Saturday, December 10, 2011

Charity fair

Why do I always screw up my sleep? Ended up sleeping less then 2 hours. Why? I was trying to set up display and package some earrings. They're studs and cannot be hung. But why did it take so long? Why?????

Last night, sis-in-law said parking day-passes are only $3, but they're actually $10!!!! Oh well, there's no way I could find parking in this shopping season if I opp to move my car every 3 hours.

Ran into P! Wow! He was volunteering at the fair. We didn't get to chat much, and I failed to ask more about him. OTL

There were fewer than 10 tables excluding food and games, definitely not what I expect. The table size worked out OK, but I still think we could use more space. Sis-in-law bought food for lunch at the vendor tables, and then found out afterwards that staff can eat for free in the office. (Catering food, but wasn't that good.) Sleep deprived, I didn't have much appetite anyway.

There were performances and games. More people than last November's craft fair. But most people were facing their backs to us as they watched the stage. Sales was not good but still better than last time. Sold 6 pairs of earrings and one necklace. Total sales $26. After donation, I pocketed $18 after spending 6 hours. Nope, I'm not in the blacks at all. I wonder if I'll ever be. (T_T)

The event was supposed to end at 4, but people started packing up soon after 3, probably thanks to the lack of customers. Because we were going to a new Taiwanese restaurant for an early dinner, we didn't want to leave mom alone at home. She refused to come at first, but I think brother manged to convince her. Mr. L might be the other reason, as mom wanted to see his new apartment. However, she didn't make an appointment in advance and couldn't reach him today. So mom ended up going grocery shopping at T&T while we sat at our table. She brought back toufu pudding for everyone.

The restaurant was pretty good. Then I noticed they didn't say no MSG. Yup, thirsty.

Well, those labels I made a special trip to get yesterday were never used. OTL

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