Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's day

Mom's been expecting brother to call because it's father's day. (It's expected that we all go see dad.) Finally she called him around 2. He wasn't home but mom reached him at his cell. He was still with his church friends eating lunch at a restaurant. (Amazing... they could actually get a table on father's day!) So it was agreed that they come here around 4:30. I know mom always want to beat dad to lunch, but too bad today it wasn't even afternoon snack, it had to be dinner.

So I took the chance to go get some cakes. Maxim is still not opened yet. Mom pointed out that aunt L said there's a new bakery on Victoria and it's having a grand opening 20% off. So we got our cake there. It was really crowded and the shelves were almost empty. The individual pieces didn't look good so we went for an 8" instead. Well... it did look like the kitchen put together everything in a rush and our cake wasn't that high quality. Luckily the taste was not bad.

Brother showed up around 5, leaving aunty J and her daughter L to house-sit. Sis-in-law minded it a lot and wanted to go home ASAP, so we gave dad the food we brought, saw him finished eating, and left.

Sis-in-law made us beef stake again. It was awesome although the meat itself was nicer last time. I'm not complaining at all. This time she didn't make garlic toast so that we could finish my salad with ease. (Last time we over-eat.) Brother felt like repairing some cabinet doors, and from there dug up a bunch of old photo albums, and started engaging aunty J with them. She bought into it very much. Mom gave her effort to join in, but I know nobody from their church, so I was very bored. Finally it was mom's eye-drop time and brother drop us off.

Came back, worked on the spoons, felt asleep. Then machine 2 lost internet connection. I panicked a little as I lost the net radio. Tried rebooting the machine, then the cable box, but no luck. However, machine 1 seems fine. But... but... I want to listen to the radio...

Anyway, still need to check back on machine 2. But that's gonna be later.

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