Tuesday, December 27, 2011

House-sitting (2)

(Pictures taken on the 2nd and unrelated to subject.)
Was going to see if there's anything worth buying, but didn't feel like going out in the rain. It's been raining all day. A phoned me up from Metrotown, and ended up coming to my place. (Wow! Extremely rare!) I was trying to beat the deadline to a Japanese shopping forwarding service deal. Too bad I couldn't make it after all those annoying sign up procedure. And, getting mad, I went ahead with EMS shipping, which will make the purchase too expensive. (T_T) Why do I always do stupid things? However, the transaction didn't seem to go through. I still haven't received a confirmation e-mail. (Later found out it's because of holidays.)

Stopped by LD before dropping A off home. Got a little bit of munchies. (Ginger cookie and marzipan.) Since I promised M that I'd call, I had to be at brother's by 6, which I managed to achieve. Did my chores, and sent the signal, waited and waited, but M didn't return mail! What's going on? Meanwhile the student downstairs came up and asked for food. What? Sis-in-law left a note saying she's put all the food in his fridge! Did he finish everything already???? He kept probing if there's anything in the fridge, or cabinet, or any fruit sitting on the floor behind the door in the other room. I told him there's no prepared portions. All that is left was leftovers, and some cake. I even showed him the fridge. He did look at it closely. I asked if he wanted cake, he couldn't even give me a quick answer. He ended up mumbling that's for the kids. There were 2 pears in the fridge so I gave him one. Instead of leaving the way he came, which was through the backyard door, he went down through the indoors staircase. Before he went, he peeped around. Honestly, I really don't like this kid. (18 is not a kid anymore!)

Finally, M's e-mail came 2 hours later. She couldn't get up. We talked until 12:30. That's like, 4 hours. The handset battery died and I had to switch. I ended up going home around 1:30.

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