Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pants unsewing

Perhaps mom finally starts to let go. She found a puddle of pee on the bathroom floor this morning. The volume was not leakage, but a whole bladder. The cleanup took an hour. Her breakfast (oatmeal) was all cold when she was done. That was what she told me when I got up in the afternoon, and she asked me to contact the social worker. She was also talking about a church friend's wife who's been going to an old folk's daycare. Looks like mom has had enough. Yeah, it's overdue.

The sewing machine is used almost everyday now. Dad keeps dismantling his own pants, especially when he sits on the toilet. No wonder why he sits there for half an hour each time just to pee. Mom keeps having to mend his pants. She's fed up. Just now he took the tag off which mom had sewn there to mark the back of the pants. This drives mom nuts. I don't know if dad likes to dismantle things, or he just tries to do whatever he can or knows how to. Then it's sad that he only know how to destroy things. If you ask him if he's done something, the answer is always "no", "don't know", or "don't remember". Or, no answer at all. (Maybe silence = admit?) But of course, when such a question arise, it's always something bad that he's done.

Pants on the knees

(Picture was taken on Jan 4 and is unrelated to subject.) Dad just went to the washroom. You can tell he's done when he "clears" his nose directly into the bathroom sink making a disgusting "spraying compressed air" noise. As usual I went to remind him to flush, and saw him wiping his face with the shared hand towel again. (He always leaves booger behind. Gross!) The top of his pants was down to his knees, and legs were rolled up to his knees too. Yeah, it's like, why wear pants? I understand the top, but why roll the legs up? I wish I didn't need to see his butt. Luckily, nothing else.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


S brought a Mac book Pro today! Woooooooow... congrats!

Friday, January 29, 2010

More beads

(Picture was taken on Jan 12 and is unrelated to subject.)
Micro beading continued. Had to wear the clip-on magnifier all day. Killing my eyes. (T_T) Well, OK, the stringing was done around 2, and I switched to filling 1/12 scale small trays with flat back nail rhinestones. Needed to be placed one by one. Same deal. Not any easier on the eyes.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Japan Roller

From a family friend. Thanks! Hmm... since we weren't given the outer most packaging, not sure where it's made in (or expiry date). Looking at the web site, it should be Taiwan. But the taste is suspicious. How should I put it? First of all, this leans towards salty but also heavy in sugar. The texture is like Cheetos but denser. It's fried and you can feel the grease bursting in your mouth. It's yummy, but soaked with MSG! The "Japanese" part seems to be seaweed. Overall, very unhealthy.

BTW, the company is call "Odor King"! What the heck!?!?! (Engrish?!)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Took dad to his first followup appointment with the cardiologist after his aneurysm surgery last month. He's got some swelling around the incision on the right but not a problem. According to mom, dad's balls were swollen so much right after the surgery, his dick was completely buried. (Of course I absolutely don't want to see that.) Well, when dad had his kidneys and bladder function test, the urologist didn't say anything, so it should be fine. And the cardiologist didn't say anything either. Of course that's not what he treats dad for, and mom shouldn't be throwing this same question at every medical personae or friends and relatives. Sigh...

Finally, dentist time for dad. Managed to get an appointment at 2:30 (we stopped-by around noon). One of his last two real teeth had broken off with the cap. It's been at least 2 months now? He keeps saying he's fine, so we haven't been straight. There were the aneurysm surgery and urology tests too. The tooth seemed to be a low priority. Well, it got extracted. Now dad only has one tooth left. The dentist even modified dad's dentures, sawing off the loop where it catches the broken tooth, so that dad doesn't have to see the denture guy. Today's appointment was considered emergency. Maybe that was why we got it so soon. Either way, $$$$ sigh...

Apparently, the number of teeth is related to brain health. (Got it somewhere from the web.) That sensitive layer between your teeth and jaw bone is like the whiskers of cats. People who have Alzheimer's tend to have very few teeth left. Yikes... So, keeping as many teeth as you can may reduce Alzheimer's risk? I've already had 4 completely good teeth removed for braces. Wisdom teeth are gone too. Only 24 left as to a full set of 32. OMG... (T_T)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Beaded out

Stringed micro beads onto wires all day. My eyeballs are falling out. (T_T)

Usual eat-out day with my brother's gang.

The rash on my neck flared up again.

The giant Christmas Toblerone was actually regular Toblerone with a Christmas wrapper!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Ophthalmologist (4)

Amazing... I was on time for all my appointments today. Cool!

Retina scan only took 5 minutes. Amazing! Didn't even need to dilate my pupils. The scanner was like those for glasses which you look into a machine at a cross-hair. Have to come back 2 weeks later to talk to the doctor, though. This is how people don't get proper treatment in time.

Lunch with S...
Long time no see!

The usual stuff.

Interest explained. Any payment after 5PM on Friday gets counted as the next Monday. I was automatically considered late for 3 days the moment I paid. F#@%&!!!!!!

To pick up tomorrow's lunch.

Even got to write a Japanese e-mail. However, not to the person I want to write to. Jumping the line a little. Oh well...

Sunday, January 24, 2010


(Stocked up review again.)
Hazel nuts in milk chocolate. Brought back from Europe by Andrew. Thanks! It's delicious! Usually I prefer pure chocolate than those with fillings or nuts, but this one is fine. It's a good emergency food source. (Quite filling.) And of course European chocolate doesn't have that sour aftertaste like those over here. Probably because they use real cream instead of skim milk. More fattening, though.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Banks suck

Thought I've been paying my credit card bills in full to avoid the interest. Still got charged. Grrrrrrrr...

What I didn't know is, there seems to be not only a cut-off date, but also a cut-off time. If I miss the time, then it counts as the next day, even though the due day hasn't ended. And, the cut-off time is when the bank closes.

So, that's like $38 or so last month, and $10 or so this month, just for interest. Mind you I only make $60 a day before expense, that is, if I get called to work. My boss is away too much so I don't get enough work. It's not that I don't want to work.

How can I be so dumb? I didn't even look at last month's bill and automatically assumed I'm clean because I pay in full. I'm just too dumb. Thought I could trust the bank with my money. Not. (T_T)

Sorry I lost control again.

Friday, January 22, 2010


A short one again, when stretching again.

Wow... I was G in K. I was a boy and formally dressed. Reenactment of the shoe purchase scene. Got a new pair of shiny black leather shoes. It fitted perfectly and super comfortable even though it was brand new. Somehow I said, poor baby cow or lamb (for it's skin became the shoes). Then Au lead me out to go to a black-tie party, on foot. Just the two of us. It was at night and dark outside. I asked Au if he's cold. He said no. It was like walking on a narrow side walk on a highway with cars speeding by. After a short distance of about a block, I noticed I've forgotten my cell phone. Au passed me the keys to my car and I went back. The I opened the passenger side door...

... and woke up. That was it.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Park Royal fail

(Picture was taken at Richmond Center last summer and is unrelated to subject.)
No work tomorrow. I'm all burnt out anyway. But this also means, no car tuneup. Crap! Dentist appointment is coming up too! (T_T)

Wanted to stop by London Drugs to see the actual storage boxes that are on sale. 8 for $10. Should be about shoe boxes size. The closest one's on Lonsdale, but there was a police incidence and traffic jam. So I went to Park Royal. My eyes were pretty much gone from working on miniatures all day. Missed the usual exit, for I go there less than 10 times a year. Worked out fine because highway 1 exits directly into Taylor Way. Stopped by the dollar store, then (of course) Michael's. However, going from the south mall to the London Drugs in the north mall was a problem. Ended up in nowhere-land before I could u-turn. Finally arrived at the parkade outside the big "London Drugs" sign. But there was no entrance! The store no longer exist? Couldn't be, because the shopping cart station was clearly marked "London Drugs". Asked a passer-by, and found out I have to go around and through the mall entrance. There is no direct street entrance. (Fail!!!!) OK, went in there, it was 8:58 and most stores are closed.... London Drugs' gates were down and they were only letting people out! They close with the mall! All other branches I know of closes at 10!!!!!! AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Fine. I'd go back to Lonsdale. But I couldn't trace the way I came because the entrance is one-way! Found a way out midway, but thanks to the island in the meridian, I couldn't go east! Fine, I'll go into the south mall... but again, no u-turn! I ended up going into the soccer field and forced a u-turn in their parking lot. Sigh... Finally, I made it to Marine Drive.

By the time I arrived at the Lonsdale branch, it was around 9: 25. Looked at a few sale items, but didn't buy the storage boxes. There were only 4 left. Kind of weak anyway. Oh well. At least I got to stock up on some other stuff.

As usual, ate a late dinner and felt asleep at the desk. Won't be able to sleep tonight again. (T_T)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Wow, 3 days of work in a roll. And tomorrow is supposed to be one two. I wonder if Friday is also one. Of course I don't get to find out until the end of tomorrow. Perhaps after working a full week (if I can), then I'll be able to afford my overdue winter car tuneup.

My neck and shoulder are aching. (T_T) However, I'm doing better than expected, considering the 3-day-in-a-roll assault on them, plus the eyes and butt. Yeah the butt is a newcomer. It's more like prolonged pressure on the end of the tail bone. Hurt trying to stand up or sit down.

When I was away at work for the past 3 days, dad went around and destroy things again. According to mom, he had taken apart a windup radio my uncle gave us for in case of power-outage. Sigh... Then mom discovered dad took apart the pair of pants he was wearing when siting on the toilet. That's just way too surreal. Asked him why, and he said don't know. I no longer know what to say or what to think either. (T_T)

Once again around 3 AM, I caught dad trying to discard a piece of used toilet paper into the kitchen garbage can after peeing, instead of flushing it down the toilet. It's been crumbled into a ball. I suspect he's been wiping the bathroom sink or faucet or counter or wall or what not with pee-soaked toilet paper. Every time I wash my face, the smell of urine rises up from the sink. Spraying cleaner and rinsing the sink and faucet alone doesn't completely get rid of the smell.

Then dad resorted to peeing standing up again. Well, he's been good after the second aneurysm surgery, and willing to sit down for the first round, but after he washes his hands, he immediately goes back to pee a little more. For this second round, he refuses to sit down, resulting in urine on the raised toilet seat, the floor, and his pants. Oh, and he no longer remember to flush the toilet.

Mom started to get up in the middle of the night when dad gets up to pee, to make sure he sits down and flushes and throws the used toilet paper into the toilet. Not good. At this rate, mom will wear out soon. Well, I haven't been sleeping well this week either. Ranging from 1 to 4 hours each night. I'm just waiting to see when I'll drop dead, or cause a serious accident on highway 1.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


The sun came out for a little bit. The morning drive was even smooth. But again I could only sleep about 4 hours last night.

It's Tuesday, and the usual eat-out day with brother's gang. I was so tire, I forgot to take Pinky picture at dinner, even though I had a Pinky with me.

This picture is stocked up from before. We always order the same thing, so I suppose this makes no difference.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Red neck

Ever since I got a hair cut in mid December, the tip of my hair irritated the hell out of my neck. Itchy, scratchy, red, unsightly. Comes and goes. Just thought it was getting better, it came back. Seems to be related to lack of sleep.

Yup, don't think I got much sleep. Tossing and turning. My back was bad. Last night's wind storm was loud. Our door mat got flipped. The anti-crow netting in our lawn got all messed up. The streets were littered with branches. Power outage in several area.

Game Music's order arrived! Yay~! Took them 3 weeks, though. But I'm glad it's finally here.

Thanks A, it does make a big difference.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Ooooh my, another one. I seem to get these when I fall asleep while stretching.

This time I was in a flight, and it seemed to be going to Japan. It must have been an Air Bus. The aisle was down the middle, with 3 seats across on each side. I got a window seat on the second roll on the left (but I usually prefer aisle seat). The 3 seats in front were my girl friends (but don't know who). On my right was Scar (yikes... must be because I read the latest chapter of FMA before I slept, and he was in the very last frame). He just sat there and didn't do anything. Then one more unknown gentleman after that.

The flight attendants urged everyone to have some sleep. You know how uncomfortable those seats are. Somehow I "invented" a "very comfortable" way. It was like siting down reversed. Lie down with my back on the seat and my legs up on the back. Then I put my left leg through the seat cushion extending onto the floor. Amazingly there was a pocket for that purpose. My right leg was bend up. (There is no way this can be comfortable in real life.)

The two guys on my right left their seats, so I thought this was the perfect chance to go to washroom. As I proceeded, there were some other events, but I can't remember.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Yes, another one of those dreams. (Sorry, images are borrowed from the web.)

A was in a nighttime horseback riding competition. His turn was up but he was still in the wash room. So I went to fetch him. We came back but his turn was already gone. There was some grade school boy trying to get onto his horse, but the horse wouldn't let him.

Then we were lead to a house party for dinner. It was like a banquet with many tables. Everyone was dressed in turn-of-the-century clothes. Tables only sit 4. I was assigned to sit with a couple and their girl friend while A was at the next table. There was a break, and together with a bunch of guests, I was shown a part of the house. On my way back to my table, I needed to make a big stride, and noticed I was wearing a long skirt (seemed like I was also dressed in costume). Sitting was all mixed up so I went to sit with A. A gentlemen and a lady joined us. They looked like father and daughter. We tried to have a conversation with the lady, but she seemed to be retarded and we couldn't talk much. We were served food, but I can't remember what.

There were more, but as usual, evaporated before I could write it down.

Friday, January 15, 2010


Non-stop rain again. Chiropractor day. Got A's gift card from TJ's, bought buns for tomorrow's lunch, went home. Nap. No energy.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Nougat Praline

Oops, borrowed the candy, took the picture, return without eating it. No idea what it tastes like. Sorry!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Took A to pick up a package at the UPS office near the Richmond airport. First time ever to be in that area. It's very barren and doesn't even have street lights.

I do admit, I am feeling better. Thanks A! (^_^) Well, the third image above may cause some misunderstand. It belongs to A, but not the reason I'm feeling better.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

UBC hospital

Dad's appointment was at 8 AM. Had to get up at 6:30. Only got one hour sleep. We left the hose at 7:10 AM. Should take only about half and hour but since I'm not familiar with the geography, better leave some elbow room. The sun wasn't even up. It was dark like night, and raining. Driving condition was bad, and way more cars than expected.

As anticipated, I did get lost. Took a wrong turn at the round-about where Marine Drive meets 16th. I should have printed the map out instead of trying to memorize it. (T_T) Wasted some time there, but still OK. However, we couldn't find the building after we parked, and lost more time. Dad can't walk fast. We were 5 minutes late. The nurses were waiting for us already.

We got dad changed, and sent into the room alone. I wasn't allowed in despite being his translator. After that, don't remember much. I kept dosing off in the waiting area. On my way back from the washroom, I saw dad siting in the hallway with other patients in line for something. Told mom, and she went to sit with him. I continued dosing off. It was super uncomfortable. All the joins in my body was aching.

There were 2 tests. Kidneys function test, and bladder function test. By the time we were called in to see the doctor, those were done. The last thing was a cystoscopy (sticking a camera into the urethra). We were allowed to be in the room. A little bit of translation was needed. Like, we need you to sign for consent to be examined, come closer the the edge of the bench, put your feet here, the nurse is going to clean you, she's going to inject freezing gel, the doctor is going to insert the camera, etc. I'd say, the procedure was not unlike Medieval torture. Blood is expected to be seen in urine for about 2 days, and it's normal.

It was almost 11 AM when we left. Took 16th Ave this time. It seemed very smooth and easy. But I didn't want to take any chance on our way there. Ate lunch at DQ. Picked up 5 loafs of discounted (expiring) bread a bakery nearby, and went home. Finally, I could sleep. It was about 1 PM.

Got woken up at 6:30 PM. It's brother-come-home-for-dinner day, and as usual we'd be eating out. Once again, groggy and needed to drive. Mui Garden curry for dinner.

This "nap" screwed me up again, and I couldn't sleep until 5:30 AM. (T_T) Am I screwed up for life?


Tired like hell but can't sleep... 錢財身外物 錢財身外物 錢財身外物 錢財身外物 錢財身外物 錢財身外物 錢財身外物 錢財身外物 錢財身外物 錢財身外物

破財擋災 破財擋災 破財擋災 破財擋災 破財擋災 破財擋災 破財擋災 破財擋災 破財擋災 破財擋災


Monday, January 11, 2010

Worst day this year (so far)

Non-stop rain. Ache ache ache ache ache ache ache ache ache ache... Just when I finally get called back to work and need to get up early, my back and shoulder hurt so much I couldn't sleep. Got only less than 2 hours approx. Didn't look a the clock. Rained like crap. Two minutes! Two minutes! Two minutes! Two minutes! Two minutes!
T W O M I N U T E S !!!!!!
And my long awaited and dearly needed income for today goes down the drain. God, why do you have to do this to me? I thought you don't hate me. Why do you have to make me change my mind again?

You're pushing me to kill myself, right? It was just that close today. That close. Perfect condition for a highway car crash. Teeth don't seem to be enough anymore. If you're punishing me for something I've done wrong, tell me what I've done wrong. I've been doing my best to be good. If this is what I get, might as well leave.

Tomorrow is gonna be another test. Maybe we can all leave in one car. Yes, all in one car. Clean and tidy. Three birds with one stone.

I'm sure this is the monster speaking. I hate myself for not being able to control the monster.Yeah, this is exactly why I don't qualify to live.

Mom is no help.
No help anywhere.
No hope anywhere.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


This time it happened before I started stretching. Looks like I don't get good sleep lying flat on my back.

Forgot most of it already. For the parts that I do remember...

I was dressed in German folk costume walking towards an Oktoberfest-like party housed in a building shaped like a giant wine barrel. The streets were like Granville Island. As I approached the building, I saw P near the entrance when I was still 1-2 blocks away. Oh boy oh boy? L was there too. As if automated, I continued walking towards P. When I reached the entrance, the building turn into some kind of art studio. Classes were in session. "Shout and Draw". Students were screaming. It was chaotic and kind of scary. P was making a mix-media piece outside the classroom with 3 or 4 other students doing their own thing . There was no greeting despite we haven't seen each other for a long time. It was awkward. After only a few words, there was a gap. Can't remember how events connect, but the next thing was me being shown baby photos of Ae. (Really didn't make sense.) At this point I wasn't even talking to P anymore. It was a person I may or may not know. When Ae was a baby, his head was deformed, misshaped, and irregular, with lower IQ. Somehow he was eventually cured. I saw an event being "play back" in front of me. Ae was about 2 years old, standing at the pool side, holding the feet of another baby. He swung that upside-down baby like a pendulum to make his head dip in and out of water. Then baby Ae wobbled towards the edge of the pool, hitting the upside-down baby's head onto the side of the pool. The whole thing was so surreal, it was like a cartoon. An abusive one.

There was more, but it slipped away before I could write it down.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Kitkat: Cherry

Yet another non-brown Kitkat. I've read reviews of this, and I agree. It's not good. Same as most non-brown varieties, this cherry is kind of like cough syrup with too much sugar. Too sweet! The box is also the re-sizable type (see lemon Kitkat) which allows you to tear off some cardboard and make the box smaller. Inside the box is a promotion for some band. With the included code, you can down load one of 3 songs. I forgot all about it and of course it expired. Oh well.

Friday, January 08, 2010


Finally bought a 2010 day-timer! Still, just under 5 bucks before tax. No discount. There were only 5 left. 2 in green and 3 in blue. I thought picking green, like a "green light", might give me a boost. (Superstitious?) But the colour doesn't look that good, and I'm feeling "blue", so I followed my feelings. Not that I want the whole year to be "blue", though.

Michael's got day-timers for $1.50 since last December. If they weren't the thick type, I'd have bought those. My question is, why does a thin one cost 3.3 times more than a thick one??? Doesn't make any sense!


Woke up, lying in bed, stretching my stiff-like-rock back. Took a break and fell back asleep. (T_T)

Had a weird dream. Well, almost all my dreams are weird.

It was a projection of reality. In the dream, I woke up and found things in my room had been moved. My purse usually sits on my desk chair, was hanging on the wall where a poster used to be. There were more purses on the hook too.

Got out of my room, took a glance at the side table near the front door for a parcel I'm expecting, and it was there alright. The box was quite a bit smaller than it should, though. Went into the bathroom to wash my face. The room was completely different. Not just the bathroom, the whole house turn into a cross between our existing home and that of Mrs. L's, plus some of our old home. When I turn on the tab, a really tall unknown lady with a very small head came in, wanting to use the bathroom. I let her use the room first.

With a duster in hand, mom kind of told me that some of brother's daycare costumers will be coming here from now on, and a room is being cleared out for a helper to live in. I finished washing my face and ran into another unknown lady. The I proceed to cook oatmeal. The range was different too. It turn from electric coil into a gas range with open fire. A pot and wok were cooking. clearly not our kitchenware. I didn't want to mess with that, and went to see the living room. The floor plan changed again. There I noticed the house seemed bigger with more rooms. There were kid's furniture and toys all over the place. Mom continued to clean up and move things around. It was like trying to fit furniture from two homes into one.

Then I woke up at that point. I left the radio on when stretching, and the DJ was still talking about the same singer whose face was hidden from public by the record company until they release a CD, and the sales tactic worked. I thought, wow, all that dream in the duration of one song? But when I look at the clock, it was about an hour later. The radio program lasts 2 hours. So it could be the same DJ talking about the same thing twice. Hmm...

And... in reality, nope, the parcel hasn't arrived.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Pocky: Banana

Seasonal limited edition. As I've said before, banana is not my cup of tea. However, Pocky seems to have done it just right. I like this banana Pocky! The amount of chocolate and banana flavour is perfectly balanced. Or, I was just hungry.

I've been curious about those chocolate covered banana in front of Japanese shrines. Missed my chance to try it during last trip.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Black sesame rice wafer

Taiwanese product. A gift from aunt C. (Thanks!) I expect it to be artificial, but it's surprisingly good! The fragrance and taste of sesame and rice are very natural. If this isn't natural, they've fooled me well. The sweetness is just right too. Some people may think it's not sweet enough, but I think it's perfect. (Of course, I was hungry too.) Don't know the price, so I can't say if I'll buy more.

Giant flags

Giant flags at Metrotown. Must be for the Olympics.
Olympics sucks... It made everything more expensive... (T_T)

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

MRI, dinner

Usual Tuesday dinner with brother's gang. Turns out sister-in-law went for a 6-hour MRI at UBC today. The left side of her body's been feeling tingly. Some white spots were found in her brain. Those were scars. But why? Her next appointment is in October. Yikes!!!!! It takes 10 months to get an appointment?!?! That's unacceptable!!!!!! Last time it took her 7 months, though. Sigh... I thought 3 months is average, but 10 months... OMG... what's going on with our medical system? What if it's cancer? People are gonna die before seeing a specialist!!!!!!

The online cheap Pinkys came just in time for my nieces' birthday. They were $1 but shipping is $10 on the first item, $5 for subsequent ones. To offset the shipping cost, I also got some duplicates for chopping up. (Customizing, I meant.) It works out to about $8 each. Didn't win too much, but not bad at all.

Didn't realize I forgot to pluck my eyebrows for... over 10 days? Of course they look like crap now. Apparently, this is yet another side effect of my back. Talking about my back, I just saw my chiropractor yesterday, but why do I feel so crappy today? Ah, mystery solved when I turn on the radio. Humidity is 100%. That will do it. (T_T)


Looks like I'm remembering my dreams frequently these days. But this also means disturbed sleep.

Forgot most of last night's dream, but what I do remember was, I was traveling with my anime night friends, and we went into this huge snack store to pick up some munchies. The shelves were packed all the way up to the high ceiling. It was at night, and we had to go somewhere afterward. There were so many to choose from, I took a long time. I finally picked a drink that looks like ginger ale, but in a large Kikkoman flask-like bottle, with a freebie toy.
My friends left and wait for me outside the store. I tried to quickly search for something salty to eat, like some kind of chips to go with the soft drink. It took forever. I couldn't make up my mind. Then my friends came back in angry, saying I took too long.

I think the doorbell woke me up at that point.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Kidneys, blood, back

The male nurse didn't show up. He's supposed to come bath dad today. But it's also the first day of the bath assistance extension. Maybe the paper work didn't get done in time or something...

Took dad to his kidneys ultrasound appointment at VGH. I'm super surprised that it took less than half an hour. (Yay! Only $3 for parking! An hour is $6! Don't know about other people, but 6 bucks can buy me a good-size meal!)

Then we dropped off a copy of that document to our family doctor which we forgot to bring after dad's hospital discharge. Thought it's time to get his blood test for the urologist as well. The Lifelab at Chinatown does not reimburse parking. It's a separate entity from the ultrasound and x-ray lab sharing the same unit, which reimburse half to one hour parking depending on your test duration. Grrr... Luckily, despite the long wait, parking only cost $2.

Picked up A's coffee beans, then we all went to my chiropractor's appointment. I was half an hour early while he was a bit behind. It's his second day back to work after Christmas and new year holiday. Waiting was anticipated, though. Not a problem. Sure beats dropping off mom and dad home and then come out again.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Kitkat: Jasmin Tea

They had English tea before, now they're going oriental. A little unexpected but I imagined it would taste good. The smell was... very milky just like most non-chocolate Kitkat. There was absolutely no smell of any tea. Tasted... bitter! Hmm... is my sense of smell gone? I get the impression that I should be smelling tea if the flavour is this strong. Yet it kept smelling like milk chocolate. Well, since dark chocolate is also bitter, this didn't feel wrong. 3 bites later, a recognizable taste of tea finally emerged. The degree of bitterness was like chewing on tea leave. Hmm... it kind of matches so I don't mind it at all.

It uses Jasmin tea extract. At least not artificial flavouring.

Saturday, January 02, 2010


Thanks R and B for lunch! Again, I wish I could cook...
They have a wicked view from their apartment. So wicked, you can see into nearby buildings.
Their new baby crib's got a funny brand name! Apparently it means calm in some European language. And thanks A for the jackets! (^_^)

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy new year!

Spent most of the day dosing off. Was it the sparking wine last night? Didn't do anything. This is gotta be the lamest new years day ever... (T_T)

Picture was taken in September in Richmond Center. The graffiti is funny!