Saturday, June 02, 2012

Pressure wash

Our next door neighbour pressure-washed their house... and sprayed dirt over onto our deck. Mom washed it just last week (with 2 walls and the awnings). Luckily those workers gave our deck a rinse (although not completely clean).

They finished at 4, so I didn't expect to go anywhere except for printing L's kids picture nearby. A called, so I took him grocery-shopping and a light early dinner. Then the knock hit. My body was trying to expel the vampire. I'd like to go home, yet he held be back at the door "just for a minute" trying to cuddle. He clearly didn't understand and clearly thinking with his dick. Would anyone be in the mood with a tumbling stomach? I really had to leave and went to put on my shoes, forgetting I need him to beep me into the elevator. He turn around and started putting groceries into the fridge. Sigh... Can anyone in this world be less considerate? I have the hardest time understanding how and why he's like this. Maybe I never will. It is times like this that kills my heart and hope. Yet he thinks he's super nice to me. Why oh God why?

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