Sunday, August 05, 2012


Mom heard brother wrong and thought he'd come and pick us up for lunch, then visit dad, then dinner. From experience, I know that he always eat lunch with his church friends. I still waited just in case. Around 3:45 mom finally made contact and it was decided that we meet around 5:15. So I went to help A with his grocery and pick up the corn and watermelon he saved for me. (And some other grocery items.) Thanks~ Barely made it home by 5:15. (Again, he knew I was in a rush yet he got stuck to me... and pressure was up too... sigh...) Came home and found K fixing our awning in boiling heat! (It faces west.) Mom had called brother to postpone our meeting until K was done. Lucky I brought the watermelon because we didn't have anything to treat K. He was gone by 6 so I phoned brother up. No one was home so I left a message on the machine. Turns out he was nearby already. By the time we got to dad's, it was around 6:30. Thank God the cat was there, so the girls wouldn't be bored. We stayed until dad finished the fruit we brought. A nurse was giving the residences ice-cream pop! Nice treat on a hot summer day.

Then we ate at Honolulu. It's been a while. I finally agree that place is actually not bad. Came home and kept dosing off... until a loud beep (?) outside. It was a cop car stopping a vehicle. Just like the other night! It was just before 11. This cop car was a regular one unlike the last K9 unit car. The 2 cops only talked to the "suspect" and he wasn't even asked to leave his car. He was released after less than 15 minutes. The cop car stayed behind for a bit, and then left, as if nothing had happened. It worries me that there's been such incidents so often. Is my neighbourhood not safe anymore?

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