Friday, December 23, 2011


Last chiropractor's visit before they go on holidays. This time it's only a week instead of 10 days, but I was in bad enough shape that it didn't make a difference.

Bought ingredients for my aggressive fried rice dish plan. I was stupid not to realize there's a Safeway on my way, and bought stuff at Choice Market which is higher-end and sells mostly organic products. A small bag of raisins cost 6 bucks. A tiny bag of pine nuts smaller then half of my palm is 9 bucks. (T_T)

Then I stopped by brother's to take a bunch of pictures using his ornaments for super late last-minute Christmas cards. Helped sis-in-law pick up some stuff at her branch of Safeway. (Daaaah! A second branch! Aaaargh!!!!) It's a big day tomorrow as they'll have an army of church friends over for Christmas and niece N's b-day party. Lots and lots of food need to be cooked.

It was very late when I got home. Like 9? After quickly grabbing a bite, I started to cook the impossible rice dish for tomorrow's potluck. It's impossible because the recipe I heard from the radio is full of holes. With minimum cooking experience and skills, it would be a miracle if I succeed. And of course, the miracle didn't happen. I burnt the stuff. (T_T) Good that I bought a can of cashew nuts when I got sis-in-law's stuff, and didn't use the super expensive pine nuts. Not wanting to waste the rice, I tried to pick out the burnt parts... and wasted hours! I managed to eat a bowl of the remnants, but decided to dump everything at the end. (T_T) Not only did I waste food, I wasted lots of time. Sigh... (T_T) Tomorrow, I'll have to cook another batch. I'll be playing it safe.

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