Monday, June 11, 2012


Got 2 parcels today. One was from Etsy (seems to be a bit later than last time when I bought from this seller). The other was from K. It's such a relief to know that the post-Christmas stuff I sent reached her. I've been wondering if the package was lost because I haven't heard from her for such a long time. Now it's all good. Not sure if the socks with toes work, though.

Brother came by and picked up mom's lemon chicken to see dad. He was also asked to shave dad. Mom's been paranoid about dad's care and wants to do everything herself. Sigh... She got restless in the afternoon because brother didn't call and report dad's condition.

Then he called to invite us over for dinner. Sis-in-law bought some very nice steak. So I made the same salad to bring over. The stake was superb. Sis-in-law also made shrimp cocktail for appetizer, and garlic toast with soup. Lots of work. Thanks!

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