Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hospital / zongzi

Failed to go to bed earlier and failed to fall asleep for at least 2 hours. Think I got only 3.5 hours of sleep. Mom was eager to get going and said aunt Y wanted us to pick her up before 1. Not enough time to cook oatmeal so I only ate yesterday's hard-boiled egg and a banana. When mom phoned her up, she was eating lunch and not ready. I ended up picking her up around 1. Then the 3 of us went to see grand-aunt at the hospital. Uncle Y stayed home working on his green house. He had a tough day when admitting grand-aunt.

Grand-aunt's doing well. She was in front of the elevators trying to use the pay phone (without realizing it needed money, though.) Thought they only need to put a tube into her head to drain fluid, so I was shocked to see a 6-inch stitched-up scar running from her right temple along the side of her head. We stayed for a bit and left.

Next stop, dad's. The cat came out today. Aunt Y was happy to see her. Dad was sitting at the secondary dining table, just finished afternoon snack, and seemed happy and more talkative. He even requested a certain small sweet cookie bought bulk. I don't think any of us got it. But mom said it's the mini Ritz. We'll see.

After that, there were talks about getting grocery but they changed their mind because it was "too hot". Well... since my car doesn't have A/C, it is hot inside the car. But that only happens when you're riding in it. Plus, the cardboard windshield shade helps a little. Anyway, we ended up just went to pick up the zongzi from a domestic seller. Mom commented that the gentleman aged a lot. Yes, he had trouble walking. Yet he's still in the business. Mom also said his zongzi home business made him enough money to buy 2 houses. (Yes, they're painted in the same colour and has an opening between the fence.)

Dropped aunt Y off. Mom wanted to see their son's dog. It wasn't trained properly and likes to jump up on people when excited. Mom expected a much smaller dog and was scared. This medium-size beagle mix is a bit heavy when it jumps onto you.

Got home, and ate half a piece of cake from aunt Y. That was my lunch at 4. Mom cooked one zongzi for dinner with the rest of lettuces as salad. She didn't wait for me to dress it and ate the lettuces plain and raw. Of course it didn't taste good. The biggest fail of today (and yesterday) is, no one realized it was dragon boat festival yesterday!!! (Hence no zongzi.) Oh well!

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