Friday, December 30, 2011

Vampire, Migraine

(Picture taken on the 16th and unrelated to subject.)
Yup, it's finally here after so many days of zero energy. Totally forgot to pay my credit card bill and must go out. Waited after dinner, though. Would feel safer at a busier branch, so I went to the one near the 41st LD. Got some more ginger cookie and the 3 boxes of Rizt for $5 deal. With 3 more packages in the trunk, I stupidly went to the Kingsway LD to try my luck, as their post office was open last time I was after dinner. Noooo they were closed. Oh well. Thinking I'd check out the punches, I headed over to the photo department. As I was leaving the food area, I noticed the typical fractal dancing light starting dead in the center of my visual field! OMG!!!!! I panicked and quickly return to my car to take 2 Advil. As I carefully drove home, the dancing fractal grew. Luckily it didn't block my view as much as usual. I think I caught it in time. So I decided to fill up at the pump as gas price has dropped slightly. Got home safely. Thank God. But then I kept dosing off at the desk. One nap later, my head was pulsing. I should have gone to bed there. (T_T) Instead, I continued with grabbing pictures from a dying web site. It's one of my favorite Pinky site. Thanks to the free hosting service ending, the site master may not find another. Perhaps she's done with Pinky. Nooooo... (T_T)

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