Thursday, June 28, 2012

Phone calls

Huge weather fluctuations. Yesterday's chiropractor treatment is nullified. Cousin B still hasn't called so I was thinking borrowing A's phone to call. Coincidentally he called me when I was just about to call him. So I went and called cousin B right away because of the time difference. Caught her at a bad time and didn't get the info I need. She'd be calling tomorrow or over the weekend. At least she gave me her son's contact (the address I've got is not current). I forwarded the message to him again. It didn't take long before I got a reply. Good, it's not July 1st but July 5th. Mom scared me again.

Had dinner with A and then went shopping at Costco. Thanks for the stuff. I think we over-shopped a bit...

Missed a call when I was driving to A's. Turns out it was the bank. Mom took a message. This means my new account is successfully setup and I need to go see them to pick up a code or something... but wait... haven't I already received a letter? Can't I just go online for the setup???

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