Thursday, June 07, 2012

Post surgery

(No photo today. This was taken on the 6th.)
Appointment at 11. Amazingly we didn't have to wait long and seemed to have jumped the line. On the other hand, the doctor only took a quick look and that was it. (Didn't even get to take a Pinky picture!) Maybe that's why we were let in before those who need more time. Mom's eye is still blurry but the doctor said it takes 2 weeks. The next checkup is in 3 weeks.

Bought take-out food at T&T and ate at home. It was 1:30 when I finally gave up and went to nap in bed. Tons of interruptions so I didn't really sleep well. (The roofing company call to see if we'd go ahead with the storm drain repair... and of course I push it later for another 2 months.) Got up and my back felt worse. Did I lie down for too long??? Today's ache is the worst since last chiropractor's visit. Thank God I'd be seeing him tomorrow.

Didn't do much else. Totally non-productive.

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