Thursday, December 22, 2011

Winter Solstice

Shortest day of the year... and perfect for hibernation. There are frost on everything in the morning. I'm just glad that it's not snowing. Some people think I'm selfish, but have they put themselves in our shoes? There's no able body in the house. Who's gonna shuffle the snow?

Family dinner today. Brother's gang didn't call yesterday so I thought nothing's going on tonight. Turns out he took mom to see dad before I even got up, and came for a haircut afterwards. I was shooting last minute junk food Pinky pictures of a bunch of out-going Christmas gift candies. As I was gauging the possibility of L's visit, A called for pickup help in Richmond. We had roughly 2 hours before I had to be home to pickup mom. It was kind of dangerous because we would be diving straight into rush hour. However, if we only need to make one stop, it should be sufficient.

The destination was the UPS depot near the airport, which is unreachable without a car. (I did see 2 people walking. I wouldn't do that.) There was a long lineup. OK 5 people in front of us is not any big deal elsewhere, but at this UPS depot with only 2 clerks on duty, it took forever. I didn't have time to for washroom before leaving home, and was in need of one. There was no public washroom, unbelievable! They have long lineup yet no washroom for customers! Not even any chairs! How mean!!! I asked the receptionist next door at the main entrance, and was given a "no". However, she did point me to the gate security staff. If they agree I can use the washroom, they can escort me inside the building. And that was exactly what I did. (Did I have a choice?) The security guard was way nicer than the receptionist.

The warehouse was very big. When you need to pee and have to walk that far, it was like you're running from an explosion. But then I get to tour the warehouse, haha...! When I was done, the security guard apologized that there's a closer one. Now that I look back, I hope he didn't do it on purpose. Am I mean to think this way? But if he works there, how can he not know? Not needing to use the ladies room is not an excuse at all, because that's also where the mens room is.

Met up with A again at the pickup. After running up and down between the reception, the gate, and the warehouse, there were still 2 people in front. Sigh... (T_T) A guy was filling forms when I got there, and seemed like he just turn around and cut in front of us. He did show some curtsey and asked if he was there or something (But I'm sure what he meant was actually "can I go next" regardless of what he said). A mumbled something vague and that guy went in front of us without lining up at all. Wasn't that strange? Was it fair? There were 4 people behind us! Was that guy bad? Or did A not willing to stand up for himself? He knew I was in a rush. I hate it so much when he's usually the one who complains at the top of his voice in public about lineups while lining up, like he wants to make sure everyone hears him complain and leave. (Will they? of course not! How can he not know? This action only embarrasses the hell out of me! And A considers my Pinky picture taking embarrasses the hell out of him!!!!) When it comes to actual confrontation, he's the biggest coward in the universe. Sigh... Seriously, will this guy stand up for me? No, I don't think so. He can't even ask for washrooms when he needs to. And I'm so fed up that he doesn't seem to understand he must pass this hurdle before I feel more comfortable. To him, I'm the one who has problems, and I should be all over him. Sorry, that's way too early for daydreams. It makes me mad writing this. Sigh... (T_T)

I also didn't have time to grab a Pinky, so no Pinky picture at the lineup even though I had time to kill, and usually I'd take Pinky pictures.

Made a stop at the Italian bakery. A complained about a strange smell getting into their food. I didn't sense anything. Oh yeah, he used to swear by that place, and now this? Sigh... Picked up a loaf of fruit cake and some kind of fried dough pieces with powdered sugar as my contribution to tonight's family dinner. Dropped off A at his place, and went home to puck up mom. (He did offer to take the bus midway, but it would be too mean of me to do that.) I was slightly late. Luckily, still barely managed to arrive at brother's on time at 6 sharp. (Sorry... I speeded...)

Sis-in-law demonstrated how to use the pressure cooker. Then we ate. Ever since the girls got their high-tech gadgets, they hide in their own rooms. Oh well. We tried to take advantage of brother's long distance plan. Mom called Mrs. L but she wasn't home. I tried M and unfortunately she was not home either. C went to work too, which I expected. I only managed to reach W and chatted for a bit. Meanwhile mom kept saying lets go home. Sigh... (Make me mad that she's soooo... grrrr... I don't even have a word for it! Fun buster? How can I feel happy when I'm surrounded by super negative people?)

Asked niece N about getting more Pinkys. She gave me a list, and 4 sets of broken wigs to repair. OMG how has she been playing with them? (T_T) It's not like I don't want to help her repair, but my hands are gonna hurt having to drill for these many pieces! (T_T)

Came home, tried to make a Christmas card, and kept dosing at the desk. Woke up and it was already 1. What's wrong with me? (T_T)

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