Thursday, March 31, 2011


Ended up sleeping less than 3 hours. Was late to pick J up. His other 2 friends were at the notary public already. (T_T) Things went smooth, and we finished around noon. Then we walked to a nearby Japanese restaurant for lunch. It used to be a genuine Japanese-run place with high quality. Now... the moment I saw the spoon in the bowl of miso soup, I knew it was Chinese-run. Certainly, the quality wasn't that good. My house roll was like adding a prawn tempura to a California roll, and contained no sashimi. That, was the first time ever in my life to encounter house roll with no fish. (T_T) Sigh... Didn't worth the $9 after tax.

Went home, fell asleep at the desk soon. Managed to get up and took a walk to the post office to mail 4 parcels and a letter. Finally, they are dealt with. The walk was good. Sakura trees are starting to bloom.

Overheard mom venting on the phone. Sounded like cousin-in-law has told aunt Y that liquid in her lungs means late stage of lung cancer and she's gonna die soon. Grrrr~ And (later found out it was aunt L) told mom to refuse if aunt Y want to come over to our place. How can she say that? Is it cousin-in-law's plan to isolate aunt Y, so that she can mistreat her freely?

Started writing Japanese mail but only end up sending one. Didn't even have enough enough to open up Maya. After all I only got 3 hours of sleep. Can't deal with it... Oh well...

Worst so far

(Photo taken June 2009 and unrelated to subject.)
Around 12:30, heard dad yelling "it hurt!" Turn out he was tearing up his diaper again even though mom told him multiple times to stop. He wouldn't stop. Mom got so mad, she hit his hand with his cane. There was a huge bruise and swelling and blood! OMG mom has only hit him with her hand up to this point and never used any weapon. She's lost it!

But I can understand. Dad has turn into a monster, a devil, a demon.

I tried to talk some sense into him. Of course I was stupid. Why do I think he still has any brain? "Why did you tear it up?" "It needs to be discarded!" "Why does it need to be discarded? It's not wet!" "It needs to be torn up!" " What for?" "It need to be thrown away!"

It went around in circles. He even told me to go away, it's none of my business and I must leave him alone. (Yeah, I wish I could just do that!) He even called me crazy! Now who's the crazy one? Oh yeah maybe I am crazy. He's driven me crazy. I screamed and screamed and screamed and screamed. I lost control. I really really really want to beat him up. But I can't, right? So the aggression went towards myself. I wanted to hurt myself. I wanted to slam my hands onto the table until I break some bones. I wanted to slam the door on my fingers until they fall off. I wanted to bang my head onto the wall until my brain spill out. I wanted to jump off a high-rise and end everything. Luckily this time I didn't actually do anything except for eating a big bag of chips. My stomach felt sick. I was completely unable to sleep so I washed my hair.

Last time I looked at the clock, it was almost 7. Great... (T_T)

I feel like a walking time-bomb. It's gonna be the end for me if I ever explode.

Yes, my heart is completely black now, I can feel it. No one enjoys this. I would love to be nice to dad, but things just turn out this way. God hates us. I'm 120% sure about this. God, why do you hate us so much?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Dad's day care day. Aunt Y's church friend took her to see our family doctor L. Came back... and it turn out to be more serious than any of us expected. She's got fluid in her lungs, and she needs to go to a hospital. But first, contact her specialist. Which fell onto my shoulders. I don't mind doing that, but she'd be returning home in an hour or so. As expected, voice mail. So I left our phone number for now. Meanwhile, mom phoned cousin D to inform him about the situation. Aunt Y phoned cousin-in-law, who has been looking after her medical needs. The call ended bluntly and seemed like she was unpleased.

The specialist never call. Around 3, aunt Y seemed to have arrived home, I phone up the clinic to change the return call number to hers. This time someone answered. Since I didn't know what name she uses to register, it took a while and finally it took mom looking up her birthday. Just when the lady seem to have found the right file, she said, the daughter-in-law is here, why don't you talk to her? So, she was there! But extremely rude. Right off she asked me what I was doing. So I told her the number-changing thing. Then she said do not mess up their setup anymore, and it's none of my business. Leave my aunt alone. And then she hung up.

Wow... I was in shock.

I don't even know her too well, nor am I close to her. How could she talk to me in such rude manner and attitude?

Right after, the church friend called to see how aunt Y was doing. I told him what just happened and probed him saying does this count as senior abuse? Should we take it to the police? He, then turn around and lectured me! Saying even if I'm a bad girl, my mom would still love me. What?!?!?! Why am I suddenly on the table?????? Did aunt Y say things about me behind my back????? (So what? I don't know her church friends and not interested in knowing anyway.) I don't understand why he just wanted to say aunt Y may not want to get her son in trouble, but he repeated the same thing using me as an example for 4, 5 times! I was already upset from that rude woman, and now had to deal with him. On the outside, he looked as if he wanted to help aunt Y. But I see... he still want to keep a safe distance and not get involved in anything might smell trouble. He wants his hands clean.

Later, that rude woman phone back to scold my mom, on things that the church friend did wrong. First of all, mom wasn't involved it that. But I do agree that, if he had our family doctor contact the specialist directly, things would have gone a lot better. I just don't understand. Mom didn't say anything because that rude woman sounded very mad. (What in the world gives her to right to get mad while it was her who said she will not care about aunt Y in the first place? Same goes for cousin D! It came directly from his mouth too!)

Anyway, it was eat-out day with brother's gang. We went to the small Shanghai restaurant near his place. It rained hard after dinner so we canceled seeing the guinea pigs.

Gotta sleep early for tomorrow's meeting with J. Need to sign some documents to help M apply for residency.

Truly Shortbread Cookies

From July 2010. It was bought for my dad but now that I think about it, it was me who ate most of it, haha... It's a bit too heavy for him anyway. Shortbread is shortbread. Not much special. But this one is lighter than that brand with red packaging. I don't know the brand name, but I think it's British. Lighter also means less buttery and bland. There are also some "modified" ingredients on the list. But for this $1.99, it's fair.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Caught dad falling asleep on the commode.

Have I burnt out? Going very slow. (Noooo it's the weather.) No energy. (T_T)

Finished filing and recording the Michael's stuff. Dug up some stuff that hasn't been filed so I also took care of that. Worked on Pinky... and that was it.

It's been raining on and off through out the day. Was going to walk to the post office. Oh well.

Didn't get too far with Maya. Very intimidating. Haven't touched it for 6 years. Can I still get back to it??? (T_T)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Used manga

Went to Richmond to hand the books over. As expected, the buyer looks like a high-school student and her mom paid for the books.

Stopped by Daiso for a pill box, then Michael's to pick up some more half-price stuff. Spent way too much... (T_T) But half of clearance price is way too good to ignore.

Found a pretty good manga DL site. And oh yes, I couldn't resist.

Kitkat: sparking strawberry

From 2010 March. Yet another pink one. It wasn't like Aero as I anticipated. Instead, there were grains of sour bits... kind of like... not mixed well. The tartness bursts out like a sparkle. I guess it's relevant and not bad at all. On sale at $1.99, still too expensive for a second bar.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Thanks J for the lesson! Didn't expect that much food... haha!

I'll try my best. Hope this time it works. This is my last chance.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Thanks A for the hand-me-down chair. Mine is 9 years old. The arm rests have been cracking. And the games and stuff too. I appreciate it very much!

And thanks for taking me to Costco for tomorrow's junk food shopping.

Psychologists Find the Meaning of Aggression | The University of Texas at Austin

I see... it makes perfect sense now... Which means I'm doomed...

Friday, March 25, 2011


This is the first time I didn't start feeling better after the treatment. Usually there's some degree of relief right after, then in a few hours, lots. My right shoulder is still sore on the touch. I hope it will improve tomorrow.

Went to see J after the appointment and drop off the meatballs and orange peels. Stayed for a bit. I know M should be there, but didn't not expect to meet his mom. M was showing her photos on her laptop. I was very surprised to find beer fountain in the cafeteria. There weren't there when I worked there a few years ago. Wow. Times have changed???

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dove 71% Cacao

From June 2010, thanks A. It hit me as a name brand... but nooooo~ that's the soap!!! It says "imported" but it's just a U.S. product. It's quite smooth and exactly what you expect from dark chocolate.... from the States. Bitterness from the cacao, and the sour aftertaste that is not in European chocolate. Not sure if it's my body chemistry, this after taste is extremely sour. (There is a canker sore developing.) Plus, a little heavy on sugar. How should I put it? The sweetness is even sharp. It pokes you in a way that's not 100% comfortable.


Dad's ultrasound appointment today. But not before dropping by brother's and fed the guinea pigs. Those bitches peed into the hay bowl! @#%&!!!! We were already running 10 minutes behind, but I was force to wash the bowl.

Then I caught up by speeding... don't like it but I had no choice. Ended up arriving a little early. Dad... needed to keep his bladder full for the ultrasound, yet he went pee right before!!!!!! AAAARRRGGGHH!!!!!!!! Again, we had no choice because he WILL wet his pants otherwise. The technician said she couldn't see his bladder at all. Right in the middle of it, dad asked if he need to give a pee sample, and that he was able to provide it any time. BULL SH#T!!!!!!! Of course I translated it straight. The lady said, even if he wants to, he can't. Because his bladder was completely empty. Well... that was actually good news. Dad couldn't empty his bladder properly before, and the stale pee stinks like hell.

Mom suggested to eat something at a Chinese place near home so she could renew her VIP card. So we did. Brought some grocery and went home.

I was struggling if I should go to brother's again, as he probably won't be home before 11. The guinea pigs would have no food for 8 hours. Then I dosed off at the desk which settled the issue. Too late to go after that.

Dad was insanely out of control today on eating. He had full lunch. Then we ate a light meal at around 5. Light dinner at 7:30. Yet he refilled 3 times at dinner!!!!! On top of that, he was doing the opposite on everything we said. That was it. I exploded. Again. I really really really hate how he sends me into black holes. And of course I hate myself of loosing control. Seems like it's part of my brain damage and I cannot do a thing about it. How can I not get angry and depress? Again, I feel like I shouldn't even be alive.

There, there's the dark side devouring me again.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Dad came home from daycare with a pile of stolen toilet paper and gloves again... (T_T)

Brother and his gang went on an overnight trip so I needed to go feed the guinea pigs. They usually would leave lots of food before leaving, so I intentionally went after dinner. As expected, the pigs cleaned out the bowls. Chopping up the carrots is a bit time-consuming. After feeding them, I gave M a call as usual. (Brother has a phone plan that allows them to call one oversea destination for free.) We talked for at least 2 hours. Didn't have enough time to phone up the other people. Went home, did a bit of file cleanup. And that was it. (Although I still ended up going to bed late.)

Funimation is blocking clips? Why? Fine, I'm gonna turn to support illegal uploads, then.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Time for annual teeth-clean-up. My dentist's shared office had downsized and lost its downstairs. Oh well, I don't mind. Any cost they can cut, I hope will transfer back to the costumers.

Didn't go anywhere. Went home right after. Still too tired. Kept dosing off at the desk. Didn't get anything done. (T_T)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Cross-border day trip

Tagged along with brother when he took his gang shopping south of the border. This time it was quite different then his usual schedule. His objectives were:
  1. To replenish my nieces' wardrobe which they're growing out fast.
  2. Go with a bunch of other families to use bulk discount.
  3. Grocery shopping.
My own goal: buy a front-button-or-zipper sweater that goes with that gray dress.

Turn out 5 families were going including my brother's. (I'm part of his.) 21 people in total. Everyone went separately and met at the Casino buffet at 11:30 near that premium outlet we went to with Steven. Lunch there was about $12 per head. The food was so-so. Looked way nicer than it tasted.

Then everyone shopped at the outlet. BCAA members can get a coupon pamphlet at the food court. Most of the discount is only good when you exceed a spending limit. With this many people, we were able to use some. (Not me, though...) I think at least 8 pairs of shoes were bought at Nike. Then we went our separate ways. Our group went to the Walmart nearby. When we were done, the next group just arrived. Seems like other people spent more time in the outlet. We never met again.

After that, we went to a big supermarket called Winco Foods. Their price is comparable with Costco but portions are much smaller. My sis-in-law loved it so much, she loaded up even though it wasn't in the plan. I think it should turn into a regular must-go. A bit far, though. Farther than brother's usual areas.

Then we went to Costco. Got some more stuff and ate dinner there.

One last stop at another Walmart because my brother couldn't find the replacement car light bulb.

All the time it rained. Actually my neck and shoulders started aching and freezing up late last night. Didn't get much sleep. On top on that, I misjudged the temperature and under-dressed. I was freezing since after lunch. It wasn't until late afternoon that sis-in-law found out and lend me her vest. It helped a lot but I was still cold. To make things worst, one of my nieces has a cold and sat next to me. Sneezing coughing blowing nose... I hope I won't catch it.

At the end, no sweater for me. (T_T) No Jo-ann no Michael's. Oh well, I don't mind it that much. I'm not in urgent need of craft supply.

And tomorrow is my dentist appointment at 10AM. Hope I don't die.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Isleri Eurocrem

From 2010 March. Thanks A for this one. It's chocolate covered cookie with hazel nut cream. I was shocked to find out how low the sweetness is! Completely the opposite of north American candies! The cream part is very light and not greasy at all.

The photo is actually incorrect. This is another screw-up. Seems like I've already reviewed this twice before. But since I do have a photo of a slightly different type, I'd still post this. The one in the photo... nope, I didn't eat any. It's part of the goodies A brought back from his trip home.

London Farm

It was supposed to rain last night and today, but it turn out sunny. Excellent! Went to London Farm after picking up A's parcel (which was actually my Pinky). The full tea service has risen to $8.5 but at least there were 4 items and the scone was fresh from the oven. When I first started going there over 10 years ago, it was $5. Is the inflation reasonable? Let's say, back then $5 could only get you a very small mini meal combo in Hong Kong style cafes. Today $8.5 can get you a normal size combo.

Thanks A who came to my aid about the SD card. I appreciate it so very much!!!!! (^_^)

My shoulders started to hurt after I got home. I bet the weather is gonna change. Bye-bye sunshine... (T_T) This is bad. I've postponed tomorrow's chiropractor's visit so I can join my brother. Then Wednesday they're off for spring break. I don't get an appointment until Friday!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Super Moon

Mom was out running some errands so I had to babysit dad. He was just restless, walking around looking for food and trying to take apart mom's WIP sewing stuff (which was his pants that he destroyed). On top of that, he was shooting snot and spit on the carpet. I was only successful in catching and stopping him half the time. Sorry A, couldn't give you a ride. I'm glad it work out OK at the end.

Recorded and filed yesterday's Etsy stuff. Took forever as usual. Worked on Pinky all day. Cleaned up the room a bit.

Took a look at the super moon around 9. Yes it looked brighter, but was it bigger? Couldn't tell. Super moon... Kind of sounds like some episodes of Sailor Moon... haha...

Masque de Venise

From June 2010. Product of Italy. A gift from A's European trip, thanks!! Colourful chocolate shaped like masks. The colouring looks a bit scary. Smells like chemical, tastes like chemical. Also waaay too sweet. So strong, it burnt my tongue and throat. I can't believe the quality is so low. I'm sorry... I'm soooo sorry... it's not good at all. (T_T) But I do appreciate your thoughts very much. (^_^)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Japan earthquake

(Photo was taken on March 3rd and unrelated to subject.)

Foreign artists images: sad, documentation.
Tsunami, le projet.

Japanese artists images: happy, positive.
白泉社寄稿作家陣から被災地の皆様へ 【白泉社

漫画家さん達の応援イラスト集 【NAVER まとめ


What a huge difference!
I also drew a picture for my other blog, and it was impossible to draw a smiling character. It takes a much higher level to be able to draw happy images. Or maybe just detached?

Foreign countries are saying how Japanese are so well-mannered even when disaster strikes, but looting does occur.
Warehouse staff interview about robbery(English subtitle)



On the other hand, Major districts in Tokyo aren't eclipsed by the disaster.

More stuff

The impulse shopping order arrived. It's from mainland China and faster than the one from Hong Kong. The quality is not as good as I thought. Oh well... Some of the flowers have chipped petals. The thought of having to deal with it gave me a headache right away. It just brings up so much negative feelings about the revenge ratings.

Continued with mutilating Pinkys.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

SD card

My camera cannot read the SD card since last night. Thought it might be the low battery, but noooo. It's still not reading it today. That card has been slightly damaged since the beginning of this year thanks to a cheap overly-tight-fitting multi-card reader. The card got stuck and I had to wiggle it. The corner cracked, then the crack grew. Now a small chip of plastic had fallen off. I used a little bit of scotch tape to stabilize the crack so it won't get worse. It's been working until last night... (T_T) Took my retired 9-or-10-year-old Nikon out and almost forgot how to use it. The colour-shifting is pretty bad but still functional.

Heard dad hammering something downstairs. Went to take a look, it was part of his workbench that looked like a cover for bench saw. (T_T) He had bent the saw blade. But the blade is not circular? Mom had told him to go pee but again he ignored her, and of course, he wet his pants. He'd rather destroy working appliances then to pee. Or to avoid wetting his pants. He'd rather have us wash his pants and clean up. Not to mention whatever mess he creates when destroying things, we have to clean up. He never cleans up. He never thinks or feel that he should. His existence is purely to cause us trouble. And he doesn't care.

I'm sorry. We have already way exceeded our limits. I can't wait to send him away.

And I don't feel good to have said that either, at all. (T_T)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

House of Brussels Hedgehogs

From June 2010. Hedgehogs, from... oops, forgot! Probably cousin D.
This is actually my first time. I've tried their assorted chocolate before, but not hedgehogs. The individual pieces are quite big! The truffle filling is made of hazelnut and walnut. Of course it's good. And, it's not addictive either. They ingredients must be good. Or maybe it's because the serving size is big enough to satisfy with one single piece.


The Etsy stuff from February 5th finally arrived. There is no way to take this long from Hong Kong by air mail. This has gotta be surface mail. Nevertheless, I'm glad that it's finally here. One of the items is one short. I'm not sure what to do. It will for sure make me look bad if I report it, but it doesn't feel right to keep quiet either. As 2 of the sellers used the rating system to revenge after I left neutral (not negative) ratings. I'm completely disappointed about the Etsy rating system.

Eat-out day with brother's gang, but we decided to get take-out sushi instead. Haven't had sushi for over a month. That Japanese place near them is cheap. However, no need to say, you get what you pay for. (Don't take me wrong. They're still above average.)

Recording and filing the arrival took a long time. Cleaned up a bit, and the day was gone. Boss should be back but I haven't heard from her. I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't want me back after I brought up the last homework issue. Oh well. I don't mind. I've been wanting to leave her for a long time. More incentive for me to go elsewhere.... (but where...? Who would hire a half-brain idiot?)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Rained all day. No energy. Have been thinking about getting some more Pinkys from Iwase, but ended up not going. I'm regretting it now. Oh well... guess I shouldn't be so greedy. (T_T)

Dad keeps "organizing" things from the medicine drawer and stationary drawer. (T_T) And he ate Certo (gelatin powder) when mom was making jam. Did he think it was sugar or did he not care?

Finished some pendant necklaces.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Book store

Got a call from the Japanese book store around 1. Apparently they've called me multiple times but I managed to miss it every time. (Ah... I see. So it was them. I don't have caller ID.) They called to inform me that they're closing down for good, and my magazine subscription will be terminated.

This, to me, is as big a shock as the Japanese tsunami. They've been there for... over 15 years? Maybe 18 or so? It's just so sad to see them go. I don't want them to go. (T_T) But honestly, their price is expensive. 100 yen = $2.40... More than double the exchange rate. If you order by air mail, the price triples.

So I went to see if there's anything on clearance. The good stuff are already gone. Magazine and stationary are 70% off. Toys are 50% off. Books are regular price. Everything not sold will be shipped back to Japan. Are they crazy? Doesn't it cost more to ship than to sell at half price? But I was told that books are refundable over there. Hmm... I see. Poor publishers. Well... don't think I'm in any position to say anything anyway.

Ended up getting 5 Pinkys at $5 each. They're all leftover ugly ones (well OK, "less popular" ones), but perfect as customizing materials. There were better ones, but not cheap even at half price.... or did I not pay enough attention to the signs? I ended up getting 70% off. Did I say anything? No. Am I bad? Maybe. But they raised the price before lowering it!

So, A, although you said I shouldn't have kept my mouth shut, I don't think I've done anything evil either. The tag was $5. I didn't mess with it. And they tried to sneakily raise the price first.


From March 2010. Wow... a whole year ago! Thanks L! I thought it was from Australia or UK. But she said it's sold at Costco. OK it could be imported too. It's kid's quality chocolate and cookie. Contains added calcium. Not your high class top quality stuff, but I'm sure there are more calories than that.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Daylight saving time

Forgot to adjust the clock when I went to bed... and of course grossly overslept. YouTube was giving me tons of trouble last night when I sooooo want to see news about the Japanese earthquake and tsunami... grrrrrr.... spent sooooo much time trying to fix it but nothing worked. Then today, eureka! Of course it must have been the last Download Helper update! After disabling it, bingo! YouTube works again, yay! If only I realized it sooner... (T_T) Moral of the story: when it's late, don't try to solve any problem and go to bed. (T_T)

Dad's been "organizing" things again today. He pulls stuff out of the medicine drawer and stationary drawer and pile them on the counter, a few times today already. (T_T)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Another year

Is it because of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami? Or is it the stacking up of another year? Why am I in such a bad mood? Why am I so out of control? What's going on? What's this black thing which is devouring my heat?

Another year has past and I have nothing to show. I can't see anything ahead. It's all black. Blank. No nothing.

But I know I should be happy that I'm still alive. That I'm not hungry and have a roof over my head. For now.

Alive... but what's the meaning of being alive?

There's no meaning for me.

I can't help but desperately wanting to press the power switch.

I know there's no guarantee that it will switch back on again.

I want to destroy everything.

If I still exist afterward, maybe I can rebuild something.

I want someone to tell me things are gonna be OK. I want someone to show me that there's still a future.

No one.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Chiropractor / earthquake

Ended up staying up all night e-mailing my Japanese friends. (Wish I could write faster.) Good to know that all of them are fine. Some of them got stranded at work, though. One has to stay with a friend near the office. One went to attend a wedding far away from Tokyo and is fine, but may have trouble returning home as the transit system is down. Other walk / bus / bike home. I only got the news from the radio and saw clips online. Last night's clips were before the tsunami hit. Today's clips are horrible. Very scary.

Thank God for chiropractor. However... my continuous e-mailing has minimized the treatment's effectiveness. My own fault. But I'm not gonna complain. I'm glad that I'm alive. (And my friends too.)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Niederegger Lubeck

From May 2010. Chocolate covered marzipan. Thanks A! Is this the one you wanted to buy at Ikea? I thought it's gonna be too heavy and too sweet, but it's actually quite light and very pleasant. The initial smell feels a bit volatile, though. Like smelling a bottle of almond extract for baking. Never expect this to happen, but I think I've developed a liking to marzipan. However, the calories might still be very heavy. (I'm scared to check.)

Yarn bead

Experiment failed. Oh well... (What am I gonna to with 3 balls of yarn now?)

Took a walk to the post office to mail the last package I forgot to bring yesterday. It was a nice walk despite the occasional drizzle.

The Mac stickers arrived but one of two was wrong. Luckily the seller is willing to send me the correct one. I shall return the other one.

Thanks T for the special edition Pinky body! Too bad it's made of polystone and very brittle. I'm scared to use it often. After all it's a special. It goes into collection.

... why am I upset that A watched the rest of Dennoucoil alone? Why didn't he invite me? We watched the first few episodes together. Is this a sign that he doesn't want to spend time with me even if he said so? (Which means he lied?) Is it because I try to include him in my activities and not vice versa? Am I running out of patience and lost hope?

Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Eat-out day with brother's gang. It's getting repetitive among the few places we go to. Since last time the Taiwanese place gave us mostly the ends of chicken legs with little meat, we decided to eat at the Korean restaurant tonight. We were a bit disappointed to see all the sizes have shrunk. For the same price and number of dishes, we used to have tons to take home. Now, it was just enough and noting was leftover. The taste didn't change, though. So it wasn't a change of chef. There were only 3 parties including ourselves. I guess we're not the only one who are disappointed.

On our way home, I saw that gas station female beggar again, walking 2 blocks away from our home with 2 friends. OMG... why am I seeing her so often? Is she up to something? One thing I can say, is that she must be living in the neighbourhood. Sigh... I hope she's not gonna sabotage my car or break into our house or something. (T_T)

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Nursing Home (5)

Our case manager return my call, and the process of lining up has started. Mom said she'll need to prepare name tags for dad's clothes. I'm thinking if it's easier to get some computer embossing labels. Might be expensive, though...

The case manager also recommended us to try out the short-term rental rooms at dad's daycare. Someone canceled and a room has become available for 2 weeks. It would be a nice break for mom and a good practice for dad. However, mom refused, making all sorts of excuses. Like it's still too expensive for $30 a day, or the rooms are too small, or what if dad doesn't like it, and refuse to go to a nursing home later... geeze... I totally don't understand why she's so retrieved. Is she just afraid of change or what? Even when she's the one who can benefit the most from this???

Finished mutilating the bootleg Pinky heads. One of the bottles of matte varnish turn out to be glossy. Looks like it's too old and has separated. Good that I have a spare bottle, but I also had to put on 3 more coats to cover the screw-up.

The parcels are almost ready... almost...

Monday, March 07, 2011

Yoku Moku Cigare

From 2010 February. Thanks L! Her friend in Japan sent her a box and she let me try one. It's delicious!!! I could eat 10 boxes of this! You can taste the real butter. High quality stuff! Packaging is really nice too. It's in a blue cardboard box which I didn't have a chance to take any photos.

Nursing Home (4)

The second home return my call from last Friday and answered some of our questions. So, we finally had all the info to make the decision today... which was "whichever one is fastest". Brother's friend who works in the field said, it's better to get in first, and then transfer later, than lining up at your first choice. So, I phoned our case manager to start the process, but she's off today. What's with social workers? That other lady takes Fridays off, and she takes Mondays off? Then we're delayed for 4 days over the weekend already! I truly hope this won't screw us up.

Dad went number 2 in his bedroom commode while mom went grocery shopping this morning. (Why didn't he use the toilet???) She came back and found the house stinking like hell. (Only the washroom has a fan.) Asked him if he pooped, and he of course denied as usual. How could he do that with the commode full of crap sitting only 2 feet away from him? So mom got him to help clean up in the washroom downstairs. He was cooperative but you have to tell him what to do and watch him do it. Otherwise he screws up for sure. Mom checked his pants, and it was soiled! She then told him to change and shower. Dad... picked the dried crap from his pants and throw them onto the floor! Yuck!!!!!!!!! (T_T)

Sigh... (T_T) (T_T) (T_T) (T_T) (T_T) (T_T) (T_T)
Thanks A for helping me get the book.

Sunday, March 06, 2011


Dad hogged the washroom for an hour and I met up with A late. (T_T) Thank you for not getting mad, but I've been in a bad mood. Sorry... (T_T)

Went to Richmond after dropping some of A's old stuff to the recycling depot. Didn't have enough time to visit the bead store where I was hoping to get some soft pouches for J's pendant necklace. Oh well. But at least I get Y's b-day card printed (finally). However, the printout was cut on all sides! They didn't fit the image size to the paper size! Sucks! They've been very good every time, until now. What's going on?

French toast at Aoyama Cafe for dinner. It wasn't intended for dinner but too filling. Doesn't matter, food is food. Hung out at A's place afterward. Watched 2 documentaries. Thanks for checking on me after I left. I really appreciate it! (^_^)

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Pinky heads

Took it easy today to nurse the vampire. Was thinking about going to Richmond to get some boxes but it wasn't worth it.

Finished the Pinky heads, finally. Yay~ Now I can start the parcel.

Took advantage of the strong dollar and got some stuff online. Now I no longer have to keep checking. Cool.

Dad completely emptied his bladder on his bedroom floor... (T_T)

Friday, March 04, 2011

Broken plate

What's happening to me? I broke a plate this afternoon. (Forgot to take a picture...) Those plates are made in Japan, and have been there for as long as I can remember. Estimated at least 35 years old. Sigh... why am I breaking things so often lately? Why do I loose grip so easily? What's going on with my hands???? What's going on with my brain or whatever's left of it????? (T_T)

Yes, vampire confirmed. It was around 2 last night. Again, it came on a day that I must wash my hair. (The hairstylist used hairspray so I couldn't sleep without washing.) Just in case you don't know, hair-washing can stall the vampire and prolong it. Who wants to extend the suffering? (T_T)

First shipment of Etsy order arrived. Cool... but... don't feel like making anything, though... (T_T) Can't sleep either... Must suffer...

Thursday, March 03, 2011


Picture taken April 2010, thanks A! Bajadera is a Hazelnut chocolate from Croatia. IMHO European chocolate is a notch above the North American ones, especially when it comes to the right amount of sweetness. However, this one is too sweet! (T_T) The chocolate layers are fine, but the filling is just too sweet! It's so sweet, I can't tell it's hazelnut (and almond). The sugar overpowers anything else.


Finally got a haircut. I've never had an appointment in the morning, but that's the only slot available. Let's see... only slept for 4 hours. Trying to finish Y's b-day card so I can go print it out today, but the picture turn out not usable. Pushing is no good. Should have gone to bed sooner. (T_T) Was going to go to north Van to pick up some boxes, but went to lunch with A instead. I felt sorry not to be able to go out yesterday when he called.

Took care of some bills and hung out in Metrotown after lunch. Didn't buy anything. Good? Bad? Neutral? Went home and geeze... felt asleep at my desk right away! So... the whole afternoon was spent dosing off and on. I seem to have developed the ability to dream even when dosing off at the desk.

One pleasant surprise was, I could walk upstairs continuously from the Skytrain all the way to the streets and even kept up the paste for a block until a red light. Last time I was out of breath in front of the Bay. Is it because of the simple leg-swinging exercise I started doing after I wash my face? I know I was extremely out of shape, though.

Dad was doing the "not come to dinner" thing again. Oh yes he completely emptied his bladder on his chair again. Sigh... Can't believe he still insists that he doesn't have any problem! (T_T)

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Sunny, rain, hail

Crazy weather. First, the day was rainy. Then a bit of sun. Later in the afternoon, we had hail. Then right after, the sun came out again and shined so brightly, you wouldn't believe. However, it eventually turn overcast and a few drops fell. Totally out of whack!

A called saying he was free after his dentist appointment. Too bad I couldn't go, for it was eat-out day with brother's gang.

Dad refused to wear diapers and it turn into a fight. He yelled, so I had to scream. The weather put me in a grumpy mode to start with. I totally lost control and exploded. I hate it, I really really hate what he turn me into. (T_T)

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Nursing home (3)

Last tour of the 3 nursing homes recommended to us. (Technically speaking, there's a 4th one but lineup is so bad, we give up on that.) Today's the newest and nicest looking one. Seems expensive too. Unlike the other 2, this one only offers tours once a month. There were about 20 people who came for the tour and we had to split into 2 groups. I get the feeling that it's super hard to get in. The lady said between 2 to 4 spaces become available every month. That's... very slow alright. (T_T)

Took mom grocery shopping, and dad to his blood / urine test afterward. Came home, fixed up some boxes for mailing parcels. Worked on Y's belated b-day gift and card. J called. Finally! He's got a local phone! Yay~