Thursday, June 14, 2012


How long has it been? Must be over 12 years already since I had a filling. The braces didn't cause any fear, but today, on the dentist chair, I was very nervous. Of course all dentists here uses freezing and it's the needle that I fear the most. I'm sure no one in this world enjoys having his or her mouth yanked wide open and kept still for over half an hour, while listening to the sound of dental drill. There's also the occasional smell from drilling that I cannot describe. 45 minutes later, I was less $250 strong. I thought my last appointment when the dentist took a quick look to determine treatment was free, but it showed up on today's bill and cost $39... geeze... That was less than 10 minutes! I can't stop feeling ripped off!!!!!

I told myself that, this dentist seems to be good. (This is my first filling with him.) However, as the freezing wears off, I found out the injection site is very sore! Actually not just the injection site, the area around the affected tooth is irritable too. Sigh... I hope whatever wound he left me won't turn into canker sore.

The magazine I ordered from the Japanese web site arrived. (Sooner than some craft material I ordered from the States?!?!) I kind of considered the possibility, but didn't think they'd actually send one single magazine in a box!!!!!! Don't they have padded mailers????? Oh well... at least I got half price shipping from their special. So I'd shut up.

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