Wednesday, December 28, 2011

House-sitting (3)

(Photo taken on the 4th and unrelated to the subject.)
Mom worried about the student downstairs and urged me to take some buns to him. I ate dinner early before going over to brother's. Got there around 7. Took the buns downstairs but the student seemed to be away. Well, running out of food, I'd go elsewhere too.

Fed the guinea pigs, started the Mac, but couldn't help dosing off. Collected a bunch of links form Etsy, though. Brother came back around 11:30. I reported the food shortage to sis-in-law. Turns out it was as I suspected. The student ate 3 day's worth of food in 1.5 day. Plus, he was not supposed to poke his head around into the fridge or cabinets, or just poke around. He was trying to trick me... how annoying. Sigh... I must stand firm next time.

I also noticed the student was wearing short sleeve t-shit and shots. (I never took off my down coat while I was there.) I thought he has enough muscles to generate sufficient body heat. But noooo. Sis-in-law mention that he keeps the temperature at 30 degrees downstairs! WTF?!?! The reason why she tried to put all his food downstairs was to minimize our contact. (i.e. She worries that he may not be dressed properly and I'd feel offended.) This guy... sigh... should really be sent to the army to learn some common sense and discipline.

Niece G came back and the first thing she did was to feed the guinea pigs carrots. (Haha I was thinking to using them all up.) Only after I nudged her that she went to help unloading the van. Niece N saw me and immediately ask when her Pinkys would arrive. I told her there might be some problem with my card and need to wait a while. The repairs are difficult and sill not done either. So, am I only good for Pinkys to her...? (T_T)

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