Saturday, December 31, 2011

Laundry and potluck

Can't believe I had to have a fight with mom on this very last day of the year. Dear God, can't you let me have a happy day to wrap up 2011? The vampire had me hand wash some stuff including bath towel. When I took the stuff piling up in my room for the last 3 days to the laundry room, I found mom's haircut cape in the basket. I asked her if she washes that with other stuff, and she said yes. OMG that's why I keep finding loose hair getting onto all my clothes, which always drives me nuts. Loose cut pieces of hair are short, hard to spot, and sharp like needles. Mom may not feel them but I do. (Or do I simply have bad luck?) She kept saying, that cape is made of silk, and hair won't stick. She refused to accept the possibility of loose hair contaminating the whole load! I ran out of patient and said, don't force me to do my laundry elsewhere. She said that's fine! I can't believe she said fine!!!!!! OK fine then, I'll grand her the wish. Sorry A I'll have to come bug you... (T_T)

NO, God, I'm angry at you who took away my mood control! Why do things have to turn out this way? Why do you enjoy torturing me so much?

To make things worse, my car started acting wonky on my way to A's. I figured it probably have something to do with the brakes, since the car shakes when I brake. (T_T) This time, no cooking. I'm afraid to screw up again. Pizza is better.

Thanks A for hosting the new year's eve party. I got there around 5 to take care of my laundry. He was still cleaning. I helped cleaning in the kitchen. The rest of the guys were late and didn't show up until 8:30 or so. S's chicken skews were great! After some Hetaria episodes, we started a SingStar karaoke party. (We didn't have the Japanese new year's eve singers show M requested, so we might as well sing ourselves.) I can't sing, but it was OK. (Ended up washing in the kitchen most of the time, for the fear of running out of dishes... and I did wash everything twice or more.) It doesn't really matter... is it because I've lost interest in most things, including anime? Watching them sing, I realized I've missed the whole point of karaoke. All my life I've followed instructions and try to "do things correctly" in order to get a "correct" result. That probably has given me unrealistic exceptions of life and made me disgruntle. Karaoke... is not about singing the perfect note, but to just have fun. Why do I put so much weight on the result? Looking back at my high school choir days, I cannot let myself sing again.

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