Sunday, December 18, 2011


I was driving to J's place. The streets looked like HMT near the YWCA. I keep screwing up and making dangerous mistakes, like, at a left-turn lane, passing 2 motorbikes that were already lined up, and pulling up side-by-side with the first one. It was like I lost control of the car. Luckily the bikers didn't get mad and left. There were other stuff like speeding and running red lights. (OMG!) It was really strange that for moments I felt like I was in the back seat. Then I realized that was tunnel vision. (Not like the peripheral going black, but physically pulled back for a few feet.) Knowing I was in trouble, I tried to ask J if I could take a rest at his place. (But don't think I actually called him up.) The driving continued for a while. Then I arrived at some kind of apartment complex with a mall on the ground floor (and possible underground). I followed the car in front and reached a dead end. It was a circular concave corner with stairs to some kind of mall or department store entrance. Clearly a pedestrian area. (How did cars go there???)

The next scene, I was on foot, walking on the street, on a raised ramp(?). I saw a bunch of high-school classmates walking in the same direction. I might have greeted some of them, I might not. Can't remember exactly. But I'm very sure I saw W and didn't greet her. I really wanted to talk to her but was hesitating, because I thought she would hate me. (Sorry W...) Then brother showed up, also walking in the same direction. We chatted a little. Somehow I knew he lives in the same apartment as J, so we walked together. Now that I think of it, this means everyone was heading towards J's too! (This must have something to do with J's talk about a Christmas potluck.)

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