Sunday, June 03, 2012


(No photo for today. This one was from May 26th.)
Mom got some corn from the Chinese store... 3 for $1. We ate 3 immediately as lunch. Not sure how many she bought in total, but she's got some for brother too. I ran out of black sesame powder, so I needed to go get some more, plus solve the mystery cell phone company message. Also need to stop by the bank. So before all that, as requested by mom, I went to pick up some more corn. However, too many people's been through the pile and the ones left were not as good. To thank A's help on my car yesterday, I got him 3 ears. As usual, I tried to give him a call ahead, but noticed I forgot my phone at home. Oh well, I'd just have to go directly... with a slight risk that he wouldn't be at home. At the same time, I needed to go pee. I was hoping to use his washroom. So I got there and buzzed for a while, and got the answering machine. Great. I'd have to come back. Just as I was about to give up, a passerby offered his cell phone to me. Wow! There are still nice people in this world! Thank God!!! At almost the same time, A answered. So it worked out fine. However, I couldn't use his washroom. The reason why he didn't answer the door was because he was in the washroom... going #2... and it stunk quite badly. Without my cell phone, it's no use to go to Richmond. So the only solution was to go home.

It was about 5. Still nice and bright outside. Considering rain is in the forecast for the next 2 or 3 days, I'd better take a walk. So instead of Richmond, I walked to the bank. People still stare at my visor. Kept dosing off after dinner. The tooth is getting more sensitive. Not good...

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