Saturday, December 24, 2011

2 parties

Thanks mom for helping me make the rice. It still didn't taste right, though. (T_T) Cousin-in-law K called to see if her parcel arrive. Too bad we didn't receive it. Probably got stole. It's a pair of fuzzy slipper for dad. She's afraid that dad may get cold. I appreciate her thoughts, but clearly she was not thinking. Or she just wants the satisfaction of doing a good deed. (She's a crazy Buddhist who plays chanting recording 24 hours a day at home, goes to the temple to pray without taking care of her house.) I told her straight that dad pees himself constantly so such slipper are not practical. (They'd be soak in pee, and keep dad's feet wet, which is the complete opposite of her exceptions.) Then she replied right away that, we should then wash them. Yeah? Take them home to wash??? Is that practical??? Sigh... in her eyes, I'm the most evil daughter in the world, and started lecturing me about how I should understand and tolerate dad. Easy for her to say. Clearly, she refuses to understand how bad it's been for us. And I had neither time nor patient for her Buddhist teaching. I had to get ready for 2 Christmas eve parties today. Told mom about the call, and she return her call. Sorry, I just can't talk to K.

Did some last minute gift wrapping and off I went. Again, my screwed up sense of time had me 30 minutes late. B cooked the trout to perfection, but it has way too many bones. (T_T) Then next stop, J's. Parking was impossible and we wasted a long time hunting for a spot. At last He lend us a residence pass so we could park in the visitor's sport. Still took us 3 trials. We were so lucky to catch someone leaving, otherwise we'd be circling around for much longer.

To my surprise, they didn't mind the rice! Wow! Thanks! S's chicken was awesome. I was too full to try any of A's beef, though. (T_T) His chest nut dessert was delicious. Then we watched a bunch of Train Man episodes. Before you know it, it was 1:30 AM. Since A and I were invited to R&B's lunch tomorrow, we left. Yup, this is re-timed to fit into the date.

Mom went to see dad today, and found him completely naked in his bed, with crap on the sheets. That was during lunch too. All the staff was busy. It smelled very bad and mom couldn't stand it. So she reported the accident to the staff and left.

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