Saturday, June 16, 2012

Input select

Mom was whining about glasses again. This time she wants to use dad's old damaged pair. Not good, not good. Dad must have played with it breaking one nose pad off, and twisted the frame. I even offer to pay for a new pair but mom still insists on her way. Sigh... I would have just bought something but glasses really need fitting so I can't.

Since A didn't reply my call for long enough, I complied with mom's request and went to see dad. His door wasn't locked today. But the moment I enter, I was shocked to see pieces of torn-up diaper all over the floor. I though the staff had him under control but apparently not. His room stunk like pee and crap too. Sigh... Gave him the ice-cream as requested although today's a bit chilly. Then A's message came, and I left.

Met up with A and S at Oakridge. As always, found them at the apple store. Then we went to Lansdowne Best Buy for A's game console deal. Unfortunately they sold out on one of the games included in the package. Next, Aberdeen for the Mobilicity father's day deal. A ended up getting a new phone number. As a referring customer, both of us get $10 credit. It's the reverse when he got me on board Fido, which is really crappy now. Next, Queensborough mall! It was kind of on the way to S's, and A checked that the Best Buy there has the game in stock. He also picked up a shirt and a pair of pants at Banana Republic (super cheap, though). Last stop, the fish and chips place near S's... I forgot the name. A offered to buy us dinner as his tradition on spending. (Whoever makes a big purchase gets to buy friends a meal... doesn't make too much sense to me...) Oh well, I'm not complaining. Thanks!

Dropped A off, hung out for a little bit. Mom called because she couldn't get the TV to work again. I have no idea what she pressed when I wasn't home, but the usual trick of switching between TV and cable box on the remote didn't work. I even tried to reset the box but it actually got worse showing nothing but snow. Luckily I found the 24 hour hotline on the recent upgrade notice letter and called. Waited half-an-hour before a real person answered. She ran me through a few things, and finally found the culprit. It was super stupid... the input select on the TV!!!!! OMG how did mom get to that menu???? I couldn't even get there until the lady asked me to dig up the TV remote. (It's been put away sine the cable box remote can also controls the TV.)

Started on the spoon charms. The settings are a bit worse than I thought, but should still work.

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