Thursday, December 01, 2011


Yikes... only one month left for this year... how come it went by so fast?

Finally finished the pompoms. Way too late for Christmas, though. Hope they don't mind. (T_T) The E6000 glue sucks. Why does it get good reviews? It's too thick and stringy, loose tack too soon, really hard to apply without making a mess, and stinks when curing. And, can't believe our version contains carcinogen! What's the government thinking? Why worry more about fire then cancer???

As I worked on the pompoms, I got a headache. I know it's from the glue. This reminds me of my ex-boss, who did not believe I'm so sensitive to chemicals.... She also didn't believe I cannot use the mouse and must substitute with a tablet. Or I simply cannot work as fast as she wants, and all of my stupid mistakes.

Why do most people not believe me? Why do they all think I'm wrong or crazy? They don't even want to believe I'm not as smart as they think. Who are they to judge how I feel when they're not me? Is there really something wrong with me? Why do I keep getting negative responds? Is this what the world is trying to tell me? Is God trying to push me over the cliff?

Why am I here? What should I do?

What's wrong with me???

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