Friday, June 15, 2012


The settings arrived, good. I can finally start making the charms. (But ended up not doing it today, though.)

Mom's been bordered by her now obsolete glasses, so we went glasses-shopping in the neighbourhood. Checked out 2 stores for ready-made reading glasses but she didn't like any. Will go to Daiso soon. You do get what you pay for. Dollar store quality uses rivets instead of screws, so when anything needs adjustment or breaks, there's no way to repair and you need to buy a new one. Got some grocery afterwards.

The recent salad's been helping my knock. Mom says its too "cold" for my system, but I think it's fine... so far. However, 4 bowls today was a bit tough thanks to mom stopping at only one bowl. As long as it gives me the knock tomorrow, I'm happy. Now that I think of it, my oil intake from salad dressing went over the roof...

Went to the post office to mail an important form for mom. That stupid clerk stuck a special stamp on my envelope again! I hope it's not gonna get stole because of the nice stamp!

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