza slice!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hawaiian Sweet Maui Onion

Long name. Hawaiian Kettle Style Potato Chips "Sweet Maui Onion". From January 2011. Onion chips with onion! Wooooow they're sooooo good! Thanks A for this one. Super addictive! The onion makes all the difference. And it's not like your regular sour cream onion flavour. The onion comes from within. (Well... actually, these are not ground up and formed later like Prinkles. The potatoes are sliced.) There are smaller bags and other flavours at LD although I haven't tried them yet. These are really good for my chips cravings, but give me canker sores. (T_T)


The wireless keyboard has been acting unstable, and finally to the point of annoying. As that's my first one ever, I don't quite know how to trouble-shoot. After a few guesses, it's the batteries! Those came with the keyboard when I got it from A. They were leaking liquid!!! Yikes!!! Totally gross!!!! Luckily, after cleaning up and new batteries put in, the keyboard works fine. I guess I should have been smarter with batteries.

Monday, December 12, 2011


(Picture taken on the 4th and unrelated to subject.)
Cleaned up blog posts... I've been writing but haven't been publishing for 2.5 months. Managed to cleanup just under one month's worth of posts. Image processing is always time-consuming.

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Met up with A around 3:20. Late because I couldn't get up. My back, neck and shoulder were all frozen. We made a stop at his building's Christmas tea gathering so I could have a few cookies for lunch. (Thanks!) Someone's Santa suite dog was the star of the party! So cute!

Took A to Queensborough landing outlets for an exchange. He went with S to the Banana Republic opening yesterday. I wanted to go too... but I had to go to the charity fair. (T_T) Those two guys took the bus in the rain... which made me feel so guilty... (T_T)

Anyway, mission completed, and we walked over to Walmart. A was hoping to find some game deals, but there were none. I, on the other hand, did not expect to find anything but ended up buying findings and chocolate. Then we stopped by Michael's to exchange my 12 x 12 box. Yessss they had some clear ones left! Yay~!!! I also picked up a small circle punch and made use of the half price coupon on a bag on pompom. The cashier girl screwed up and charged me the exchange item. I guess it's been a tough day for her.

Dinner at Cactus club. Thanks A. I was surprised I finished the salad. I must have been hungry. The makeup mirror in their ladies' room is hilarious!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Charity fair

Why do I always screw up my sleep? Ended up sleeping less then 2 hours. Why? I was trying to set up display and package some earrings. They're studs and cannot be hung. But why did it take so long? Why?????

Last night, sis-in-law said parking day-passes are only $3, but they're actually $10!!!! Oh well, there's no way I could find parking in this shopping season if I opp to move my car every 3 hours.

Ran into P! Wow! He was volunteering at the fair. We didn't get to chat much, and I failed to ask more about him. OTL

There were fewer than 10 tables excluding food and games, definitely not what I expect. The table size worked out OK, but I still think we could use more space. Sis-in-law bought food for lunch at the vendor tables, and then found out afterwards that staff can eat for free in the office. (Catering food, but wasn't that good.) Sleep deprived, I didn't have much appetite anyway.

There were performances and games. More people than last November's craft fair. But most people were facing their backs to us as they watched the stage. Sales was not good but still better than last time. Sold 6 pairs of earrings and one necklace. Total sales $26. After donation, I pocketed $18 after spending 6 hours. Nope, I'm not in the blacks at all. I wonder if I'll ever be. (T_T)

The event was supposed to end at 4, but people started packing up soon after 3, probably thanks to the lack of customers. Because we were going to a new Taiwanese restaurant for an early dinner, we didn't want to leave mom alone at home. She refused to come at first, but I think brother manged to convince her. Mr. L might be the other reason, as mom wanted to see his new apartment. However, she didn't make an appointment in advance and couldn't reach him today. So mom ended up going grocery shopping at T&T while we sat at our table. She brought back toufu pudding for everyone.

The restaurant was pretty good. Then I noticed they didn't say no MSG. Yup, thirsty.

Well, those labels I made a special trip to get yesterday were never used. OTL

Friday, December 09, 2011

Korean seaweeds

From April 2011. After the 3-11 Japanese earthquake and tsunami, I got a craving for seaweeds. Here are 5 varieties from 2 supermarkets.

Hosan Rosted Seasoned Sea Laver
This was the first one I bought. The default. Pretty good. I though it contains MSG but it's not on the list. The ingredients are: sea laver, sesame oil, corn oil, salt. The shorter the list, the better.

"Rosted Seaweed"
Smaller packaging. 8-packs were on sale for $0.99. Seems to be a good deal. (As long as they're not polluted by Japanese radiation... Who am I kidding? The earth is round!) Tastes... like seaweed with MSG, just like the normal ones. Good, at least I didn't screw up.

ChoripDong Rosted Laver with sunflower seed oil
Same as above, no suspicious ingredients. Sunflower seed oil is not as fragrant. One of the packages was super oily and a bit soggy.

ChoripDong Rosted Laver with olive oil
This one's pretty good. It's on the same level as the first one. Not sure if I tasted olive oil, though.

ChoripDong Rosted Laver with grape seed oil
I don't even know what grape seed oil tastes like. Can't really tell the difference between all these oils. But this still tastes awesome.

Last minute

Needed some last minute shopping and must go to Richmond again. Figured out I need labels and it's better to just buy some than making my own... for which I made a special trip yesterday to buy a paper punch... (T_T) Should have just bought the labels yesterday.

Do malls reuse the same Christmas decorations every year? I don't remember what they used last year. But I'm sure this is the first time I've ever seen upside-down umbrellas under Christmas trees. It may be a clever idea, but doesn't look right.

Gas price seems to have dropped a little...

Thursday, December 08, 2011


Thought today was the day I deal with the exchange and be done, but nooooo. Michale's has sold out of the 12 x 12 clear boxes. I managed to find one somebody misplaced. But I still need to exchange one more. Oh well...

Thought Netlink was gonna move into the smaller ex-piano store next door. Nooooo they actually are expending. The new section is gonna be a Samsung store.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Resin flower

Gotta take this last chance before the fair to work on the resin flowers, as they may not mail well. (Yup, they've been sitting on the desk for a few days.) Retouching took waaaaaaay too long! Hmm... is this really "you get what you pay for"? They aren't that cheap either.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Korean food

Eat-out day with brother's gang. Mom and I were supposed to wait for them at a small Shanghai restaurant near his place, but the place was full! (Amazingly, mom called brother when we left our house. They're only 2 blocks away, yet still manage to be quite late!) The lady at the restaurant tried very hard to persuade us to sit at a smaller table, but we didn't think it would work. So we decided to go to a Taiwanese restaurant in Richmond. I parked my car at brother's and he drove his van.

To our surprised, that Taiwanese restaurant was closed for staff holiday! By this time, everyone was grumpy, especially brother and sis-in-law. The atmosphere was like, they were ready to fight each other. (They could decide on whether to stay and try next door, or go to the other branch.) Since we've come so far, it was better to stay. So we ended up going into the Korean restaurant next door.

They're family style and the interior reflects it. It really looks like someone's home. The place isn't cheap, though. Plus, there's no small items. All $7 and above. The food has no MSG. Wasn't excellent, but not bad either.

Found out from J that sis-in-law is gonna join the charity fair on the 10th. I admit I'm a little worried about table space. But we'll see.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Olive Oil Potato Chips

From March 2011. Thanks A! This is excellent. You can tell it's good quality. The spice overpowers the potato a bit, but I don't mind at all. Too bad it's very expensive.


Chiropractor and errand day. Was gonna mail a bunch of packages before the appointment but I was too late. So I did it after. Managed to enter a post office 10 minutes before they closed at 5 (I thought they close at 6). 2 of the 5 packages needed to be weighted and then sealed. I didn't have enough time. The sealing was butched and very ugly. (T_T) However, I think I narrowly made the collection.

The parcels took longer than I thought, and I didn't even have a chance to call S. I was supposed to call her at my chiropractor. Hand over some toys for her company's charity auction. I wish I could join, but of course it's employees-only. (T_T)

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Vanier park

A wanted to go to Vanier park for a walk. It was far away, but since I haven't seen him for a week, I went along. It was cold! Very cold!!!!! There were dogs going into the sea despite the cold, though. Incredible!

Grocery shopping at Granville after that. With the ingredient we bought, we made sandwich for dinner. Forgot to take Pinky picture. I must have been hungry.