Friday, December 09, 2011

Korean seaweeds

From April 2011. After the 3-11 Japanese earthquake and tsunami, I got a craving for seaweeds. Here are 5 varieties from 2 supermarkets.

Hosan Rosted Seasoned Sea Laver
This was the first one I bought. The default. Pretty good. I though it contains MSG but it's not on the list. The ingredients are: sea laver, sesame oil, corn oil, salt. The shorter the list, the better.

"Rosted Seaweed"
Smaller packaging. 8-packs were on sale for $0.99. Seems to be a good deal. (As long as they're not polluted by Japanese radiation... Who am I kidding? The earth is round!) Tastes... like seaweed with MSG, just like the normal ones. Good, at least I didn't screw up.

ChoripDong Rosted Laver with sunflower seed oil
Same as above, no suspicious ingredients. Sunflower seed oil is not as fragrant. One of the packages was super oily and a bit soggy.

ChoripDong Rosted Laver with olive oil
This one's pretty good. It's on the same level as the first one. Not sure if I tasted olive oil, though.

ChoripDong Rosted Laver with grape seed oil
I don't even know what grape seed oil tastes like. Can't really tell the difference between all these oils. But this still tastes awesome.

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