Sunday, December 11, 2011


Met up with A around 3:20. Late because I couldn't get up. My back, neck and shoulder were all frozen. We made a stop at his building's Christmas tea gathering so I could have a few cookies for lunch. (Thanks!) Someone's Santa suite dog was the star of the party! So cute!

Took A to Queensborough landing outlets for an exchange. He went with S to the Banana Republic opening yesterday. I wanted to go too... but I had to go to the charity fair. (T_T) Those two guys took the bus in the rain... which made me feel so guilty... (T_T)

Anyway, mission completed, and we walked over to Walmart. A was hoping to find some game deals, but there were none. I, on the other hand, did not expect to find anything but ended up buying findings and chocolate. Then we stopped by Michael's to exchange my 12 x 12 box. Yessss they had some clear ones left! Yay~!!! I also picked up a small circle punch and made use of the half price coupon on a bag on pompom. The cashier girl screwed up and charged me the exchange item. I guess it's been a tough day for her.

Dinner at Cactus club. Thanks A. I was surprised I finished the salad. I must have been hungry. The makeup mirror in their ladies' room is hilarious!

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