Friday, December 16, 2011


Bad weather. Cold, drizzling and the sky was dark grey. Met with S and got back the unsold figurines. I'm surprised that many got sold. Thanks for lunch and showing me to the good Japanese restaurant. Too bad C couldn't make it.

When weather is this bad, my back can't be good. It's been achy. My left shoulder actually hurt! I went directly to my chiropractor after lunch (which was before 2:30) and realized I forgot to bring Christmas treats. Luckily there's a Shopper's nearby, and I quickly got 3 packs of chocolate. The other receptionist left early, but the doctor's wife showed up, so it worked out perfectly. I was early but the clinic was quiet enough, I got treated soon.

Went home, trying to cleanup my supply folder, kept dosing off at my desk for the rest of the day... (T_T)

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