Saturday, June 30, 2012


Met up with A just before 4. Very late yet he didn't seem eager to complete the errands. Post office, liquor store, then Michael's. The t-shirts were not such a good deal so nope. The frames were not on sale so I'd wait for the coupon next week. Picked up 3 small items with clearance label yet the coupon worked. Yay! (Nope, not complaining at all.) Dinner at Cactus Club nearby. Thanks. Dropped A off and then went to feed brother's Guinea pigs. Sis-in-law left enough food so they didn't whee when I got there... not even for the hay. However, when I opened the fridge door, they whee like an alarm! OK... fresh veggies are no comparison to hay. Went home and of course kept dosing off at the desk...

Friday, June 29, 2012


Took mom to her eye appointment late morning. Failed to sleep early and only got 3.5 hours. She's gonna have the other eye done in 11 days. So, the Lougheed mall and Maple Ridge trip will repeat all over again next week.

Checked out the framing store and left disappointed. Nothing says bingo. So was the dollar store next door. Oh well, that's the nature of treasure hunts.

Stopped by dad's next. Things went smooth. It's just that the place smells bad more frequently.

Got home around 2:30. As I wanted to take care of the bank business, I had to go asap. So I kidnapped aunt L on the way and took her and mom along. I just needed to sign for a pickup and it was quick... wasn't even 4:30 when I was done. Originally, aunt L wanted to take us to a certain Chinese restaurant, but weren't opened yet. So we went to one of brother's usual Taiwanese places. (Aunt L is a good cook so she's a bit hard to please when it comes to food.) On our way out, she bought 1/4 of a BBQ duck in a newly opened store next door. Living along gives her little chance to make such purchase because those birds are rarely sold below half.

Then some grocery-shopping. A called when I was in the washroom a the Taiwanese restaurant, and I forgot to return his call until mom was picking up pickles for our neighbour. Aunt L also got some. After checking out what kind of stores were in that mall, we went to a larger grocery shop for soy milk. Aunt L bought sprouts.

Last item, milk for aunt L. It was way too expensive at our last stop. After dropping her off, I noticed gas price dropped slightly despite oil price went up, so I topped off the tank. Cost just under $16 when it still looked quite full.

Came home and kept dosing off as usual... Went on repairing the bead caps and that was it. Didn't work on L's picture but got a few errands done.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Phone calls

Huge weather fluctuations. Yesterday's chiropractor treatment is nullified. Cousin B still hasn't called so I was thinking borrowing A's phone to call. Coincidentally he called me when I was just about to call him. So I went and called cousin B right away because of the time difference. Caught her at a bad time and didn't get the info I need. She'd be calling tomorrow or over the weekend. At least she gave me her son's contact (the address I've got is not current). I forwarded the message to him again. It didn't take long before I got a reply. Good, it's not July 1st but July 5th. Mom scared me again.

Had dinner with A and then went shopping at Costco. Thanks for the stuff. I think we over-shopped a bit...

Missed a call when I was driving to A's. Turns out it was the bank. Mom took a message. This means my new account is successfully setup and I need to go see them to pick up a code or something... but wait... haven't I already received a letter? Can't I just go online for the setup???

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Body condition bad. Couldn't think straight. Thank God for chiropractor day. Went home directly afterwards as aunt L requested us to take her to see dad, then she offered to buy us dinner. But brother called right after for eat-out day. So mom ended up treating aunt L instead.

Kept dosing off at the desk all night. Energy level still very low. Don't want to take iron consecutively, though.

Ginger bread cookie

From December 2011. Christmas special. One of A's favorite. I like it too. Made in Germany, it's slightly on the sweet side, but still very good. You can taste the mild ginger. The texture is soft and slightly moist, which is an indicator of freshness. The coating resembles icing sugar, though. It crumbles easily and is a little messy.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


The last batch of Etsy stuff arrived. This should be it for a while. The seller taped the small bags down onto a piece of cardboard and it was super difficult to remove thanks to the packing tape's adhesive strength. 3 bags were torn open in the process. Messy...

No energy. Feel cold even after hot shower. To be precise, above my shoulder blades felt hot but my trunk felt cold. Thought I could save a warming pad but couldn't. Only 3 left. Need to wrap a blanket around too.

Recorded, sorted, and stored away today's Etsy stuff and not much else.

The corners of my mouth has officially flared up. But why? Don't tell me it was the 3-hour sleep from a few days ago?

Monday, June 25, 2012


Slow start, but successful taking no pain-killer. Stomach discomfort but bearable. Tired, low energy level, dizzy all day. Didn't do much other than working on the spoons and fixing some of the defective bead caps. Really tough on neck and shoulders.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hospital / zongzi

Failed to go to bed earlier and failed to fall asleep for at least 2 hours. Think I got only 3.5 hours of sleep. Mom was eager to get going and said aunt Y wanted us to pick her up before 1. Not enough time to cook oatmeal so I only ate yesterday's hard-boiled egg and a banana. When mom phoned her up, she was eating lunch and not ready. I ended up picking her up around 1. Then the 3 of us went to see grand-aunt at the hospital. Uncle Y stayed home working on his green house. He had a tough day when admitting grand-aunt.

Grand-aunt's doing well. She was in front of the elevators trying to use the pay phone (without realizing it needed money, though.) Thought they only need to put a tube into her head to drain fluid, so I was shocked to see a 6-inch stitched-up scar running from her right temple along the side of her head. We stayed for a bit and left.

Next stop, dad's. The cat came out today. Aunt Y was happy to see her. Dad was sitting at the secondary dining table, just finished afternoon snack, and seemed happy and more talkative. He even requested a certain small sweet cookie bought bulk. I don't think any of us got it. But mom said it's the mini Ritz. We'll see.

After that, there were talks about getting grocery but they changed their mind because it was "too hot". Well... since my car doesn't have A/C, it is hot inside the car. But that only happens when you're riding in it. Plus, the cardboard windshield shade helps a little. Anyway, we ended up just went to pick up the zongzi from a domestic seller. Mom commented that the gentleman aged a lot. Yes, he had trouble walking. Yet he's still in the business. Mom also said his zongzi home business made him enough money to buy 2 houses. (Yes, they're painted in the same colour and has an opening between the fence.)

Dropped aunt Y off. Mom wanted to see their son's dog. It wasn't trained properly and likes to jump up on people when excited. Mom expected a much smaller dog and was scared. This medium-size beagle mix is a bit heavy when it jumps onto you.

Got home, and ate half a piece of cake from aunt Y. That was my lunch at 4. Mom cooked one zongzi for dinner with the rest of lettuces as salad. She didn't wait for me to dress it and ate the lettuces plain and raw. Of course it didn't taste good. The biggest fail of today (and yesterday) is, no one realized it was dragon boat festival yesterday!!! (Hence no zongzi.) Oh well!

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Mom got our neighbour to trim our 3 bushes so that K can continue with the awning repair. The branches have to be discarded in several batches. It started raining soon after. Dark and wet. Not seeing A today. Tomorrow will be hospital day with uncle and aunt Y. Grand-aunt Y is doing well after surgery. (Drilling a hole in her head to drain fluid.)

Terra Barbeque

From December 2011. There was the regular chips here. Thanks A again! However, this one is disappointing. The regular flavour is good, but BBQ is not. It just doesn't fit and tastes strange. Not sure if it's just my bag, but some of the chips tastes bitter. Thanks to their colour, I can't tell if they're burnt. A few of them was biting hot. If it was the seasoning, it wasn't mixed well. Overall, I won't be buying another bag. Ever.

Friday, June 22, 2012


(No photo today. This one was taken on the 20th. I've followed it's progress for a while and stopped due to the cold winter. Not sure when it was completed.)

The knock finally came. Not too long but overdue for sure. A lot cooler today. The air was less stuffy than yesterday too. The rain finally came in the afternoon. Body very stiff.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer solstice 2

Summer solstice "again". Brother came to have a hair cut and drove mom and I to see dad while he went to pick up some stuff (hardware? and grocery). M was not on duty so mom did not drop dad's shorts. We only dropped off the 3 t-shirts bought 2 days ago. Took dad to the dinning room and brother return in the middle of his diner. He has church gathering tonight so eat-out day is postponed.

On the other hand, surprisingly, mom wanted to eat-out and said didn't mind Ikea. I took the chance to pay for our house insurance. Traffic was congested at places I didn't expected. Mom called with my cell phone to let the office know the we were on our way. We just made it, and wasn't the last one. There was another customer too.

After we were done, we went to the Pricesmart next door, and decided to come back after dinner. Ended up eating in the mall (the free-range chicken place, but didn't order chicken). Then a bit of grocery-shopping back at the supermarket. The last item, soy milk, had to be bought at a different shop. I thought they close at 9 but actually 8 Sunday to Thursday. Barely made it.

Came back and kept dosing off at the desk...

Yes, it's summer solstice today and it gets hot all of a sudden. The air is humid and heavy. Last night my neck was sore turning right, but luckily didn't screw up further today. But the neck itself is stiff allover.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer solstice 1

I'm confused. Some say it's today, some say it's tomorrow. There's the calendar one and the astronomical one. Hmm...

Another Etsy package arrived. The beads that I've been hesitating to get. A bit expensive but high quality. Using them in miniature instead of accessory may be a waste.

Made it to Bodyshop's time-limited half-price sale with ease. But still, it was lunch time and 2 hours into the sale. I didn't expect to get the toner I want, but amazingly there were 4 bottles left. Cool! So I picked up 3 as usual. That only happens during their buy 2 get 1 free deal, which is going on in parallel with this half-price sale. Last time when they had such a big sale, it sold out for months. Maybe father's day was just over and they had ample stock from that.

Nonetheless, managed to take a walk after dinner. Despite mom urges me to take post-dinner walk, we didn't ate until 7:30. After all the cleanup, it was 8:30. Yes, she told me to leave the dishes until I come back, but no. If I leave them, she'd wash them, so it's out of the question.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bead caps

The "lost" package finally arrived. (Yay~!!) It shouldn't take more then 1.5 months. When there was still no sign of it on day 60, the seller promised to resend the stuff. I was about to contact them again tomorrow, which would be day 110 and leaves me 10 days for feed back. Amazingly, the package beats me to it by one day. I'm just glad that it's here. (However, only half of the bead caps are in perfect condition. The other half have some degree of defects. I kind of expected it, but not this many...)

Mom wanted to bring another piece of cake to dad, so I drove her there around 4. Dad's room was not locked and he was completely naked in his room. A fellow resident saw us entering his room and wanted to come in too. The staff stopped him but he kept coming back. Kind of scary. A nurse came back with diapers, dad's pants, and a lady's shirt. (Dad's clothes are stored somewhere else because he likes to tear them up.) We saw him finish eating the cake and left. Mom pointed out that the staff did not dress dad up from the start. (Dad likes to take his clothes off but there was no sign of clothes... not even torn up ones.) Hmm...

The nurse request more clothes so we went to buy some cheap t-shirts in our neighbourhood. Got some bread and went home. Kept dosing off at the desk. Couldn't help it. Checking the 1800 pieces of bead cap is tough. Only got 1/3 done.

Sachima Sesame Flavor

From December 2011. Thanks Mrs. M for this one. Made in Canton, China. It's... excellent! It's not like I was hungry. It's good as a standalone. You can taste the egg very well. Not too sweet, and very light. The puffy texture produces a soft and mild crunch. Not much aftertaste. The ingredient list is not as short as I want and contains a few chemical-looking items, but nothing I can't pronounce or look evil. Don't know the price, but I'm looking for it. Let's hope I don't have to give it up when I find out how much.

Monday, June 18, 2012


Thank God for chiropractor day. Got a bit behind but still couldn't afford without showering and washing my hair. Luckily still made it within the 15-minute zone. Got a new head of lettuces for salad. Ever since I started taking calcium again last week, the benefit of the salad has been erased. (T_T) Managed to get the knock today, but still feel bloated. Should I take Senokot? But I don't want to risk crashing with the other pill...

The spoons are all in their settings. They need something more but I'm not sure what to add...

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's day

Mom's been expecting brother to call because it's father's day. (It's expected that we all go see dad.) Finally she called him around 2. He wasn't home but mom reached him at his cell. He was still with his church friends eating lunch at a restaurant. (Amazing... they could actually get a table on father's day!) So it was agreed that they come here around 4:30. I know mom always want to beat dad to lunch, but too bad today it wasn't even afternoon snack, it had to be dinner.

So I took the chance to go get some cakes. Maxim is still not opened yet. Mom pointed out that aunt L said there's a new bakery on Victoria and it's having a grand opening 20% off. So we got our cake there. It was really crowded and the shelves were almost empty. The individual pieces didn't look good so we went for an 8" instead. Well... it did look like the kitchen put together everything in a rush and our cake wasn't that high quality. Luckily the taste was not bad.

Brother showed up around 5, leaving aunty J and her daughter L to house-sit. Sis-in-law minded it a lot and wanted to go home ASAP, so we gave dad the food we brought, saw him finished eating, and left.

Sis-in-law made us beef stake again. It was awesome although the meat itself was nicer last time. I'm not complaining at all. This time she didn't make garlic toast so that we could finish my salad with ease. (Last time we over-eat.) Brother felt like repairing some cabinet doors, and from there dug up a bunch of old photo albums, and started engaging aunty J with them. She bought into it very much. Mom gave her effort to join in, but I know nobody from their church, so I was very bored. Finally it was mom's eye-drop time and brother drop us off.

Came back, worked on the spoons, felt asleep. Then machine 2 lost internet connection. I panicked a little as I lost the net radio. Tried rebooting the machine, then the cable box, but no luck. However, machine 1 seems fine. But... but... I want to listen to the radio...

Anyway, still need to check back on machine 2. But that's gonna be later.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Input select

Mom was whining about glasses again. This time she wants to use dad's old damaged pair. Not good, not good. Dad must have played with it breaking one nose pad off, and twisted the frame. I even offer to pay for a new pair but mom still insists on her way. Sigh... I would have just bought something but glasses really need fitting so I can't.

Since A didn't reply my call for long enough, I complied with mom's request and went to see dad. His door wasn't locked today. But the moment I enter, I was shocked to see pieces of torn-up diaper all over the floor. I though the staff had him under control but apparently not. His room stunk like pee and crap too. Sigh... Gave him the ice-cream as requested although today's a bit chilly. Then A's message came, and I left.

Met up with A and S at Oakridge. As always, found them at the apple store. Then we went to Lansdowne Best Buy for A's game console deal. Unfortunately they sold out on one of the games included in the package. Next, Aberdeen for the Mobilicity father's day deal. A ended up getting a new phone number. As a referring customer, both of us get $10 credit. It's the reverse when he got me on board Fido, which is really crappy now. Next, Queensborough mall! It was kind of on the way to S's, and A checked that the Best Buy there has the game in stock. He also picked up a shirt and a pair of pants at Banana Republic (super cheap, though). Last stop, the fish and chips place near S's... I forgot the name. A offered to buy us dinner as his tradition on spending. (Whoever makes a big purchase gets to buy friends a meal... doesn't make too much sense to me...) Oh well, I'm not complaining. Thanks!

Dropped A off, hung out for a little bit. Mom called because she couldn't get the TV to work again. I have no idea what she pressed when I wasn't home, but the usual trick of switching between TV and cable box on the remote didn't work. I even tried to reset the box but it actually got worse showing nothing but snow. Luckily I found the 24 hour hotline on the recent upgrade notice letter and called. Waited half-an-hour before a real person answered. She ran me through a few things, and finally found the culprit. It was super stupid... the input select on the TV!!!!! OMG how did mom get to that menu???? I couldn't even get there until the lady asked me to dig up the TV remote. (It's been put away sine the cable box remote can also controls the TV.)

Started on the spoon charms. The settings are a bit worse than I thought, but should still work.

Friday, June 15, 2012


The settings arrived, good. I can finally start making the charms. (But ended up not doing it today, though.)

Mom's been bordered by her now obsolete glasses, so we went glasses-shopping in the neighbourhood. Checked out 2 stores for ready-made reading glasses but she didn't like any. Will go to Daiso soon. You do get what you pay for. Dollar store quality uses rivets instead of screws, so when anything needs adjustment or breaks, there's no way to repair and you need to buy a new one. Got some grocery afterwards.

The recent salad's been helping my knock. Mom says its too "cold" for my system, but I think it's fine... so far. However, 4 bowls today was a bit tough thanks to mom stopping at only one bowl. As long as it gives me the knock tomorrow, I'm happy. Now that I think of it, my oil intake from salad dressing went over the roof...

Went to the post office to mail an important form for mom. That stupid clerk stuck a special stamp on my envelope again! I hope it's not gonna get stole because of the nice stamp!

Carr's Entertainment Crackers

From December 2011. Thanks A for sharing, and I'm so sorry you didn't like it. I'm so sorry that it changed! The assortment no longer contains A's favorite cracker. I do agree that the missing one is the best in the box. To me, the rest is not bad at all. Crackers are crackers. And this is not cheap crackers.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


How long has it been? Must be over 12 years already since I had a filling. The braces didn't cause any fear, but today, on the dentist chair, I was very nervous. Of course all dentists here uses freezing and it's the needle that I fear the most. I'm sure no one in this world enjoys having his or her mouth yanked wide open and kept still for over half an hour, while listening to the sound of dental drill. There's also the occasional smell from drilling that I cannot describe. 45 minutes later, I was less $250 strong. I thought my last appointment when the dentist took a quick look to determine treatment was free, but it showed up on today's bill and cost $39... geeze... That was less than 10 minutes! I can't stop feeling ripped off!!!!!

I told myself that, this dentist seems to be good. (This is my first filling with him.) However, as the freezing wears off, I found out the injection site is very sore! Actually not just the injection site, the area around the affected tooth is irritable too. Sigh... I hope whatever wound he left me won't turn into canker sore.

The magazine I ordered from the Japanese web site arrived. (Sooner than some craft material I ordered from the States?!?!) I kind of considered the possibility, but didn't think they'd actually send one single magazine in a box!!!!!! Don't they have padded mailers????? Oh well... at least I got half price shipping from their special. So I'd shut up.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Mrs. M came to sign some documents for mom 2 hours late (at 5 instead of 3) so we couldn't go grocery-shopping until then. Had to drop off the soy milk home because it contains no preservatives and spoils easily. Took mom to Ikea for dinner. The two of us ate for $10.05, very reasonable and the food was good. (Meat balls and salad.) Forgot to see if their market sells that salad dressing. Oh well. The old Ikea location across the new store is being demolished.

Dreading tomorrow's dentist's appointment.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Another Etsy package arrived, phew... Now there's just one more (not counting the lost one)... and a new order I placed today. I've been eying those beads for a long time. They're not on the cheap side so I've been holding it off... until today when I saw the "last batch" note... I couldn't afford not to. So, yet again, I chain myself down, paranoid about parcels getting lost.

To use up those veggies, I made that salad again. This time with olive oil and balsamic vinegar as the Ikea stuff was used up. And... it didn't taste as good. The vinegar was too sharp. I know the Ikea stuff contains herbs, but unless I buy a bottle, I don't think I can figure what else I need to add.

And thank God for salad. The knock came. It seldom comes before 3 or 4 days.

Monday, June 11, 2012


Got 2 parcels today. One was from Etsy (seems to be a bit later than last time when I bought from this seller). The other was from K. It's such a relief to know that the post-Christmas stuff I sent reached her. I've been wondering if the package was lost because I haven't heard from her for such a long time. Now it's all good. Not sure if the socks with toes work, though.

Brother came by and picked up mom's lemon chicken to see dad. He was also asked to shave dad. Mom's been paranoid about dad's care and wants to do everything herself. Sigh... She got restless in the afternoon because brother didn't call and report dad's condition.

Then he called to invite us over for dinner. Sis-in-law bought some very nice steak. So I made the same salad to bring over. The stake was superb. Sis-in-law also made shrimp cocktail for appetizer, and garlic toast with soup. Lots of work. Thanks!

Sesame Snaps

From December 2011. This one's been around for ages. I just never had a chance to write anything. After all, a single pack looks too sad. Thanks A for sharing. With the bulk box, it's much better.

One weird thing. There's no brand name! Just "sesame snaps"! Strange!

Either way, I quite like it. It's supreme for low blood sugar attacks. It fills candy (sweets) or crunch craving. It's even healthy! (At least beats candies and chips!) Only 3 ingredients. Sesame seeds, glucose syrup, and sugar. The only thing it looses to, is my salt craving. But pretty good already!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Errands / salad

Took care of a bunch of errands and didn't see A today. There was no plans with him anyway. Although I know about some kind of festival (Italian?) and the miniature show...

Brought dad some papaya. A fellow resident tried to come into his room but I shut the door in time. Then he was acting aggressive, yelling and banging on the door. I asked a staff member if this guy had a fight with dad. It turns out that he's been trying to get into everyone's room anyway. It was kind of scary.

Then I dropped of aunt C's sun glasses in her mail box. Just to make sure I didn't get the wrong house, I phoned and ended up handing over in person.

After that, some grocery shopping. The on-sale potato at Buylow was horrible so I didn't buy any. Got lettuce, spinach, carrot, and onion. There weren't many to choose from, so I picked according colour and size... and got a not-so-good onion. Oh well...

Salad time. Besides lettuce and spinach, I added raisins, pine nuts and cheese. It tasted very good. Even mom liked it. I'm glad she did.

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Half dead

(No photo today. This is from last month.)
Not sure what happened but I have absolute no energy. Dosing off most of the day. Didn't even wash my hair.

Friday, June 08, 2012


My brain was close to non-functional. Thought my appointment was at 3, and thought I'd be on time. Last minute mail check yielded an urgent mail from Linkedin that required an immediate password change. Of course I had to check my account for any tempering. That caused me half an hour. Once again I couldn't break free. Amazingly, the reception said I was early. Turn out my appointment was at 3:40! I'm really glad it worked out fine at the end, but it also shows my brain couldn't remember the info correctly.

Got A some beans from Innocent. He wanted some on-sale games from Walmart so I took him there. He seemed to be heavily affected by the weather change too and felt sick enough to work from home. We ate at Wendy's. I had to go home to keep an eye on mom since her vision is still blurry.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Post surgery

(No photo today. This was taken on the 6th.)
Appointment at 11. Amazingly we didn't have to wait long and seemed to have jumped the line. On the other hand, the doctor only took a quick look and that was it. (Didn't even get to take a Pinky picture!) Maybe that's why we were let in before those who need more time. Mom's eye is still blurry but the doctor said it takes 2 weeks. The next checkup is in 3 weeks.

Bought take-out food at T&T and ate at home. It was 1:30 when I finally gave up and went to nap in bed. Tons of interruptions so I didn't really sleep well. (The roofing company call to see if we'd go ahead with the storm drain repair... and of course I push it later for another 2 months.) Got up and my back felt worse. Did I lie down for too long??? Today's ache is the worst since last chiropractor's visit. Thank God I'd be seeing him tomorrow.

Didn't do much else. Totally non-productive.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Yogi Granola Crisps

From 2011 December. Thanks A for this one-month expired Strawberry Crunch. Too bad, just too bad. It's supposed to be very good stuff. I tried one, and it testes expired. The whole bag will have to be discarded. (My household is in the experimental food scrap disposal program, so this will not go to the landfill.) From that one single piece I tried out, the strawberry taste was way too strong. It was like dipping cereal chips into syrup, and was a mismatch. I wonder if it tastes different when fresh.

Cataract surgery

Mom's cataract surgery day. I couldn't sleep well last night (or this morning, rather). Only got about 4 hours. Nonetheless, got up at 9 and was out of the house at 10. The way there was smooth. There was an unclear intersection and brother's GPS was a big help. However, I realized I've made a huge mistake thinking I could just take the same way back and didn't research on the return trip. The GPS didn't bring me to the highway. So, the drive back took 1.5 hours while the drive there took 50 minutes. I'm sure I'd be completely lost without the GPS.

The surgery itself seemed to have gone well, but we don't know the real result until much later. The doctor does it in an assembly line. Lots of patients. Takes only 15 to 20 minutes each. Parking cost $8.75. I can't believe Maple Ridge with so much space and still charge $3.75 an hour. (Max charge is $8.75 so our 3-hour stay went pass that.)

Fasting was necessary so poor mom didn't eat since last night's dinner. We ended up eating lunch at 3:30 on our way home, where she could start her eye drops sooner. Honestly, despite her age, she's 100 times tougher then me. Got home and soon I was dosing off in front of my computer. Non-functional for the rest of the day.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012


How long has it been since my last well-timed appointment? He took a look at my broken-off old filling and I need another appointment to repair it. Not sure how much it costs, though. Today's appointment was perfect. Is it thanks to the anti-depressant?

Went to Richmond for some errands. The cell phone message actually means my plan runs out on September 6. Not June 9th as I thought. Hahaha... (^_^;) But why do they inform me over 3 months ahead? Got 3 bags of black sesame powder. Stopped by 2 dollar stores and picked up more junk.

As I go over the map for tomorrow's trip, I can't believe I get so nervous. Has mom's nervousness bled onto me? I just can't trust my way-finding skills. (T_T)

Monday, June 04, 2012

June 4th

23rd anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre . Dark, very very dark...

Dr. C's office called at 11:30 to change my appointment tomorrow to 20 minutes earlier. I tried to sleep some more after that but didn't quite work. Brother came picked mom up to see dad, and land us a hair dryer. Then someone called at 12:30. I couldn't get up in time. As much as I tried to get more sleep, I could only lie there feeling drowsy.

Cousin B called when I was in the washroom. Mom answered. She bought dad a pair of Crocs and asked her son to bring it over early next month when he attends a wedding. Mom also couldn't wait for her to call back, tried to call her but our phone card ran out. So she called Mrs. K to borrow her number. All these just to have me talk to cousin B directly (despite she said she'd call later). Mom must have called at a bad time. Cousin B quickly ran me through the major points, then her piano student arrived, and said she'd call later again. Sigh... mom... what's going on with you? Yes, I know you're so nervous about your surgery, but your action is affecting everyone around you.

Eat-out day with brother's gang. He also lend me his GPS for the trip to the hospital. Thanks! I've looked it up on Google map but it never hurt to have a GPS. It's gonna be just under an hour drive, and will be my first time at the toll bridge. Will there be booths collecting toll?

Sunday, June 03, 2012


(No photo for today. This one was from May 26th.)
Mom got some corn from the Chinese store... 3 for $1. We ate 3 immediately as lunch. Not sure how many she bought in total, but she's got some for brother too. I ran out of black sesame powder, so I needed to go get some more, plus solve the mystery cell phone company message. Also need to stop by the bank. So before all that, as requested by mom, I went to pick up some more corn. However, too many people's been through the pile and the ones left were not as good. To thank A's help on my car yesterday, I got him 3 ears. As usual, I tried to give him a call ahead, but noticed I forgot my phone at home. Oh well, I'd just have to go directly... with a slight risk that he wouldn't be at home. At the same time, I needed to go pee. I was hoping to use his washroom. So I got there and buzzed for a while, and got the answering machine. Great. I'd have to come back. Just as I was about to give up, a passerby offered his cell phone to me. Wow! There are still nice people in this world! Thank God!!! At almost the same time, A answered. So it worked out fine. However, I couldn't use his washroom. The reason why he didn't answer the door was because he was in the washroom... going #2... and it stunk quite badly. Without my cell phone, it's no use to go to Richmond. So the only solution was to go home.

It was about 5. Still nice and bright outside. Considering rain is in the forecast for the next 2 or 3 days, I'd better take a walk. So instead of Richmond, I walked to the bank. People still stare at my visor. Kept dosing off after dinner. The tooth is getting more sensitive. Not good...

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Pressure wash

Our next door neighbour pressure-washed their house... and sprayed dirt over onto our deck. Mom washed it just last week (with 2 walls and the awnings). Luckily those workers gave our deck a rinse (although not completely clean).

They finished at 4, so I didn't expect to go anywhere except for printing L's kids picture nearby. A called, so I took him grocery-shopping and a light early dinner. Then the knock hit. My body was trying to expel the vampire. I'd like to go home, yet he held be back at the door "just for a minute" trying to cuddle. He clearly didn't understand and clearly thinking with his dick. Would anyone be in the mood with a tumbling stomach? I really had to leave and went to put on my shoes, forgetting I need him to beep me into the elevator. He turn around and started putting groceries into the fridge. Sigh... Can anyone in this world be less considerate? I have the hardest time understanding how and why he's like this. Maybe I never will. It is times like this that kills my heart and hope. Yet he thinks he's super nice to me. Why oh God why?

Friday, June 01, 2012


From 2011 December. Thanks A for this expiring can. (Still good as long as it's finished before Christmas.) Cookie roll with chocolate hazelnut filling. In my experience, this should be very good. But... no. Unlike the lighter Asian ones I've had, this one is very heavy. So heavy, I can only eat 2. The filling feels like icing sugar and horribly sweet to the extend of unpleasant! The icing sugar taste over power the hazelnut. The only good part was the cookie. I guess I'll stick with the lighter Asian verity "Pirouette".

Eye drops

(Part of the "missing diary".) Some more stuff arrived. Mom gets nervous about her cataract surgery, so I bought her some artificial tears to practice applying eye-drops.