Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer solstice 2

Summer solstice "again". Brother came to have a hair cut and drove mom and I to see dad while he went to pick up some stuff (hardware? and grocery). M was not on duty so mom did not drop dad's shorts. We only dropped off the 3 t-shirts bought 2 days ago. Took dad to the dinning room and brother return in the middle of his diner. He has church gathering tonight so eat-out day is postponed.

On the other hand, surprisingly, mom wanted to eat-out and said didn't mind Ikea. I took the chance to pay for our house insurance. Traffic was congested at places I didn't expected. Mom called with my cell phone to let the office know the we were on our way. We just made it, and wasn't the last one. There was another customer too.

After we were done, we went to the Pricesmart next door, and decided to come back after dinner. Ended up eating in the mall (the free-range chicken place, but didn't order chicken). Then a bit of grocery-shopping back at the supermarket. The last item, soy milk, had to be bought at a different shop. I thought they close at 9 but actually 8 Sunday to Thursday. Barely made it.

Came back and kept dosing off at the desk...

Yes, it's summer solstice today and it gets hot all of a sudden. The air is humid and heavy. Last night my neck was sore turning right, but luckily didn't screw up further today. But the neck itself is stiff allover.

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