Sunday, December 25, 2011

Reese miniatures

Thought I've posted this before, but not. Picture taken July 2010 (yikes!)... W's favorite. Sis-in-law's baby sister came to visit, so I asked her to bring W a bag. Too bad it was a hot summer, and the chocolate all melted while in transit. Not sure how W end up eating them, but I suggested him to use them as peanut-butter. (Just kidding... OK maybe 50%.)

The peanut-butter is slightly salty while the chocolate is sweet. You can call it an acquired taste. Once you start getting use to it, it's too late. You're addicted. That's how W did. Perhaps the saltiness masks the sweetness? It's dangerous as they're full of calories. And they're basically pure sugar, salt, and fat. No need to say more.

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