Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lunch J, intersection photo

Picked up A to have lunch with J. The ramen place was pretty good! The main purpose today was to hand over the Christmas candy. Otherwise I could have just called him.

Took A to Bestbuy after lunch. As usual, he's only interested in games or high tech electronics. Sigh... (T_T) Coffee, and then CT. He didn't find any deals good enough to buy and was not please. Sigh... He claims that he need shopping to keep him sane. Sigh... What can I do? Nothing!!!! #%&!!

Yes, my back has been very bad. The previous chiropractor visit only lasted 2 days. I'm grumpy. Grumpy like hell. However, while talking to J, I was not grumpy. Somehow A has the talent to bring out my worst. This... is bad.

Did some grocery shopping, and dropped off the stuff to his place before meeting S for dinner. (There was ice-cream.) Finally, mailed 6 more packages. (The total as of today is 11.) Again, I find myself not as grumpy when talking to S. A seem to make me focus on my negative side, or just anything and everything negative. Sigh...

Even during dinner, A could not stop talking about the supposingly unbelievable boxing day deal on the LD flyer... and there wasn't much else on his mind, or interested him. Why can't I have any good... or even normal conversation with him???

Oh yeah, of course there's the other thing he's interested. But that's all. I don't want to be that one single dimension thing, though. I wonder if he understands this. There's no way we can move on until we connect on a higher mental level.

Not sure if the clerk did it on purpose. I forgot to ask for more custom forms when I mailed my stuff before dinner, and went back to the post office outlet at LD afterward. He said he ran out, but still gave me 5. I wanted 10 but 5 were good enough. However, as I walked off, I noticed the forms all had their branch number filled out. This means I must come back to this branch if I want to used them. How cunning!!!!! How evil!!!!!!!! Technically speaking, I could have taken them and use them as hair pick-up at home, but I return them. Sigh... speechless... (T_T)

S wanted to buy some wine probably for Christmas gifts, so we went to the liquor store nearby. A needed washroom badly. But he refused to ask for direction. He even said he'd walk home for it. Sigh... (T_T) Why why why why? I'm sure LD has one. He wouldn't listen. What's wrong with this guy? (I'm getting mad as I type this. Not good. Can't help it.) Even Safeway next door should have public washroom. So I ended up asking a clerk if there's one in the liquor store. He pointed us to Safeway. At this point, A still would believe me. Why? Why didn't believe me even with another person saying the same thing? I think he really needed washroom badly, finally cave in and went to Safeway. He was gone for a while. By the time he came back, S was still choosing his third bottle of wine. Well I guess it worked out fine at the end. But it still upsets me that things happened that way. Sigh... (T_T)

Why am I so unhappy? Why am I so unhappy with A? Why is he so good at pushing my wrong buttons? Am I being unreasonable getting upset over this "not willing to ask" issue? I think I'm fed up. Yes, I'm mad, now.

Oh! Can't forget to put this down. When A and I were on our way to J's office, I think I got photographed at an intersection during a left turn. When light was changing, the oncoming container truck didn't seem to slow down. Would you advance into the intersection? Nooooo of course not! Then there were flashes. I do hope whoever on the other side of the lens understand the situation.

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