Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Cataract surgery

Mom's cataract surgery day. I couldn't sleep well last night (or this morning, rather). Only got about 4 hours. Nonetheless, got up at 9 and was out of the house at 10. The way there was smooth. There was an unclear intersection and brother's GPS was a big help. However, I realized I've made a huge mistake thinking I could just take the same way back and didn't research on the return trip. The GPS didn't bring me to the highway. So, the drive back took 1.5 hours while the drive there took 50 minutes. I'm sure I'd be completely lost without the GPS.

The surgery itself seemed to have gone well, but we don't know the real result until much later. The doctor does it in an assembly line. Lots of patients. Takes only 15 to 20 minutes each. Parking cost $8.75. I can't believe Maple Ridge with so much space and still charge $3.75 an hour. (Max charge is $8.75 so our 3-hour stay went pass that.)

Fasting was necessary so poor mom didn't eat since last night's dinner. We ended up eating lunch at 3:30 on our way home, where she could start her eye drops sooner. Honestly, despite her age, she's 100 times tougher then me. Got home and soon I was dosing off in front of my computer. Non-functional for the rest of the day.

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