Monday, December 26, 2011

House-sitting (1)

Completely passed out. Nope, didn't go shopping at all. Thanks A for getting the candy. I appreciate it very much.

I'm supposed to go house-sit for brother because they're out of town for 3 day. They found some cheap hotel deals and have gone south of the border to shop with some church friends. (Yup, they never though of inviting me, but instead, save me for the house-sitter position. Sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob... You bet I'm not happy at all.) Ended up going to brother's to feed the guinea pigs at 10:30 PM. Sis-in-law left a note saying no need to bring food to the student downstairs tomorrow because she managed to fit everything in his fridge. Phoned M and ended up waking her up. Sorry...! Niece N's broken Pinky parts need more work.

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