Friday, June 29, 2012


Took mom to her eye appointment late morning. Failed to sleep early and only got 3.5 hours. She's gonna have the other eye done in 11 days. So, the Lougheed mall and Maple Ridge trip will repeat all over again next week.

Checked out the framing store and left disappointed. Nothing says bingo. So was the dollar store next door. Oh well, that's the nature of treasure hunts.

Stopped by dad's next. Things went smooth. It's just that the place smells bad more frequently.

Got home around 2:30. As I wanted to take care of the bank business, I had to go asap. So I kidnapped aunt L on the way and took her and mom along. I just needed to sign for a pickup and it was quick... wasn't even 4:30 when I was done. Originally, aunt L wanted to take us to a certain Chinese restaurant, but weren't opened yet. So we went to one of brother's usual Taiwanese places. (Aunt L is a good cook so she's a bit hard to please when it comes to food.) On our way out, she bought 1/4 of a BBQ duck in a newly opened store next door. Living along gives her little chance to make such purchase because those birds are rarely sold below half.

Then some grocery-shopping. A called when I was in the washroom a the Taiwanese restaurant, and I forgot to return his call until mom was picking up pickles for our neighbour. Aunt L also got some. After checking out what kind of stores were in that mall, we went to a larger grocery shop for soy milk. Aunt L bought sprouts.

Last item, milk for aunt L. It was way too expensive at our last stop. After dropping her off, I noticed gas price dropped slightly despite oil price went up, so I topped off the tank. Cost just under $16 when it still looked quite full.

Came home and kept dosing off as usual... Went on repairing the bead caps and that was it. Didn't work on L's picture but got a few errands done.

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