Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Korean food

Eat-out day with brother's gang. Mom and I were supposed to wait for them at a small Shanghai restaurant near his place, but the place was full! (Amazingly, mom called brother when we left our house. They're only 2 blocks away, yet still manage to be quite late!) The lady at the restaurant tried very hard to persuade us to sit at a smaller table, but we didn't think it would work. So we decided to go to a Taiwanese restaurant in Richmond. I parked my car at brother's and he drove his van.

To our surprised, that Taiwanese restaurant was closed for staff holiday! By this time, everyone was grumpy, especially brother and sis-in-law. The atmosphere was like, they were ready to fight each other. (They could decide on whether to stay and try next door, or go to the other branch.) Since we've come so far, it was better to stay. So we ended up going into the Korean restaurant next door.

They're family style and the interior reflects it. It really looks like someone's home. The place isn't cheap, though. Plus, there's no small items. All $7 and above. The food has no MSG. Wasn't excellent, but not bad either.

Found out from J that sis-in-law is gonna join the charity fair on the 10th. I admit I'm a little worried about table space. But we'll see.

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