Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bead caps

The "lost" package finally arrived. (Yay~!!) It shouldn't take more then 1.5 months. When there was still no sign of it on day 60, the seller promised to resend the stuff. I was about to contact them again tomorrow, which would be day 110 and leaves me 10 days for feed back. Amazingly, the package beats me to it by one day. I'm just glad that it's here. (However, only half of the bead caps are in perfect condition. The other half have some degree of defects. I kind of expected it, but not this many...)

Mom wanted to bring another piece of cake to dad, so I drove her there around 4. Dad's room was not locked and he was completely naked in his room. A fellow resident saw us entering his room and wanted to come in too. The staff stopped him but he kept coming back. Kind of scary. A nurse came back with diapers, dad's pants, and a lady's shirt. (Dad's clothes are stored somewhere else because he likes to tear them up.) We saw him finish eating the cake and left. Mom pointed out that the staff did not dress dad up from the start. (Dad likes to take his clothes off but there was no sign of clothes... not even torn up ones.) Hmm...

The nurse request more clothes so we went to buy some cheap t-shirts in our neighbourhood. Got some bread and went home. Kept dosing off at the desk. Couldn't help it. Checking the 1800 pieces of bead cap is tough. Only got 1/3 done.

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