Tuesday, June 05, 2012


How long has it been since my last well-timed appointment? He took a look at my broken-off old filling and I need another appointment to repair it. Not sure how much it costs, though. Today's appointment was perfect. Is it thanks to the anti-depressant?

Went to Richmond for some errands. The cell phone message actually means my plan runs out on September 6. Not June 9th as I thought. Hahaha... (^_^;) But why do they inform me over 3 months ahead? Got 3 bags of black sesame powder. Stopped by 2 dollar stores and picked up more junk.

As I go over the map for tomorrow's trip, I can't believe I get so nervous. Has mom's nervousness bled onto me? I just can't trust my way-finding skills. (T_T)

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