Monday, June 04, 2012

June 4th

23rd anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre . Dark, very very dark...

Dr. C's office called at 11:30 to change my appointment tomorrow to 20 minutes earlier. I tried to sleep some more after that but didn't quite work. Brother came picked mom up to see dad, and land us a hair dryer. Then someone called at 12:30. I couldn't get up in time. As much as I tried to get more sleep, I could only lie there feeling drowsy.

Cousin B called when I was in the washroom. Mom answered. She bought dad a pair of Crocs and asked her son to bring it over early next month when he attends a wedding. Mom also couldn't wait for her to call back, tried to call her but our phone card ran out. So she called Mrs. K to borrow her number. All these just to have me talk to cousin B directly (despite she said she'd call later). Mom must have called at a bad time. Cousin B quickly ran me through the major points, then her piano student arrived, and said she'd call later again. Sigh... mom... what's going on with you? Yes, I know you're so nervous about your surgery, but your action is affecting everyone around you.

Eat-out day with brother's gang. He also lend me his GPS for the trip to the hospital. Thanks! I've looked it up on Google map but it never hurt to have a GPS. It's gonna be just under an hour drive, and will be my first time at the toll bridge. Will there be booths collecting toll?

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