Thursday, December 15, 2011


Forgot most of it, but the microwave part sticks. It was super realistic!

I was trying to reheat some food, and started the microwave. Then I realized I forgot to put the food in. (Dreams sometimes don't make sense.) I tried to stop it, but couldn't find the stop button. I smell something burning. With no food inside, it had to be the machine itself. I panicked. Thinking opening the door would stop it, I opened the door (aren't microwaves set up that way?) but it kept running even with the door open! I thought I was being radiated and panicked even more! Then I found a button that could reduce the remaining time, and pressed it until it reached zero. It finally stopped. Phew... but I was already radiated and would get cancer! Aaaargh!!!!! Somehow, the senseless dream had me repeat this whole thing one more time! OMG...

In real life, I do jump to 5 feet away after starting the microwave.

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