Sunday, December 18, 2011

Walker and dinner

Y's package arrived! Yay~ thanks!!!! (^_^) Originally, brother was to pick us up and go see dad together. But mom and I wanted to catch the shift change at the nursing home, so we went separately. However, brother went directly from the restaurant after lunch, and beat us to dad. We missed him by just 15 minutes. Oh well.

Dropped of the 3 huge cans of cookies to dad's nursing home. We successfully greet staff from 2 shifts. (That why we aimed at between shifts.) Mom wanted to take the cane and one of the two walkers home as dad is no longer using them. (She's more afraid they'd be stolen.) We're too late for the one aunt Y lend us. He has already broken the release buttons!!! AAAAARRRGGGHHH!!!!!

Otherwise, dad is as usual. His room stinks like urine. Blobs of spit on the floor. His shirt unbuttoned and belly showing. First thing he asked was "is there anything to eat?" Sigh... Mom went to pee in his washroom and found out there's no toilet paper. She seems not to understand that dad cannot be given any toilet paper or paper towel. (Has she forgotten what happened at home already??? Or was she just acting???) A staff told us that this morning dad plugged the toilet again because he pulled the whole roll of paper towel into the toilet and tried to flush it. The hallway was flooded. (T_T) Brother did tell us that when they arrived, the floor was being mobbed the second time today. Sigh... (T_T) Mom asked dad if brother's visited, he said no! Sigh... (T_T) However, he was able to name me today. That's a surprise!

We went home afterwards, and I started wrapping gifts for brother's gang. Our family don't have the habit of Christmas gift giving. But since they have a Christmas tree and 2 kids, it's only appropriate. Since I've never been trained as a kid, I suck in buying gifts. That's actually a useful skill.

Dinner with uncle Y's gang and aunt C. 10 people in total. The restaurant was a good deal and we had a bunch of leftovers to take home. Mom only took one container for dad, not for us. The majority when to brother. Aunt y and aunt C took some too.

J called during dinner. He seemed to be making greeting calls and didn't talk to me much. It would be nice if we could set up something at A's, as he seems a bit sad that S and I made him cancel the turkey. There's no way for the 3 of us to deal with an 8-pound turkey. It's only going to waste. And I'm glad he's sensible enough to make the decision. It's only fair to get something going at his place.

Came home and kept dosing off at the desk... (T_T)

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